Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've got something!!!

And no its not catchy LOL

My MSN name the last day or so was borrowed from Mikes blog which isn't being used anyways. I don't know anyone else doing a blog anymore and if you are would you email me or post a comment giving the url because I slowly start deleting them after weeks of no updates

Sometimes I struggle to try and get something to put on the blog and sometimes stuff just happens so here we go...

Yesterday morning I got a call from Vic Truss saying they missed me and needed me and really wanted me back. They told me that I could have graveyards again if I wanted so then I could keep the Landlord job (which is going pretty good and I served my first eviction notice this morning. Has gone through the courts and I had to serve him to let him know he's out the 31st of this month).I wasn't sure how to take the call so I told them let me think about it. Patty and I talked about it a bit before she went to work but I hadn't settled on anything. Later that day they phoned again and asked me again if I'd be interested in coming back. I told them that I was thinking about it and would get back to them soon but I had to discuss it with my wife first. Patty and I talked some more about it the positives and negatives and such. I had to go to Wal-Mart to work and the manager was there so I mentioned it to him. He said he would be ok with any decision I made and then told me he had to do my 90 day revue.

My revue went very well as I'm achieving better than expected results in my work performance. They have a scale between 1 and 5.9 with 1 being unsatisfactory and 4.6 and above being outstanding. They like to see mostly 3's and an odd 2 or so but on mine I received all 4's. At the top it starts of with "Thank you for all your efforts and hard work over the last few months it hasn't gone unnoticed. Keep it up!!! Great job in both areas" Photo and groceries/set up. Every comment starts with great job way ahead of schedule.

The manager said that he didn't want to lose me but he would understand more money and benefits. He said hed leave at the drop of a hat for that. Then he told me if I wanted too I could work a day here and there to help him out and could keep the discount card. There is no minimum amount of hours that a part time employee has to work. He was so nice about it that I think that pushed me over the top to go back to Vic Truss.

So today after serving the tenant I drove out to Vic Truss to talk to the manager Marty. They were all very happy to see me and told me so. We discussed some of the job and when I could start and they said they would get my alarm pass and keys back to me. The owners brother Angelo came down a couple times and was very happy to see me patted me on the back shook my hand and asked me the verdict. I told him yes I was coming back and he said that's great we missed you. Then he checked with the Marty about my benefits that had never been cancelled because I was going to cover some holidays in June anyways. After an hour or so I was ready to leave and Angelo said I should go see Louie the owner. Of course he was happy blah blah blah and we discussed some issues I had before I left. I even got a new t-shirt from him LOL. Actually Patty will probably claim it but that's ok I'll see it every once in a while. Before leaving we discussed the bonus plan they were going to initiate and then we discussed my wages. I have to say I can't complain and never really did about the money but a little extra is always nice. Not many places you can start at $14.25 and 1 year later your making very close to $18 bucks an hour. Its up to me how long I stay. I can train someone to take over for me and leave or stay the course for the summer on nights then go to afternoons or even days if I really want too. I think the 4:30 am alarm was what I hated most about working there.

I feel better because Patty is doing lots to help me do the landlord job but its my main source of income. Now we are going to put that money in a separate account and pay off some long overdue bills and save for a nice trip next year. A real vacation (sorry not Ontario) Not sure about Wal-Mart for now I'll probably take some time off so I can enjoy the weekends for a bit. I could even work there Fridays and it wouldn't be that bad. Maybe just maybe Ben will get a nice birthday gift. A 20 spot instead of the 10 he got last year lol. I'd really like to see him in guitar lessons as he tries and picks up small parts of songs on his own. From what I've heard I think Orange Blossom Special will be his first complete song.

Well off to do some manager type stuff.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday Patty and I drove to Nanaimo. I had to get measured for my tux and Patty likes to browse for baby stuff. Mary and Adam are due in the middle of October and its going to be one baby so the ultrasound says.

Patty and I decided to go for a walk at Neck Point in Nanaimo but because I had my camera it was a short walk for a long periode of time. She found a nice walking stick that she is going to clean up and I found a couple things to take photos of. I'm getting tired of seeing freaking snakes though. I almost jumped outta my skin but I did not scream like a 12 year old school girl. Not sure how I held it in but I did because there were other people around. Patty came over to the rocks where I was and after poking around for a moment with her walking stick she found the snake which I really didn't care I just wanted to get away from there LOL. Not sure what it is but even talking about it my skin crawls ewww.

