Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Well I hope every one had a good Christmas. I know Patty and I did. Gained more weight to fill the Santa suit lol. Had a great dinner with all the kids. Going to leave my camera home next time cause no one wants their picture posted. I have some pictures but cant share them here.

Before Christmas I took my camera to work and went down town a bit early to walk around and take some photos. I follow a local photographer that does this on a regular basis and posts his pictures on his face book page. Would love to spend an evening down town taking photos with him and learning some stuff but for now Ill try my best. Definitely going to look into a new camera. my camera is more than 8 years old and is old technology.

Will try and post one more time before New Years but dont hold me to it. I have some stuff from the past year that Id like to share as well.

The first few photos here are a Ferris wheel behind city hall. Then there are a couple shots of the parliament building  as I walk towards it and then a shot of the Empress Hotel with cars passing by. Lastly is a shot from the walk way of the parliament building with the fountain in front.

Friday, December 19, 2014

More Santa Pet Photos

I thought I would post some photos of the other pets that got to see Santa the other night. Funny thing is Dante only got shots of him and his BFF, Tucker from upstairs but they are awesome shots for us to hang on the wall. Hope you enjoy these!

Tucker and Dante

Tucker and Dante


Flint, Kirsten and Matt


Lainey and Otis


Poor scared Ruby

Sirius and Bugs




Tucker and Sarah


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

YAY I held a snake!

Last night December 15th we had decided to do something special for the pet owners in the building. We set up for a visit from Santa and photo shoot and told people it was by donation if they could afford it. Most of the pet owners showed and every one that was there had a good time. We had set out some dishes with some goodies for humans and pets. A few people just hung out to watch. We had all kinds of dogs, a cat, a couple of bunnies and a snake. YES I SAID A SNAKE LOL! We have one tenant in the building that has a dog, rabbit and snake. Actually 2 snakes I found out but this was the friendly one or so I was told.

Now people that know me know I've been terrified of snakes all my life. When I went to the Toronto zoo I would not even go into the amphibian area didnt even want to see them.  I eventually got past that and could look at them from a distance through glass. The first time I ever touched one I had done a school project on snakes for some reason and my sister Annette helped me out by bringing home from school a Boa constrictor. Annette slept with the thing I think. Well she was talking on the phone and she came over to me and said hold this ... and handed me the snake. The snake was from an all girls school and didnt care much for guys and started to wrap around my neck and tighten up. It was so tight I could hardly breath or scream. Luckily Annette came in and saw me almost unconscious laying on the kitchen floor and was able to pull the snake off of me and saved my life. That is when my fear started!

OK that never happened but she did ask me to hold it and when I went to take it the snake moved and i ran out of the kitchen crying. I know its somewhere in between those 2 stories but was so long ago it really doesn't matter.

I pretty much avoided snakes when ever possible. The funny thing is when your afraid of something like snakes where ever you go you see them. Someone told me its because you are looking for them and most people don't care and go on about their business so don't notice them. I have found this to be very true. 

As I started getting up in age i was a little more curious about them and could get close to look at them but not touch them. Then one day it happened. My first trip back to Ontario after I had moved to Vancouver island I had gone to this place in Muskoka i think its called Muskoka Wildlife Center. I was with a girlfriend at the time and I believe Kris, Tara and Jodi had met us there. I was there to see the wolves but as we were leaving there was a staff person holding a snake and all the girls wanted to touch it. I stayed back as a lookout for them. They finally convinced me to touch the stupid thing. Im going to set this up so you get the full picture and some day ill find the actual photo and post it. Im in blue jeans, black biker t-shirt, jean jacket with my Daytona bike week patches, sunglasses and a ball cap and im holding my gf's hand and i reach way out and touch the thing on the back for 3 seconds and almost faint while someone took the picture.

Fast forward a few years Ben, Patty and I are at Shawn s place and I actually held Shawn's snake for 20 seconds.Ben took a picture and that was that. I have to find that picture too.

So last night the girl says she'll go get the snake. I go into the electrical room to get something and I meet her at the elevator as shes getting off. I started to hyperventilate and could feel my heart racing. She could tell and said I didn't have to do it but I said no i must face my fears. I go sit on the chair and ask her to hand it to me. I was pretty stiff at first then started to relax. I just got nervous when it tried to go under my beard or to my neck or up my sleeve. I asked the girl to do me a favor and she thinks i want her to take the snake but I said no Id like you to remove my glove. I actually started to relax and had no problem moving it around and looking at it close up. I then handed it to Patty and took a couple photos and then I got brave again and took off the other glove and took it back from Patty. Patty had no problem what so ever. I have to say it was a pretty looking snake but as much as i didn't mind holding it i definitely don't want one lol.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Bella's 3rd Birthday!

Last week we had a little birthday party for Bella. Bella was excited for the party but she was ecstatic for Gwen coming over. Those two are best friends for sure. This also gives Gwen practice at being a big sister or role model for her little brother Jack. I was excited to hold Jack! Last time I had seen him I thought I might be getting a cold so didnt take a chance so I never held him.   Bella got to open her presents then we sat down to a spaghetti dinner with a home made Chicken, bacon, garlicky ranch sauce I had prepared in the slow cooker. Then for desert we had Bre's home made muffins with ice cream.