Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday Blahs

As usual I was up early this morning. Surfed the internet a bit then went and stretched out on the couch and watched a good movie. Would say what movie it was but then I'd be giving away question 10. Was up early yesturday cause dad called at 6:30am. Thought about going back to bed but didn't feel like it. Played some Xbox, did some housework, played some more Xbox and walked to the grocery store before heading to the V.I. Raiders football game. I wasn't tired friday night so I started another blog but unlike this one, the new one is not private. You can type this in or just click on the Sunday blahs up top to check it out. It's going to be mostly pictures with a little description of whats up. It was great with the extra batteries I took almost 400 pictures and used up 3 batteries.

The long weekend and I'm up to nothing. Might get ambitious and go do my laundry today. I have a bit more housework to do as well. I didn't vaccuum or wash the floors yesturday. Oh and I just might get to the litter box today in case your interested. Parksville has a car show on but I don't think I'll bother. If it was bikes I would go. They say there will be over 1000 cars. Too many people and no place to park.

On a bit of a positive note I was told yesturday that they are getting ready to transfer Jake to another hospital or treatment center. It's much sooner than they expected. It's a better place for his physical thereapy. I still plan on going over next weekend if I can so I have to find out where he will be.

Pretty bad how bored I am and there is still one day left on this long weekend. You'd figure this place would be spotless but I'm not that into housework LOL.

Take care

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Question 10

The answer to question 9 was Dovedale Primary school !!

What is the name of the movie about the early days of Stuart Sutcliffe and The Beatles in Hamburg and who played Astrid in the movie ?

Friday, July 29, 2005

Question Nine

What was the first school John Lennon went to ?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Question Eight

Who was the woman that Stu Sutcliffe decided to stay with in Germany instead of going back to England with the Beatles ?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Karl

Heading to bed talk to you later today.

I Love Ebay

Question Seven is in the previous post in case your wondering.

Update...Just purchased a football game for my Xbox. Says buyer accepts PayPal but apparently not one from a Canadian account....what's up with that ?? Had to email him cause now I'll need a money order. 9 bucks American with shipping !!!

I just recently signed up to Pay Pal and have made my first purchase on ebay in a long time. I bought 2 more battery packs for my digital camera. How can Future Shop sell one battery for 75 bucks when I can go on ebay and purchase two of them with shipping for 30 bucks Canadian ? I'm going to look through some of my stuff and might possibly put some up for sale on E-bay. There is some stuff I could never part with even tho it may seem worthless to others. And even tho its in a tub in my closet or spare room cause I don't have room to display it. I like it and I know I have it and thats all that counts to me. I'm not going to go crazy buyying on Ebay but I will check out some of the stuff on there now and then. If I ever get around to trying to sell something on ebay I'll post it on here so any one can watch how the sale goes or maybe bid on it cause it's mine and it means something for them to own something of mine. LOL

Well I'm going to relax with my sunburn tonight. It was pretty warm the last couple days. Has been sunny and no rain for over a week. There is a fund raiser going on at Swiss Chalet I was thinking of going to but I can't go to them all.

I went for an echocardiography exam on my heart this morning. Fancy smancy for Ultra Sound. The equipment is all digital now. Even the exray machines are digital and can be pulled up on computer screens. The Dr let me look at it on the monitor. You could see the valves oppening and closing it was pretty cool. Then he turned up the volume and you could hear the whoosh sound as the blood was being pumped in and out of the heart. Will have to make a Dr appointment to find out the results. The Dr doing the test didn't look worried so I think all is ok. Unless he's a good poker player. He asked me right off if I've ever been told I have a heart murmer. He didn't say I had one just asked if I had been told I had one. Wonder if it means I have one ? Going to have to look it up to see what it is just in case. But later I'm going to check out Ebay LOL.

Question Seven

There was a typo I did this morning which didn't seem to slow you down but thanks for pointing it out. Fixed now

Starting with the Letter A number all the letters in the alphabet 1-26. A=1 all the way to z=26. Figure out the following songs and tell me what album they are from. Just give me the album names in order and not the song titles.






Monday, July 25, 2005

Question Six

What are the birthdates of all four Beatles ?

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Happy birthday Trudy !! Just wanted to take this time to get this out before I go to bed.