After a couple more photos and a walk back to the car we stopped for an icecream them heading back to Duncan so I could get to work at wal-mart.

Other than that not much going on. We are going to see the latest Indiana Jones movie tonight. I hardly remember the first 2 and did not see the 3rd one but am looking forward to some laughs with the family tonight.

A quick Happy birthday to Tara and Tyler (tomorrow) I will try to remember to call. Love ya.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy May Two Four !

Well I hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend in may. The unofficial start of summer. Weather has been great so far, up in the mid to high 20's. I've managed to keep my head covered so no blisters yet but my arms and neck are pretty burnt. Its not really a long weekend for us as I work at Wally's Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening and Patty works Monday at her job.

Saturday we went down to Vic and walked around a bit then went for some fish and chips. Was definitely hotter in Duncan than in Victoria. Its nice to be near the ocean as its not as close to us in Duncan as it was to me in Nanaimo. Patty always points out some of the places she would like to live in if we win the lottery. Only thing is we don't hardly ever buy tickets we just dream of winning it.

Before polarizing filter

After polarizing filter

Today we went to Chemainus and saw Auntie and uncle. We called and woke them up and said we were coming for coffee and then auntie called and gave us two threatening phone calls saying we better show up and bring milk or shed hunt us down and kill us. We did go there and then we all went out for breakfast. We managed to ditch Ben with Auntie and uncle for the afternoon and came home just to relax.

Hummingbird nest the size of a Toonie!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day !!

Just wanted to say happy mothers day to all the mothers out there and especially Mamasita !!! Hope you all get spoilt today. Ben was telling me I had to do something for Patty and I said shes not my mother. Shes not even the mother of my children LOL. Then he said I'm his new daddy and that's his mommy so its just about the same thing. Darn kid making me feel guilty LOL. But that's what kids do. So I got her a little something from Ben and me and he made her a very nice card. I might even go buy breakfast for us from Timmy's this morning. So again happy mothers day to all you mommies and even you soon to be mommies (Mary)

Viewer Mail

I've had a few comments and never really replied to them so I will now older ones to newer ones ...

RIP Oscar Jylha (OZ) Part 2 of 2

Our condolences to you both tried to comment from work but you wont allow annon. comments had to try to remember my password.... (Botso or Rob)

Thanks Rob we appreciate you trying so hard

Wally World!!!

Great Job unc........the summer will be here in no time and you can go back to one job again.....i would love the discount from walmart but i would spend my entire pay there if i worked there

Thanks Mandy but going to half to work 2 jobs to make close to what I made at just the truss job

Keeping busy ehh...just got the Christmas card we sent you returned to us today must of got sent to an old address or adresses wrong whoever sent it back said they were once married to a Ken Gower.... (Botso or Rob)

Hmmmm thanks Rob I've never heard of a Ken Gower but here is my address...

5 - 6089 Truesdale Rd.
Duncan B.C.
V9L 2J1

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter Kevin and Patty!
Good luck on the job interview!

Love Annette

Thanks Annette it worked cause I got the job!!! Love you too

A night off

I miss venting on my blog. What else are they good for??
Love ya too Babe!!

Love you too man!!!

Shout out to my peeps!!

thanks for the update kevin. I check your blog every day. Looking forward to seeing you in July!

Love Annette

Thanks Annette the flight is booked!! Glad I taught you how to get on my blog.

Mad About You

congrats on your new job. Hope you enjoy it. Talk to you soon. Love you (Annette)

Thanks again Annette
This post was so fun to do Patty still laughs her ass off when she thinks about it. This blog is to ammuse her and myself too LOL

Quick cut and paste for now

Was it on purpose you cut and paste that on 4:20? (Mike)

Yes it was I had actually got it in an email that morning

no title

nice picture kev. Wheres your helmet? (Annette)

Grandpa clause so I didn't need to wear a helmet


Hmmm,one piece of bread folded in half would constitute a sandwich,therefore even if it is NOT folded it would still be the same piece of bread that would have be a sandwich. But then I never was a role model for the old "yes dear" or "comprimise".It's my way or the highway,lmao,usually me on the highway.Many more "nights on the couch" in store for you my friend.All the best Kev. (Dennis)

Well thank you so much for this comment Dennis. Not only are you not a good role model for me you took her side LOL I'll probably have to sleep on the couch after she reads this.

