Sunday, June 25, 2006

Two of three

Well as most of you know I went to the football game last night. It wasn't a good game and unless the Cats smarten up we will be 0-4 in no time. I didn't have a field pass but I wandered around between the boxes poking my head up and taking pictures when the security guy allowed. They were not as strict as in the old days when they needed to see your pass before you went by but you were not allowed to even kneel down at the railing because someone might complain. I did manage to get a couple decent shots and even a few special shots for Karl. Ok I got them for me and Karl wasn't even on my mind when I was taking them. But looking at them after the game I knew he and the rest of the guys would like them. One thing about the game and the day that sucked is after I left Mikes I decided to stop at a bank machine and get some cash for something to eat and drink. No bank card !!! I still have not found it. Good thing I still had a warm bottle of water in my back pack from the bike ride. I even tried to call Mandy's cell to find out where she was at the game so maybe I could bum a couple of bucks but no luck. Boy those ball park franks smell good when you havn't eaten since noon.

I'll post most of these and others on my photo blog


At Sunday, June 25, 2006 3:25:00 PM, Blogger Ive got nothing said...

I felt almost gay telling Dan at the exhibition game that they were best designed uniforms the Ti-Cat cheerleaders have ever had.. but I stand by that staightment... he said with a wink and smile.

Great pics Kevin.


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