Saturday, September 17, 2016

This and That

Have no idea what I'm going to post about but will put some photos on as well   

 Well it's a rainy day so i thought I would do a blog post to let everyone know whats happening on the west coast. Fall is coming early and the leaves on the old Oak trees out front have started falling. The family is doing pretty good. Jack is getting bigger and will be turning 2 soon. Gwen is back in school and for those that don't know she does her own you tube posts under grapefruits. Both Adam and Mary seems to be doing well. I left at note at Mary's work the other day for her but haven't heard if she got it or not. I drive my bus there twice a week but she is long gone before I get there. Congrats to Adam who recently got his drivers license !  Adams a good guy and a hard worker. Poor guy works six days a week. If you have a cell phone issue he is your guy. Bailey is getting over a bad split or cut on the paw. Papa came up with the idea of putting a sock on it because she kept ripping the bandage off 10 seconds after it was put on. Apparently Meesy the cat didn't like the attention that Bailey was getting so she cut her paw. Gwen is in to some new toy called Calico Pets and to get her started Papa and Grandma took her shopping and we just couldn't buy the pets we had to buy a house or room for them. I should have just handed Gwen my bank card and waited in the car LOL. Then the next week Gwen had an accident and broke a tooth so Papa and Grandma rushed out and got her more of these things. All I asked for was a little more love from Gwen and I got it .... that day LOL I look forward to every Tuesday when I get to spend time with my little Jack. It's awesome getting to see him grow up in front of your eyes.

     I just got a call from Nina and her and Al are on the way to pick me up for brunch. These are two of the busiest people I know. Nina is going to University and doing all kinds of volunteer work to get her masters in some psychology course. Albert is working full time and did some university classes on the side and graduated. Hes looking into more courses and such. Titus and Sookie are doing fine as well. I love all my fur grand babies. Patty took Nina driving as she is trying to get her license. I'd like to get out with her as well before she gets all of Pattys bad habits LOL. I reminded Al that I got rid of my old PlayStation and bought an xbox so we could play sports games and it hasn't happened yet. He said he will be able to play tonight. I don't know why I do this as I will only get my ass whooped lol. You can't tell but I was gone for over an hour during this paragraph.

    Ben and Bre are off on an adventure again. They have some things they need to work out. We sure do miss the grand kids but some day it will work out and we will see them again. Thinking of you Bella and Bylea.

     Patty and I are good. We are thinking of getting matching unicorn tattoos for our tenth anniversary coming up at the end of the year. She swore at me when I texted that to her. I'm letting her pick out her gift and it changes weekly. Last week it was matching tattoos which I'm not against if its something I really like. Then she texted me a picture of a ring that she likes and I said but I thought we were getting matching Unicorn tattoos LOL. Patty works hard or at least she tells me she does. I hear about the homemade food she gets and good coffee with cookies. Shes lucky cause she gets to see Gwen and Jack 5 days a week. Jack calls her mommygrandma. When certain things come up he says Papa Papa I'm told all the time. Leaving a good impression on him and I don't think its just the chocolate for breakfast. Ok this was supposed to be about me and Patty. I could write a book on Patty so I will try and keep it brief. Oh look at the time I have to go to work soon so I will start up where I left off next time.

Here are some pictures I took with Patty.

I was playing with the settings on my camera.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

photos from whale watching part 2

      Well I'm finally getting around to posting some more pictures from my whale watching trip. These are pictures I took on the way back from the whale watching part of the trip. Now we were looking at Harbor seals, California Seals, Sea Otter and Race Rock island and the light house. Any wild life is interesting. Captain Ron sure knows where to find the wildlife. I've never been disappointed on a trip out with him. Were circled around a couple places looking at all the seals then he went to the spot where he has seen the sea otter and he was able to spot it real quick in the middle of the kelp. Two other boats came over and Cpt Ron tried to tell them where it was but they gave up and left.