See you all in july!

Friday, May 09, 2008


Just a quick post to let everyone know we have booked our flight to Hamilton for July 3 flying out of Victoria. Thanks to Ryan for letting me use his visa and to Mandy who offered but I couldn't get a hold of last night when I saw the seat sale. I had seen it last week but when I went back on the next day it was gone so I didn't want to take any chances this time.

We get in at midnight so will miss the rehearsal but I have to be around on the 2nd to collect any late rents. We will be in Ontario for 5 whole days so I'm trying to get as much out of it as I can. I'm thinking if its nice we will do African lion safari on Friday then the wedding Saturday and I hope to get to Niagara falls for a day or so but it really depends on a lot of stuff. Too much to do but so little time. I'd like to do the wolf place but if its between that and Niagara Falls we will probably do Niagara Falls.

Patty doesn't want to be gone too long but a client of hers and I talked her into doing a total of 7 days. Patty hasn't taken holidays in two years except for a couple days in November of the year we met when she had an operation. I'm glad she likes what she's doing and likes her clients but you gotta half a holiday now and then. She doesn't even take the day off on a long weekend. If anyone needs a holiday its her.

I don't want to air our dirty laundry on here but Patty and I had our first fight and it was a doozy. A lot of screaming yelling crying but mostly on my part. Now I don't want any one to take sides on this because we've decided to agree to disagree on this and that way I didn't have to sleep on the couch. The only time I ever had to sleep on the couch was when Mamasita came for a visit and I was more than happy to do it.

OK here is what our fight was about....

Patty likes to eat one slice of toast with peanut butter and banana on it but she calls it a sandwich. I told her its not a sandwich unless there are two pieces of bread and the peanut butter and banana gets sandwiched in between. She doesn't agree. I'm just glad we were able to kiss and make up cause this was a huge deal that we had to talk out.

OK for any one who might believe the fight story it was just a joke. Patty does call that a sandwich but I've learned that shes always right and I'm always happy and that's just the way we like it!!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

no title

Well its saturday morning and not much has changed around here. The weather is getting better daily. This has been a bad year for bragging so far. First I couldn't bug the Maple Leaf fans as my team the Canuckleheads didn't make the playoffs either. Glad to see Sid the kid doing so good but I havn't watched hardly any hockey. Will check out the pens if they are playing just to get a score. The weather here was starting to get better and then Toronto gets a day in the 20's and we got dumped on with snow. Duncan doesn't seem to get as much as other places. The day we were comming back from the wedding in Tofino, Nanaimo got over a foot of snow in some parts. I was supposed to pick up a wolf picture of mine that I put in to get framed. Couldn't even get in to the city except for at the far end. We could see the mall from the hwy and there were lots of cars there. I guess ppl don't listen to the warnings about not driving unless its an emergency. Well some might concider shopping an emergency.

Hopefully we will see Adam and Mary tomorrow to give them some more wedding gifts. Patty has pretty much told them what they are getting. Adam calls regularly to fill us in on the arrests he has made and how stupid some thiefs are. He really likes the job and it seems interesting. I will post some of the pictures of the wedding after they see them first. There are a couple cd's of all the pictures, a slideshow on a cd to music, two 11x18 framed black and white prints and a home made wedding album with their pictures all organized and customized. I'm going to borrow ben's DVD burner and burn a DVD for everyone at the wedding. I used to use power point for the slideshows but found a much better and easier program to use.

Patty is going over to Aunty's later today for a BBQ with some of Aunty Irene's family and some of uncle Jim's family. I have to work at Wally's so I won't be able to make it. They were in the store to see me last night and to try and make me feel bad but it didn't work sorry!!

I've started taking some Glucosamine daily to try and ease my joint pain. It might have been the power of thought because it takes a few weeks to take effect but I swear for the first 4 or 5 days I thought I was cured lol. The pharmacy told me to take the basic one to see if it works then you can take some with different ingredients for anti inflamatory and some replenishing of something but they cost more and she said if the normal ones don't work you wouyld waste alot more money if you started on the other ones. Will try to remember at the end of the month to let you know if its working.