Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm still strange

As for Mandy's comment on my last post, I'm not sure what yopur talking about it looks good to me ????

Ok I know most of you think I'm a wee bit strange so here is something to help you with your theory....

Last night I get home around 11:30 pm from work. I park in the ditch in front of the house so I don't have to get up too early to move my car. There is a deer standing just off the drive way eating the leaves off a bush. It was a great night with lots of stars and pretty warm. I sit down on the side of the hill beside my car and start talking to the deer. The young buck turns to look at me every once in a while but then goes back to eating. Then the buck decides to wander over about 5 - 10 feet from me cocking its head and moving its ears like it was trying to get a better signal on the tv all the while I'm still talking to it. It checks me out for about 2 - 3 minutes then slowly walks around my car to the other side of the lawn. I then decide to stand up and say goodnight to it as I head into the house.

There are lots of deer around this area. last week I was heading out the front door and scared one off the front lawn. The week before we were comming home from lunch and we passed 2 deer at the side of the road about 15 houses down the street. I got on my bike and rode back there to find 7 deer in total.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wild Life

For anyone interested in viewing cameras of wild life this is a place called Race Rocks right near where I go to see the Killer whales. This is off the shore a short boat ride from Victoria.

  • Race Rocks
  • Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Update on myself

    This post is not for commenting but I thought I'd just let everyone know how I'm really doing.

    Job wise its ok, nothing much different than I had expected.

    Football wise I'm bussier than hell and truly enjoying it. A great possibility of us going 10 - 0 this year. We've already clinched first place and homefield for the playoffs. If we win both playoff games then the Canadian Junior Football Championship is here in Nanaimo. Should be a team from the prairies conference but could be a team from Quebec if they get lucky. Lots of dinner parties and socializing durring this time.

    Personaly wise I'm doing ok. I met someone and we went out once. Meeting for lunch this week to set up something for Sunday. Saturday is football day and shes really not into sports LOL. Seems nice, not sure where its going but I'll let you know as I know. Missing dad a bunch. A few times I've thought I would have called him on certain occasions but can't do that any more. His birthday was tough. Was away in Kelowna for a game but was really down and people noticed. I wore a shirt of dads and the Raiders ball cap I gave him before the cruise. Not alot of mourning but I'm very emotional at times.

    Health wise I'm not sure. I have to make an appointment to see the Dr. I've had a few panick attacks and had to take a pill. I think about my breathing all the time. Can't seem to stop. When I think about it I change it thinking its too fast or too slow so I do the opposite. Then I panick and hyperventalate. Even talking about it or typing about it it brings on an attack. Thats why I haven't made an appointment with the Dr cause when I think about going and talking about it I get real bad. Was a little better yesterday. About the usual so far today. Heat makes it worse and closed in areas. I try to get outside to fresh air when I feel it comming on. Even if I'm busy doing something I still think about it. I'm actually taking big pauses while I type this because its happening. I almost went to the hospital the other night because it was so bad but I had taken a pill and won't drive so I just tried to go to sleep. It's probably just a mental psychological thing that I'll either get over or learn to deal with. It's scary when it happens but passes after a while. I havn't ever gotten too bad while driving or working. I think thats why it was good yesterday because I was pissed off at work and didn't think about it as much. Well thats it for now I need fresh air LOL.

    Thats all for now, don't worry I'll get through this.

    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    close encounters

    Well it was another great weekend here on Vancouver Island. Saturday we had a football game in Victoria so I decided to go early to try and do some whale watching. Captain Ron was telling me that Friday was a fantastic day because they saw a Mink whale, mom and baby humpback, transient orcas and resident orcas. So the residents were around. We set out on a 3 hour cruise at 2pm. We decided to go find the residents as no one had seen the humpbacks that day. There were 2 pods in the same area. About 42 Orcas in all. They were pretty spread out and it was hard to see them all but then some came our way. We had one group head toward us and then dissapear. We could actualy see them going under our boat. I think they turn on their side so they can look up at the bout. Then one of them decided to pop up right in front of us. I had the long lense on the camera and zoomed back to 75 I was still way to close as you will see by the picture. Most of the other pictures are using the zoom to bring them closer. I did no cropping on any picture. That was the first hour then the rest of the time we spent chassing them as they were fishing so sig zagged alot and never came close after that. There were a few breaches but never caught it on the camera because one whale would breach way over to the left so you would watch there and then one would do it way over to the right. Alot of bouncing back and fourth. All in all it was a good day at sea.

    Next up was the football game. The Raiders started off slow and will be punished in practise for alot of missed plays but after a 13 - 13 half time the Raiders came out in the second half guns a blazzing and won the game 37 - 16.

