Sunday, June 25, 2006

One of three

I'll try and get all 3 posts up today but dad and Jean are having a pot luck so I'm getting out of here for a while. Karl might want to skip this one because there are some nature pictures and not much more. I'll make the next post worth it for you Karl.

I loaded my bike into my trunk as best as I could and headed of to Mike's place. To be honest I wasn't looking too forward to this because my butt was still hurting from the day before. We had decided we would not ride around the bay because I was not ready for such a long journey on my bike. We headed towards Dundurn up the railroad trail. I won't give all the directions because I don't know the area but we got on canon and made our way to dundurn castle. We cut through the area and made our way to snake road and down across the old single lane wooden bridge. Mike let me take my time and take some pictures of all the geese and some ducks that were hanging around. All tho I took lots of pictures they all start looking the same. Unless they are doing something besides sleeping or walking on the road the pictures are not great. You need a good backdrop to help. Next we rode up the hill to the cemetary where mom is. We went in and found mom's stone. Mike new where it was almost as good as I did. I cleaned around the stone to get the stuff over hanging it off and next thing I knew there were ants everywhere. We left there and rode up to Easterbrooks and had a footlong dog and a pepsi. There was some nice scenery inside the place. Then we rode around the hills and made our way to pier 4 area. It was a nice day but surprisingly not much scenery walking around if you know what I mean. About the best scenery we saw was a block or two from Mike's place walking the dog, You remember don't you mike ?? Oh Mike was nice enough to take me the scenic route home to show me the hookers but other than a couple grannies that Mike didn't believe were hookers we didn't see any. Well here are some pictures from this trip.

I'm heading out for half an hour then I'll do the second post.


At Sunday, June 25, 2006 12:46:00 PM, Blogger Ive got nothing said...

Kev, You missed the photo of me walking my bike. Wow I was tried after that ride. I'm not reading your football blog until I get back.


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