I'm going on about 2.5 hours sleep. Went to a fundraiser to support Jake the football player. Was a great turnout. I put a bid in on a Lui Pasaglia signed football helmet. I put 100 bucks cause it had sat at 50 bucks for quite a while. Went back a half hour later and the bid after me was for 350 bucks. I can't beat that especialy when its the owner of the place I work at. His pockets go way deeper than mine only his are not empty. After that we went to a bar called Grizzies. First and last time for that. Thought we were going to be in a big brawl. Before we got there (Me, Cam the foreman and his bro in-law) someone tried to start a fight with another employee. He was still upset but it seemed like it was over. While we are in line we heard some shouting and ran over just as the cops got there. The guy had come back to try and start another fight with the same guy from our work. Cops broke it up and let them go on their way. After we got in the bar I was standing with another guy from work when this guy walks over and starts yapping in his ear about the 2 fighters. I was standing next to him but was soon elbowed out of the way by another guy about 6'5" 200 and some odd pounds. ?Next thing I know there are about 6 guys from work getting closer to find out whats going on. Then some more of their buddies. In the end nothing came out of it cause the guy from work just said look, I just came with him it's between those 2. I'm not sure how many guys they had there but I think there was about 35 guys from work and football. home at 2:30am and woke up at 5:30 to get ready and walk to the ferry to go to Vancouver. Had a nice visit with Jake and his family. Hes not doing as good as I had heard but hes comming around. Not alot of movement but he can move his arms. His sister was teasing him and he managed to smack her pretty good. His mom, dad, 2 sisters, brother in-law and cousin were all there. A very nice family. I had bought a stand that you can put a magazine or book on and showed it to his parents. But after seeing how little movement he had I just set it down in the room and didn't show it to him. His mom ended up getting it out and showing him and the sisters thought it was great. They said they could let him read and turn the pages for him. His mom reached in the bag and pulled out the Maxim I had got him as well. She made a joke sayying at least its not a playboy. The sisters said hes 20 and she couldn't do anything if it was. She said I'm still his mother. I told him next visit it will be a playboy. When I said goodbye the parents really thanked me for comming over. They said he perks up a bit when friends come to visit. I was kind of choked up leaving cause he's such a nice kid. Allways thanked me when I did a recut for him. I think I'll go back in 2 weeks to check up on him.

Sunday is the first regular season game. The owner said make sure I have my press pass cause Lui Pasaglia is doing a kickoff and there will be a few other ex CFL players there. Game starts at 4. I hope I sleep in tomorrow.

One last thing....I ran into Barb and the kids. They were heading down to see the fireworks. I was wondering if they would be there cause I had to pass the spot where we allways sat for fireworks, while walking home from the ferry. They were not there yet but on their way. We said a quick hello. Kids acted kind of shy. Barb said hello and then I said enjoy the fireworks. Wasn't too bad but I did want to ask about her mom but didn't.

Well that's it for now...goodnight!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Beatles answer

After recording the rooftop sessions for the Album Let it Be which was going to be called Get Back Paul McCartney bugged to get the group into the studio to do another album cause thats where the good times were. They eventualy got together and recorded Abbey Road. Abbey Road was the last album recorded and was released Sept 26. 1969. The album Let it Be wasn't released till May 8, 1970 making everyone think it was their farewell album. The video for Let it Be has never been released although it's been rumoured the past few years.

Roto Rooter

Well the Roto Rooter guy just left. 100 bucks later but at least everything is flowing as it should. Better than the day I moved in. Will take that off my rent this month.

The guy for the truck never showed up. Not worried tho cause he was the second person to ask about it without a sign or putting it in the buy and sell. Pumped the tires up and cleaned it out which was needed real bad. Might steal the speakers from it but not sure yet. They are good speakers cause of the Eddie Bower pkg in the truck. The ones in the car are real crappy.

The weather has been great lately !!! Nice and warm but not humid. might hit 30 next week. Mild winters and no that's what I'm talking about !!

Take care all

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Question 5 !!!

What was the last album recorded by the Beatles and what was the Last album released by them (In the UK) ??? Be specific with your answer !!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Where to begin ???



Well I've had an exciting day today. Been having problems with kitchen sink backing up into shower recently. Last couple days the toilet has joined in. I bought drain snakes, drano, power plunger nothing seemed to work. Tonight I removed the toilet and the water is to floor level. My neighbour said that main line has to be plugged. We found the pipe outside removed the cap and whooooooooosh all the water from toilet and shower came rushing out. It was full !!! We tried jamming a hose down there to clean it but no luck. Will have to call Roto Rooter !! just finished getting toilet back in and taking a shower.

On the bright side a guy stopped by last night asking if I'd sell my truck. I told him 1300 bucks the way it sits. After talking for half an hour and him looking at it he said hed be back in 2 days with the cash. So hopefully he shows up with the cash and the flatbed like he said. Can pay off some of my loan.

