Friday, June 30, 2006

Jordan's big day !!!

First there was Gord Culp. Then there was Shawn Gower. Now there is Jordan Guibao starting his football career off at the age of 5. For those that don't know Jordan he is Mandy's son and Terry's grandson. He did start last year but I never had a chance to see him play. Tonight was the final game of the year and it was in front of a huge crowd at Ivor Wynn Stadium. It was good to see some good football being played on that field for a change. Don't get me started on the Cats and the stupid coaching staff. The weather was great and the boys were ready to play. It was a hard fought game and there were lots of big hits on the field. Jordan has a cousin who is also on the team. Jordan is #80 and the cousin is #70. We will just call the cousin K or #70 because after 10 times Mandy telling me his name I still can't remember it. That darn old age playing tricks on me. Well here are a few shots of the game and the cellebration that followed. I know I go a bit overboard with pictures but pictures are worth a thousand words and those words don't have any spelling errors!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

nothing new

Well there is really nothing new to blog about. Mickey probably won't read her birthday greeting but thats ok because I've put stuff up for dad that I know he will never read but I do it because I care and I'm thinking about them. About the only thing I acomplished all day besides hideing out in the basement was installing a safety gate at the top of our stairs. A couple months ago we moved dad's chair and tv upstairs. Every once in awhile he gets confused and wants to go downstairs to watch tv. He isn't strong enough to get up and down the stairs on his own so its best he doesn't try it. We had a gate leaning up in the doorway but it was too easy to move and could fall over easily. So I went out and bout one type and after getting home noticed it had been oppened and tried before us. It has paint on the rubber mounts that push against the wall. Besides it was cheap plastic and kept falling down every 5 or 6 times you used it. Yesterday I went to Wal Mart and picked up this steel gate that is meant for stairways. It took about half an hour to install not counting the time I was on the phone trying to figure out the instructions and parts. It has a light with a sensor that is supposed to come on when you get near the gate. I'll have to grab batteries to try it even tho I don't think we need that part. It feels solid, it works good, it's easy to use and Jean likes it. I have something planned for friday I'll take pictures of and post....not sure whats going on this weekend but if anything comes up I'll be sure to post it. Maybe Mike and I can ride the Bruce trail ??

Happy Birthday Mickey !!!!!

Hey Mickey just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. Your as old as me again and I just had to point that out. For about 2 weeks every year I'm older but then you come and join me. Do you feel old yet ? For me it depends on the day. Some days the bones creak getting out of bed and sometimes they don't. Have a great day !!!!

Love Kevin

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

another update

Well its been pretty quiet lately. I have to relax after the weekend. Dad had another pretty bad day today. Next to nothing as far as food and water intake. Very confused at times and getting a bit more pissed off at times over stuff we are not sure of. Jean was on the phone all afternoon trying to get some answers/help with none comming. Donna the nurse that comes in monday and thursday is comming in tomorrow to do an assessment on dad. Not sure what she'll find as when we were at the cancer clinic last week they did a small test on dad and said he did very well on it. Dad was in bed till after 10am this morning then kept falling asleep at the table so I finally took him into the living room and before you could say " what the hell is wrong with the Ti Cats" he was sleeping and un responsive. At other times he is cracking small jokes getting us confused whether or not he is understanding us at times. Last night we were watching a movie and Jean kept trying to keep him awake. Shed call him and hed answer that he was awake. Then 5 minutes later his eyes were closed so Jean went over to look and he smiled at her because his right eye was open and he said I wondered when you were comming over. But if you asked him a simple question he answered in jiberish or talked about something totally different. Last night we were sitting down for supper and dad was looking at the water bottle. Jean said everything ok and then dad said come on Mandy have some supper with us. Jean and I looked at each other and then Jean said Mandy had supper before she got here so dad just said ok. This afternoon while dad was sleeping the nurse on the phone asked us to check dad's blood sugar. I did it while he was sleeping and had to poke his finger twice because we didn't get enough blood the first poke. He never even woke up. Well I'm off to bed. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow but I'm a little worried about him. Goodnight

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Three of Three

Well I have to say it was a blast last night. I got there after the football game and headed straight for the food table to take care of that hunger situation. Everyone and I mean everyone looked like they were having a great time. I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Karl and Trudy were missed but if this is any indication how the wedding reception will be they will have a blast with the rest of the people. Sorry if your picture is not in here because I tried to get everyone but with a crowded room many shots were lost with people walking in front or me getting bumped and the picture being blurry. If you hung out with Sam you are probably in the picture somewhere. Enjoy !!!

Two of three

Well as most of you know I went to the football game last night. It wasn't a good game and unless the Cats smarten up we will be 0-4 in no time. I didn't have a field pass but I wandered around between the boxes poking my head up and taking pictures when the security guy allowed. They were not as strict as in the old days when they needed to see your pass before you went by but you were not allowed to even kneel down at the railing because someone might complain. I did manage to get a couple decent shots and even a few special shots for Karl. Ok I got them for me and Karl wasn't even on my mind when I was taking them. But looking at them after the game I knew he and the rest of the guys would like them. One thing about the game and the day that sucked is after I left Mikes I decided to stop at a bank machine and get some cash for something to eat and drink. No bank card !!! I still have not found it. Good thing I still had a warm bottle of water in my back pack from the bike ride. I even tried to call Mandy's cell to find out where she was at the game so maybe I could bum a couple of bucks but no luck. Boy those ball park franks smell good when you havn't eaten since noon.

I'll post most of these and others on my photo blog