    Today was a pretty good day as well. I went on a date with a woman I had met online. We had chatted a few times then we took up talking on the phone. She was calling me at lunch time while I was at work. We decided to go to the Dingy Dock for lunch today then took a walk around the island that the pub is located on. You have to take a small ferry to and from the island. I'm on 3 - 11 for now and she works straight days so it will be tough to meet untill next weekend. She asked me if I would have time to meet her for lunch one day this week. We are both into photography and Nature as well as the same fondness for dogs. We seem to have lots in common. Will let you know how its going on a need to know basis LOL.

    I will try to use blogger to load pictures but if I can't I'll use flicr again.

    23SEPT06 002b

    23SEPT06 021b

    23SEPT06 038b

    23SEPT06 075b

    23SEPT06 091b

    23SEPT06 111b

    23SEPT06 116b

    23SEPT06 119b

    23SEPT06 186b

    23SEPT06 198b

    Friday, September 22, 2006

    Victoria Tomorrow

    Going to Victoria tomorrow for a football game. I'm going to try and go whale watching before hand. If things work out I'll have a post if they don't then just go read dennis' blog LOL. Have a good weekend everyone...anyone ?? Oh I tried that ipod picture upload thing and it works great !!! Just got to figure out how to get them off the ipod LOL

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    I'm an ipod geek

    Well not exactly....not yet anyways LOL. Heres the story...

    Most of you know if I go out to take pictures on my camera I figure if your going to take one picture you might as well take 3 or 4 hundred pictures. Now this weekend comming up the V.I. Raiders have a game in Victoria. Victoria is a great place to go whale watching. So if I went down early and went out whale watching and took a picture or two I might not have much room to take one or two football pictures. I decided I needed more memory for my camera. I have a 2 gig card now. So I went out looking for some memory. Well I don't like swapping cards in the camera because I did that (well Barb did) on my old camera. Somehow the pins inside got bent and 245 bucks later it was like new again. So I figured I needed to get a 4 gig card. The price of a half decent one is is around 275 bucks. I had been thinking for a while now that I'd like an mp3 player so I popped into The Source to check them out. I had my camera around my neck. The sales person asked if I knew that the ipod could store pictures with an adaptor. I said I hadn't heard that. Apparently the ipod is a traveling hard drive for a computer. So I looked online and Future shop had the 30gig ipod on sale for 299. The adaptor is 49 so not a huge difference but I get two things in one. So this morning I go out and Future shop doesn't have black ones. So I go to A&B sound. They have a black one and will match Future shops price. But I decide to check out London Drugs because I love their camera and acc's section. The woman tells me they have a couple left in stock. Then she tells me they have a special on right now. The 60 gig ipod normally over 400 bucks is on sale for 299. She goes on to tell me how many songs and such it would hold ... blah blah blah. I told her if she had a camera adaptor it was sold. So now as I write this my 60 gig ipod is plugged into my computer charging the battery. I kinda had a look at the papers that came with it but its supposed to be so darn easy. So later tonight I'll have to start uploading my music.

    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Finally something exciting has happened

    Well I know my blog hasn't been very exciting but honestly there hasn't been anything that exciting to blog about. I've tried to keep football out of this blog because I have it on 2 other blogs. But today I just have to do a football story on this blog. Sorry its not about the Cats even tho they won. Saturday we (Raiders team and me included) went over to South Surrey on the mainland to play the second place Rams. It was a great game for Raiders fans because we kicked ass. This team is a very strong team. One more win for us and we clinch home field for the playoffs. Anyways.... Yesterday while I was at work I got a phone call. Happened just at the right time because when the saw is running I can't hear the phone. It was a reporter from the local news paper asking if I had any shots of the game I'd like to submit. I emailed him 4 photos but because I use hotmail it shrinks them down and they were no good to him. So I threw the photos on a CD and dropped them off. This morning when I got up I went out side and grabbed the paper. It's not a huge paper but who cares because on the cover of the sports section are 2 of my photos big as life !!! They take up half the page. My name is under each one, could have been a little bolder but it can be seen. Anyone wanting a autographed copy contact me and I'll hook you up. Won't be my autograph because my penmanship sucks but I'll get someone to sign it LOL. Anyways here are the photos.

    16SEPT06 115b

    16SEPT06 182b2

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    A few pictures

    I made myself go out early today. I've been working on the football site alot and still get complaints about different things. Mostly from people who are on the executive and have kids on the roster and because their name gets left off because I don't have their name on my list. The kid is a 3rd stringer only on the team because mommy knows Hadi (the owner) and has joined the exec. I talk to players all the time telling them to make sure their info is right and email me to let me know. Most of them don't care but mommy and daddy do cause they want to show all their friends that their son is on the #4 ranked team in Canada and moving up. I'm going to talk to Hadi after the season and I'll tell him I'll do another job for the team next year but not the web site. I don't get paid for this BS.