With Jess not here I decided to go into work yesturday even tho I had asked for it off. Thought the money would be better than laying around. Thought the boss was going to hug me LOL. Sure is nice to be needed. He's a good guy. When you do a good job he will come up and pat you on the back and tell you that you did good. today I was on a new saw and wasn't sure how my production was but there he was at 3pm telling me that I did good today.

One last thing before I head off to check out the tube then bed. The owner came out today and thanked me for the pictures I gave him of his football team. He asked if they could use them on the web site. I said sure as long as I got credit. I told him that I talked to someone about getting a field pass for the rest of the season. He told me he will put me in touch with the web designer and that I can help and send pictures right to her. I then told him that I was going to see Jake Saturday in Vancouver. He set me up with return tickets on the harbour link ferry. Will be a busy weekend. Friday night is a auction bbq to raise money for Jake. Then trip to Vancouver to see Jake. Then first regular season game of the V. I. Raiders.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

4th Question

Which of The Beatles albums was know as the "dead babies" or "The Butcher" album ??

Jess is gone

Well my company has left a little early. She got home sick shortly after getting to my place so Kirk and his wife met us in Coombs to pick her up. She didn't seem to be having any fun and was very quiet. She seem to be in a little better spirits when Kirk and clan were there. Hope she has a great time with them and sorry that it didn't work out here. Take care Jess !!!

Pictures By Jess

B.C. Trip 029b

B.C. Trip 032b

B.C. Trip 129b

B.C. Trip 132b

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Jess is here !!!

Jess arrived here around 3pm. We uploaded her pictures and put them onto a cd. We are heading out now so I'll post some later. Too nice to be in the house.

Jess and I drove to Neck point and walked the trail along the ocean. We then took the car back to my place and walked to the harbour from there. We then headed back to my place where we watched a movie untill Jess was too tired and decided to go to bed.

Sunday Schedule...Drive to Chemainus to look at murals and shop....then to Birds of prey sanctuary near Duncan...then hopefully on a trail ride. I'm going to make Bacon and eggs with hashbrowns for breakfast. Goodnight all !!!

B.C. Trip 040b

B.C. Trip 169b

Jess in B.C. 013

Jess in B.C. 010

Scores updated

The scores are updated and it's a close race. Had a couple people mention that Maybe I should ask questions about all topics and not just The Beatles. Leave comments on this post and I'll do what majority says. Make sure your name is there cause no name vote doesn't count.

Jess is supposed to be here around 3pm. I have some ideas as what we will do but will check with her first. She has a digital camera and I'll post some of her pictures on here for everyone to see.

House almost looks clean...unrecognizable LOL

Friday, July 15, 2005

Question Three

Everyone should know John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Star but who are the 2 other Beatles that were not around when The Beatles became famous ?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Jess in B.C.

I got a phone call the other night from Jess. She is in Comox at her uncle Kirk's place. She didn't think the plane trip was too bad after all. She loved seeing the mountains through the clouds. She has seen lots of seals, lots of deer, lots of giant sluggs and an eagle. Today they were heading down to Victoria where she will be going whale watching. I was hoping to take her cause it's been 2 summers since I've gone but I'll go another time. I'm planning on taking her horse back riding and on a few hikes. We might go over to some of the small islands around here and also go to the silly boat regatta down in the Harbour on Sunday. I will also take her to Coombs if she hasn't been already. I'll post some of her pictures on my site when she gets here Saturday. I was hoping shed be here all day saturday giving us three whole days together. Told the boss I won't be in Monday but he's wishing I'd come in cause we are short. I told him don't look for me Monday because I will not be found. I don't take hardly any time off so he doesn't give me a hard time like he would the other guys.

Today at work they hung up Jakes Jersey with a note saying we are thinking of you Jake. Boss is bringing a card around tomorrow for us to sign. They have set up a trust fund for him. I'm going to look into doing a car wash or something to help earn some money. I'll talk to some of the players that I know and get them to bring more out.

I called Dom to see if he needed anything but apparently not !! He's staying at his parents place being pampered to the max. His ankle was broken and dislocated. They operated on it putting in a steel plate. I told him when hes able to get around maybe he and I can go visit Jake in Vancouver.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Thanks to all the speedy answers and here are the results.....

Hey Bulldog on The Yellow Submarine album. I love that song !!!

Tyler 3:51:59
Karl 3:52:28
Trudy 3:55:32
Jodi 4:14:24
Tara 4:48:45
Bill 8:00:10
Kris 9:30:22

Watch for the third question comming soon !!!!

