Tuesday, June 27, 2006

another update

Well its been pretty quiet lately. I have to relax after the weekend. Dad had another pretty bad day today. Next to nothing as far as food and water intake. Very confused at times and getting a bit more pissed off at times over stuff we are not sure of. Jean was on the phone all afternoon trying to get some answers/help with none comming. Donna the nurse that comes in monday and thursday is comming in tomorrow to do an assessment on dad. Not sure what she'll find as when we were at the cancer clinic last week they did a small test on dad and said he did very well on it. Dad was in bed till after 10am this morning then kept falling asleep at the table so I finally took him into the living room and before you could say " what the hell is wrong with the Ti Cats" he was sleeping and un responsive. At other times he is cracking small jokes getting us confused whether or not he is understanding us at times. Last night we were watching a movie and Jean kept trying to keep him awake. Shed call him and hed answer that he was awake. Then 5 minutes later his eyes were closed so Jean went over to look and he smiled at her because his right eye was open and he said I wondered when you were comming over. But if you asked him a simple question he answered in jiberish or talked about something totally different. Last night we were sitting down for supper and dad was looking at the water bottle. Jean said everything ok and then dad said come on Mandy have some supper with us. Jean and I looked at each other and then Jean said Mandy had supper before she got here so dad just said ok. This afternoon while dad was sleeping the nurse on the phone asked us to check dad's blood sugar. I did it while he was sleeping and had to poke his finger twice because we didn't get enough blood the first poke. He never even woke up. Well I'm off to bed. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow but I'm a little worried about him. Goodnight


At Tuesday, July 04, 2006 4:42:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,, you don't know me but I am Joanne's daughter Nina. I got your blog from Sam. I just want you to know that I am really sorry to hear about your dad, since I lost my mom in Dec I have been doing a lot of thinking about uncle Gord and Jean. They helped my mom out a lot when she was here, and I know she really appreciated it.
My mom was delt a crappy hand in life and they went out of there way to help her when she thought no one cared. Even though I don't know them that well I want you to know that I think they are really good people, and my thoughts are with you.

Nina Lee (Gower)


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