Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hello peeps

Well hello all
Just got up and running and online again at dad and Jean's place. I need a new monitor as mine is way too dark. Pictures look good on the camera but dark on this screen.

Catch up time...update on dad

Last night Terry and I were trying to find our way to see Jorden play football. I left the directions that Mandy gave me on Terry's table. They were not great directions anyways but after talking to Mandy on the cell we were well on the way. I got a call from Jean who was in a bit of a panick because on the way to the table for dinner dad fell and hit the fridge. I told her I was at least 15 minutes away so to call 911. We did a U turn and by the time we got to David st. Dad was on a stretcher on the back deck. The ambulance guys said that dad seemed ok but should go in for a check just in case. They had put dad on a back board so by the time they got to the hospital dad's back was worse than anything else. Jean rode with dad and Terry and I locked up the house, grabbed dad's cane and took their car over to emergency because I was positive he was comming home. After xrays and the Dr's words we took dad home. He seemed fine today not even sore anywhere. He was sore after the cats lost to the stupid freaking Argos !!

This morning I went to see the school closing ceremony for Hillcrest. After some borring speeches blah blah blah we got to go in for a tour. I ended up running into Robert in the 1970 class room. He was talking to Mrs Needham the librarian. Then Mrs. Needham took me over to Madame O. the french teacher and my last home room teacher. It was nice to see her because it was because of her that I got to go on the grade 8 trip to Ottawa. She said I was never a problem I was just never there LOl. Very true because I hated school from day 1. Then I talked to Mrs. Sally who I think Karl might say has hit a wall. She is a wee bit bigger than she was when she first started teaching. I was telling Mrs. Needham that Mrs. sally was a SOUPY and that I had brought her home for lunch a couple times without warning mom first so mom was mad because the kitchen wasn't as clean as she would have liked. Mrs Sally said OMG I forgot about being a SOUPY by St Hellen's school. I never saw any classmates that I could recognize or people I thought I might want to talk to so I went on a tour. Rob and Kelly had left earlier and we never did meet up again. Its too bad because I had told Rob I wanted to take a picture of him outside the office for my blog and he was game for it. I went to my car and phoned him a couple times but it was busy so I left. Shortly after he called me and said he was half way home too. It would have been funny.

After that I came home and started working on getting my computer online. So there you have it. I was going to use spell check but to heck with it. Get over it Karl !!! Thanks to the great education from Hillcrest school and highschools after that I am what I am and I don't care !!! What you see is what you get !!


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