I did not receive 2 emails from Jodi but I would have taken the first one same as if Ryans first post had been correct and not changed in the second post. They'd have to be the same answer and the correct one of course.I know some ppl have problems on here even I send double emails from hotmail at times.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Second Question !!!

Reply by Email only !!!!

2 part question

What song are the following lines from and what album is that song on ???

"Some think that happinness is measured out in years,
You don't know what it's like to listen to your fears"

Monday, July 11, 2005


One rule has changed !!!!!!

From now on you DO NOT post answer in comments.

You MUST email me at

Hotmail date and time stamps all the emails as they are received so I can go by that.

After I get 6 correct answers I will post the answer and the people who got it in order of the emails I received !!!

Thank you

Thank You all !!!!!

Just want to thank everyone for entering. It's still not too late !!! You can post an answer up to the time a new question goes up. 6 people will get points for each question. Gotta say sorry to Ryan for a double post I can't give you any points. I made sure I put in the rules only one answer per person. Each time a comment is posted I get an email with the comment. Hope it won't discourage you from playing. Now we just have to get Tyler in this game. As for Mandy's question in her post...The rules were posted Sunday and it said starting after Midnight tonight meaning the Trivia Contest could start anytime after midnight sunday. You still got 2 points. At least with all the replys it makes me feel better doing this site up. Wasn't sure if I was just doing it for me or if someone was actualy reading this. I know everyone just looked at the score then left after reading half of this post LOL.

One bit of news to anyone who read all of yesturdays post. The guy from work taken away in an ambulance from the football game was flown over to Vancouver because he has a broken neck. He has movement in his arms so far. We were all told in a meeting this morning so that there would be no rumours floating around. My thoughts are with Jake and his family.

The other player from work (Dom) has broke his ankle and is gone for the season as well.

They will both be missed at work and I hope that they fully recover.

First Question !!!

What was the date that John Lennon was murdererd ?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Contest Rules

In the email I pretty much gave all the rules but here goes again.

At least 2 times a week I'll post a question
When you answer you must leave it in the comments section of my blog
Your name must be at the end of your comment or no points.
The comments are time stamped in B.C. time and posted in order of being received.
First correct answer gets 10 points
Second correct answer gets 5 points and it goes down one point every next answer 4, 3, 2, 1.
Only one answer per person
First person to get over 100 points wins.
You can join the game at any time by giving an answer in the comments section.
First Topic will be The Beatles



Saturday, July 09, 2005

This and that and test question

Test Question
Which Beatle is left handed ?
This question is just a test worth no points but please answer it.

People that have commented are on the list in alphabetical order on the right hand side. Answering the test question will get your name added as well. I hope you all get in on this.

I got 8 hours of O.T. today. Was grinding metal with a hand grinder all day. Got home from work and showered and walked over to football stadium for the first pre season game of the V.I. Raiders. Game was supposed to start at 4 and I didn't get there till near 5pm and it was early in the first quarter. Found out one of the guys I work with (Jake) got hit hard on the first play and was taken away by ambulance. I saw the ambulance pulling out as I arrived. Later on in the second quarter another guy I work with (Dom)was helped off the field. Possible broken ankle. I talked to him after the game and told him he was just getting out of going back to work. Was a good game but the Raiders lost 22 - 21 ( 2 missed field goals late in the fourth)Next game I'll be on the field for pictures. I went to the people running the team and asked for a press pass and got one. They said when I get to game show them the press pass and they will give me a field pass. The following pictures were taken from the stands.

Vi raiders Exhibition 147

#20 is a very good running back !!!

Vi raiders Exhibition 075

First and Goal

Vi raiders Exhibition 043

#64 is Dom

I am going to get in my car and drive to Duncan tomorrow. Go and see the family who I have not seen since last September. Hope to have a nice Visit.

Take care !!

Friday, July 08, 2005


I just got home but I gotta shower and go out again. Will post about that later.

Tomorrow I'm going into work for some O.T. The maintenance guy that I hang out with at lunch has to go in to do some welding. He needs some help and someone to fire watch. He asked me if I was interested and I said yes. He talked to the boss and he said sure. Then the boss came over to me and said that Dave was doing it as makeup and leaving early friday but that he needs me friday so is it ok if its overtime. I said thats what I was hoping for.

Tomorrow after work I'm going to see a football game. The Vancouver Island Raiders first exhibition game. I know some of the players so it will make it more enjoyable... not that football isn't enjoyable already. Should be a good group of guys from work going. They are all meeting in the beer tent. Just noticed the Ti-Cats are off this week.

