Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I Love Ebay

Question Seven is in the previous post in case your wondering.

Update...Just purchased a football game for my Xbox. Says buyer accepts PayPal but apparently not one from a Canadian account....what's up with that ?? Had to email him cause now I'll need a money order. 9 bucks American with shipping !!!

I just recently signed up to Pay Pal and have made my first purchase on ebay in a long time. I bought 2 more battery packs for my digital camera. How can Future Shop sell one battery for 75 bucks when I can go on ebay and purchase two of them with shipping for 30 bucks Canadian ? I'm going to look through some of my stuff and might possibly put some up for sale on E-bay. There is some stuff I could never part with even tho it may seem worthless to others. And even tho its in a tub in my closet or spare room cause I don't have room to display it. I like it and I know I have it and thats all that counts to me. I'm not going to go crazy buyying on Ebay but I will check out some of the stuff on there now and then. If I ever get around to trying to sell something on ebay I'll post it on here so any one can watch how the sale goes or maybe bid on it cause it's mine and it means something for them to own something of mine. LOL

Well I'm going to relax with my sunburn tonight. It was pretty warm the last couple days. Has been sunny and no rain for over a week. There is a fund raiser going on at Swiss Chalet I was thinking of going to but I can't go to them all.

I went for an echocardiography exam on my heart this morning. Fancy smancy for Ultra Sound. The equipment is all digital now. Even the exray machines are digital and can be pulled up on computer screens. The Dr let me look at it on the monitor. You could see the valves oppening and closing it was pretty cool. Then he turned up the volume and you could hear the whoosh sound as the blood was being pumped in and out of the heart. Will have to make a Dr appointment to find out the results. The Dr doing the test didn't look worried so I think all is ok. Unless he's a good poker player. He asked me right off if I've ever been told I have a heart murmer. He didn't say I had one just asked if I had been told I had one. Wonder if it means I have one ? Going to have to look it up to see what it is just in case. But later I'm going to check out Ebay LOL.


At Thursday, July 28, 2005 3:25:00 AM, Anonymous mandy said...

Hey kev.. i don't think a murmur is something to worry about. The doctor told us Jordan has one. But said not to worry.


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