Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby shower

Yesterday Patty threw a baby shower for Adam and Mary. Because Mary is a vegetarian it was a meatless event. Patty cooked up a storm the night before and got Ben and I to help decorate. Auntie Irene and uncle Jim were going on holidays and said they couldn't make it so I called her up Friday night giving her the big guilt trip and telling her she wouldn't be my favourite aunt if she didn't make it to this. She always makes us go to her crappy events...I mean family functions and we even wear a smile while were there. Albert and I had gone for a walk to the store before things got underway and I was surprised to see and hear auntie Irene when we got back. Apparently Patty had told her that I wouldn't be there because I was in Nanaimo at a football game. She was ready to drive to Nanaimo and drag me home from the game.

There was Irene and Jim, Claire and Dave, Deneen and little Jacob, Albert, Ben, Carol, Patty and myself. Oh and Adam and Mary! They got lots of nice gifts from everyone and we all had a good time. My gifts were definitely the best ones ... a V.I. Raider t-shirt and a Vancouver Canucks cover for the baby carrier. I hope its a boy but no matter what the baby is going to be a sports fan whether they like it or not! The pile of gifts on Mary in the last picture are just some of the things the wife had picked up over the last couple months including some baby gifts from African Lion Safari and Niagara Falls. Well I did help her out because shed pick up something and say we will get this one today and the matching ones over the next couple weeks but I'd say why not just get them now and throw them all in the basket. I should have left them because the next week shed find something else we should get for the baby. Sometimes shed mention something she saw and wanted to get and I'd just go get it for her and surprise her. That's just part of the reason I'm her number one guy! Shrek is her number two and Randy Travis (why him ???) is her number three guy. As long as I'm number one I don't care who follows me on the list. I just hope one of those others don't come to Duncan because I think I might move down on the list. Patty is downstairs watching a Shrek movie as I type this. I might make her dreams come true and paint myself green and be Shrek on Halloween LOL.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taking it easy

Well I'm taking a couple days off and seeing a chiropractor as my back has been killing me for a couple weeks now. It was just hanging on not getting any better when I decided to beat the tar out of Ben and a couple cousins. I did win but payed a huge price. I saw the chiropractor Tuesday and I go back tomorrow. Feel a lot better already. Will go in on afternoons Thursday Friday if I can.

This past weekend we had a bbq at auntie Irene's and uncle Jim's place. Her son David was visiting from the east coast. He's in the army and stationed there. He says he might buy a house and stay because the cost of living is so much lower. There was a ton of people there and we all had a good time.

I want to thank Annette and Dennis for their vote of confidence in being able to sell some of my pictures. Going to hold off buying anything for now. Will take some time off from Vic Truss over the winter and will need all the extra money I can save. If I go back in the spring I will purchase something.

This weekend we are holding a baby shower for Adam and Mary. Just over a month till the baby is due. We are all getting pretty excited here. Patty is going to leave me for a week when the baby comes to go stay with Adam and Mary and give them a hand. I'll probably pop down a lot to see them and to visit my wife who I'll miss greatly! Not just saying that cause she reads this because she usually only goes on when I tell her I have a new post.

Me and the boys moved the furniture around today. Trying to make it look more roomy in here. Patty and I are also looking at getting a huge aquarium for the living room. I would like to have a salt water tank because they look so much nicer but I hear they are a little harder and a little more expensive. Going to look into it while we tank shop. I'd like at least a 70 gallon tank if not a 90. Will take pictures to show you when its done.

Looking forward to the Raiders game this weekend in Nanaimo. Its been 4 weeks since they last played at home. They have only lost one game so far this year but it was a close one. Last week they lost the running back and fullback both in the third quarter both with a broken leg. Not sure if they have any one to fill those spots.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Well its almost 11:15 here and I just got home from Wal-Mart. Was quiet at the beginning when I had some help but got crazy busy just before closing when I'm by myself. We have started to make panoramics 1 foot by 3 feet so I took a photo in tonight to try it. The manager liked it so much he has it on the wall to promote the new addition and he made one for me free. Biggest problem will be framing it or the cost of a custom frame.

Well cousin David is here from the east coast so we are all going to Anty's tomorrow for a bbq. Uncle Dave his father is staying here at our house for the week. Its kind of a wierd story but a good one. Uncle Dave was with Aunt Irene many moons ago then when they split he dated Aunt Irenes best friend who we call Aunt Claire. They also broke up many moons ago but have some how manage to hook up again. He lives north east of Kamloops she is on the island and he comes to stay with us now and then. Hes a super nice guy.