I decided I'm going to do a trivia contest on here. About 2 times a week I'll post a question. Maybe more depending on how many replies I get and if different ppl are getting the points each time.The first person with the correct answers get points. First person to 100+ points wins a prize. I'm trying to come up with a prize now. The first catagory will be Beatles Trivia !!! Most stuff should be easily found on the internet. I'm not going to say when a question will be posted so you'll have to watch. Only thing is I'm wondering if the answer should be posted on my site so everyone can see or emailed to me. Any sudgestions about that please let me know.

Well I'm off to shower then outta here. Later all !!!


Ok people here she is....

car 002

My Car

car 001

My Car

car 003

My Plate

Thursday, July 07, 2005


It's funny cause I worked on this blog trying to get music to work and I couldn't. Then I go to one website and the have music in the background playing. So I go into view source and find their info on putting background music. I copy and paste in my blog and before you can say Bob's your uncle I have background music. Only thing is I didn't like the music. But I couldn't tell how to get my own music. So I'm looking around some more and I find a blog that has a player on the page. Press play and a song will play. Cheap trick "I want you to want me". Song is ok but not my first choice lol. But I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to get my own song on there.

Oh and by the way there is also a puppy named Gonzo on my page. you can click on the treats and he will follow it around with his head. I'm just not sure how you actualy give it to him LOL. If you figure it out please let me know. I did figure out if you click on the dog he barks. Is it alright to have this dog Karl ???

Maybe by the end of tonight I'll have my own song on here.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hump Day

If you hear music I borrowed this from another Blog. It's a cool and the gang song. Now I want to try and get my own music on here !!!

Havn't posted in a couple days so I thought I better. Nothing much new really. Some stuff going on at work where the company is having some guy come in and help them set up bussiness. Stuff like making job descriptions, laying out the rules of discipline, wage scale to help you reach top potential in specific job and get full pay for it, blah blah blah. Had some guys ticked off today but like the foreman told me afterwards... only guys that like to bend the rules will get mad at this set up. So for the next few weeks I think we will get 1 meeting a week with this guy to inform us of what's going on.

Just for Karl I'm adding some more art work from Jeff King. This is the stuff from the park up the road. His newest art as far as I know.

Art 025

Art 024

Art 023

Art 026

Sunday, July 03, 2005

End of a long weekend

Well nothing much to report here. Nothing much happened over the weekend. Didn't get out fishing like I had hoped to. The boat is broken. Walked downtown, went for a short bike ride, went on a hike around Westwood Lake. Its a nice hike of about 7 km I believe. Was over at the neighbours last night and watched a movie. The kids are here about every 5 minutes when they know I'm home. I let them play the game I made or I go out back and play basketball with them. Yesturday they brought over a snake they caught to show me. I didn't let them know I hate snakes.

Talked to Jess a bit on MSN and looking forward to her visit here in a couple weeks. Trying to come up with a few things to do in a short periode of time. Whale watching is tops on my list cause I'm dying to go out again. Goats on the roof and the Big trees in Cathedro Grove are another thing we can do and we might as well go to Long Beach on the west coast of the island. Its a nice drive through the mountains.

Wish I had more to say but it was a pretty layed back weekend. Still working at getting a slideshow or animation to run. Found a site where I can put background music on here but that hasn't worked either.

Take care all !!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Something new !!!!

Not sure if this will work but going to try. I made up a Power Point Slide Show and posted it on my Shaw web space. Now I'm going to see if it can be reached by going through my Blog. If you have dial up I wouldn't try at the moment cause the file is 56mb's and I'm not sure if its going to play it or try and download it. I'm just uploading it now so it may not be available right away but I'm going to try and work things out. If it works there is sound to it. Also to start it you might have to click left mouse button after its loaded. I do when I play the one on my computer. Please let me know if it works for you.


Found out I can only store 10mb on my site so will have to make a smaller one to try. DAMN !!!!

I think there are free websites that let you store files on it other than just pictures cause I use Flickr for that already.

I tried a smaller one but it didn't work either. I think you could download it but not play it online, which is what I want.

Ok this sucks. I've seen blogs with slide shows on them or they play a song when you go on but I can't figure out how to do it. I've looked under help at the blogger home page. I've asked Jeeves.

On another note I was out walking to the store when it hit me. Might be time for a dog. Pretty lonely here lately. Will think it over this weekend.

I'm baaaaaack !!!

Hello viewers.
Just to let you know I'm back online almost at 100%. Also for those of you that heard about my fishing trip it's like that B.C. ferry and run aground. Actualy they had carb troubles and broke a belt. So I get to sleep in. If all goes well I'll be out on the ocean tomorrow evening. Crossing my fingers !!!!Have a grrrrreat long weekend !!!