Friday, September 16, 2011

On Saturday September 10th the my dad's and Ben's birthday, I took Ben, Ryan and Mitchell to the BC Lions football game. I had a sideline pass and had got them tickets in the end zone. I had sent a text to Patty or had posted on facebook I was on the sidelines watching warmup when I got a text from Patty saying Wesla Wong from Global news was also on the sidelines doing a story. We both like Global News and Wesla as well as the others on the news. I looked around and seen her in the end zone and when I told Patty she asked me to get her autograph. When I went down and asked Wesla she laughed and said are you sure so I showed her my text messages. Then Wesla offered to get her photo taken with me on my Blackberry. Who was I to disappoint her lol. Wouldn't you know it the first picture didn't look good so I had to get close to Wesla for another shot. What I go through for my wife LOL. Wesla was so nice and I really want to thank her for putting up with a crazy fan like me. I sent her a photo on Twitter and she took the time to reply saying next time she'd like a picture with Patty. I'm sure Patty would love that!

late during the game I was standing on the sidelines warching the game when I noticed a group of people walking right past me pretty much brushing up against me. When I turned around I was looking right at the old guy from Pawn Stars passing me followed by Chumly and then the grandson. I was stunned but then picked up my camera and started taking pictures.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Well it will be 25 years since my mother passed away this November 3, 2011. I want to pay tribute to my mother in a tattoo and I would like some help. Any ideas you may have would be greatly appreciated. I have a couple ideas I found on the internet but if you know of another I might like please let me know. I will narrow it down to 3 and take a vote on it. So here are a few ideas I have so please let me know.