Cousin David is in the army and has done a couple tours in Afganastan (I don't care if its spelled correct) I'm told he has some pretty horrific stories from over there. He is teaching now so has been transfered to the east coast. I think hes hoping to get to come back to the island pretty soon. His son Ryan is staying at Aunty Irenes (grandma) but will be going back with his dad.

Nothing much new around here. I looked at a Honda Gold Wing the other day but not sure if I want that $2500.00 or best offer or my new lens $2100.00 If I thought for sure I could make some money I would buy the lens and with the wet weather comming I'm not sure its the time to buy a bike but it seems like a good deal and I'm not affraid to ride in the rain. It will be a lot cheaper to take on the ferry as well. Plus they can always squeeze a bike on.

Its starting to slow down at Vic Truss but doesn't look like I'll get laid off. There will be just 2 of us on graveyard shift. Marty told me if the other guy can't make it in just to go in on afternoons so I won't lose any time. I'd rather take the night off.

One last note...the tax man has finaly caught up to me. I haven't done taxes in at least 5 years and I got a letter last week sayying they did not receive this years tax forms. I better get on it lol. Procrastinating is a bad thing! Next post I'm going to try and do a short video post. Dont hold your breath I might procrastinate about that too LOL

Friday, August 15, 2008

video trial (Ben)

Here is a short video of Ben from the pool party a couple weeks ago.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sand Castles

First I want to start off with a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMASITA !!! Love your favourite son in-law!!! (no not Peter)

I think I've made it to Parksville to see the sand castles every year I've been on the island. Last year Patty and I took Aunt Gladys with us so I thought it would be nice to take her again this year. Only problem this year was the competition was just starting the day we went. So the gates are closed till 2pm and most of them probably won't be done so we checked them out for a bit from outside the fence then went for a walk before heading to Coombs.

Now Coombs is an interesting place and not just because they have goats living on their roof. They have one main market then lots of different shops out behind the main market. The place is always packed and today was no exception. We wandered around looking at all the neat stuff for about an hour before we headed back to Parksville for lunch. Aunt Gladys told us that if we didn't let her pay this year she would wait in the car while we ate. So I finally gave in because Patty told me it was too hot to leave her in the car. I told Patty I would get her some ice water but that wasn't good enough so we promised Aunt Gladys she could pay. Aunt Gladys is going to be 90 years old but you couldn't tell by looking at her. She needed a hand on some stairs and I kept a close eye on her when we were on uneven ground cause I didn't want her to fall. She said to Patty I thought she was an old woman but I told her that Paul would beat me up if she fell and got injured. She said Paul knows she's a klutz so wouldn't blame me but I kept an eye out just in case.

Paul and Dimples are spending the weekend in Nanaimo at a swimming tourney with Lelaine. Lelaine is quite the swimmer and has a ton of medals to show for it. She is second in BC in one event and third in another she is also on standby for 2 other events in case someone can't make it. Maybe we need that Jeff galooly or whatever his name is that helped out Tanya Harding with his walking stick(nudge nudge wink wink). There is a huge event going on somewhere on the mainland next weekend so they will be off again. Well its going on 1pm and I've only made it from the bed to the computer so I should get up and do something. I even got breakfast in bed this morning!!!!! Life is good LOL. Here are a few shots as usual.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

BC day bonus photos

BC day!!!

Yesterday was BC day which is a stat holiday out here for everyone and not just Gov. workers. I had Sunday night off and we were invited to a pool party by Adams cousins by marriage. This is the second time we have gone out with them.

We started off going to Sooke to walk the beach and collect rocks. It was the same spot Patty and I had gone to last year for a pic nic. We were there for about two hours before going to Adam and Mary's place in Langford. We saw a lot of nice houses for sale that we might buy if we win the lottery this week (or any week).

Then we went to a beautiful house near Victoria in Cordova Bay. Nice house built on a hill with a view of the Ocean. If you go to the top of the yard above the garden you can see mount Baker in Washington. Patty, Ben, Adam, Mary and myself were there but Albert was unable to make it as he had to work. Poor guy he missed out on a lot of fun.

They have an in ground pool with a diving board and lots of pool toys for everyone to enjoy. Ben was the first one in and the last one out. Patty and I were sitting out the swimming and Adam didn't plan on going in but was dragged in by Ben when he attempted to push Ben in. I was just starting to say I'll give you 10 bucks Ben if you can get Adam in. He never heard it but I said it was worth 10 bucks. Adam decided to stay in and have fun since he was already wet.

For the meal there were about 10 different types of sausages including veggie, turkey, Elk, and Bison. You could sure tell which ones were the elk and bison as they were darker and more gammy tasting but they sure were good. There were different kinds of salads and ice cream and fruit salad for desert. It was a great day out in the warmer than usual temperatures that we have been having.