    I decided to go to the Ocean for a walk and took along my camera. Wasn't much going on there kinda windy and cool. I took some pictures anyways so I don't want to hear no complaints that I didn't put your kids name on here or that mt spelling suks or anything like that just enjoy the damn pictures !!!

    Oh and have a nice day !!!

    blogger is too painfull uploading pictures

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    13SEPT06 029b

    13SEPT06 051b

    13SEPT06 059b

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    Nothing New

    Not really too much happening here. Unless your into the V.I. Raiders football team. Allways something going on there. We went to Kelowna for a football game this past weekend. Stayed in the Ramada Inn which is kind of nice. Hot tub wasn't working too well, only one strong jet that was too strong and the rest didn't work. I still sat in there for half an hour. Found out they have an East Side Marios in Kelowna but it was packed. Went to some steakhouse but I still had Pasta. Was a great football game. It's the first time that team has lost 3 games in a row in a very long time. This Saturday we are in Surrey to take on the second place team. They are a different team than the one we beat in game one by a huge margin. They are now 4 - 1 but we are 6 - 0. Another road trip another ferry ride another long day but I'm enjoying it. Keeping me busy. I had a rough weekend thinking about dad especialy on his birthday. Quiet times sucked but then game time came and I pulled myself together. I talked to Jean last week, she was happy to hear from me. I gave her my new phone number. She had a good trip to ottawa it seems. I'm on afternons this week anyways not sure whats up next week. Good to be working again. Thats all for now I need to get ready for work. Take care.

    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    Bike Ride

    Yesterday when I woke up I decided to go for a bike ride. Reading dennis' comment in the last post made me laugh because I took my camera but took no pictures. Road up and around Neck Point and then sat on the bench looking at the ocean. I was thinking it would be neat if I seen a whale from shore but it didn't happen. Not even a seal. Last night when I was getting ready for work the woman that lives here told me she went for a walk to Neck Point that morning. Apparently someone told her she just missed seeing a couple whales. Orcas as far as we can figure. Probaly transient ones looking for seals to eat.

    I've had a slow leak the last few days so I dropped the tire off to get fixxed while I sleep. I'll pick it up later today. Might even go for another bike ride. Should have more pictures this weekend after I get back from the football game in Kelowna. Its a weekend trip with the team. Everything paid for so it's real nice. Also I might go to the Clippers hockey game tomorrow night. Home/season opener so it should be fun. Well off to bed.

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Work, work, work ...

    Well its back to the old grind wheel for me. Tonight will be my third night back. Alot of new faces but also too many old ones. So much has changed in that place but yet it is still the same. There are 3 people doing the job that 1 used to do and yet the place is still screwed up. I'm serously thinking about getting my passport and seeing if Rob's buddy needs someone when/if he gets that sprinkler systems job way down south. I don't hate this job its just everyone complains but no one does anything about it. Then the young guys at night get running around shooting staple guns at each other and whipping chunks of wood around. Was like that the first time I started there. I never got into it with them and was a bit worried at times because we didn't wear eye protection. Those staples fly around pretty good bouncing off steel racks and bins. Kalvin who is the bro inlaw off the woman in this house used to work there. He took a chunk of wood off the cheek one time. I'm surprised he didn't take a piece out of the guy that threw it cause hes a big boy !! But things did settle down for a while after that.

    I went to see Barb's (my ex gf) dad and step mom the other night. I had a couple bird houses I had built with the kids. Don't think that I'll ever have a place to use them and they are big into bird watching and have a few bird houses already. They were really nice and I ended up staying and chatting for almost 2 hours. I did ask about the kids and how they are but that was about it. They have my photo blog on their computer now. They told me to feel free to drop by but not sure how that will go.

    Well I better go take a shower and wake up a bit.

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    Trying something new

    Trying something new to spice up the blog when showing pictures. Hope it works !!

    Sunday, September 03, 2006

    Quick update

    Just to let everyone know I now have my computer in my bedroom at the place I'm staying. This will work out better because I didn't have my own key for the window shop/Raiders office and I had to share the internet. Plus driving almost 20 minutes to the office was a pain. This time tomorrow night I'll be at work. Nights is going to suck for a while but I'm making connections looking for different jobs. Tomorrow we are having a turkey dinner with all the trimings. I made a cherry cheesecake while everyone was out. Well thats all for now, hope everyone didn't get too wet this weekend. Sunny and 30 here !!

    Friday, September 01, 2006

    I'm a sailor

    Well I've sailed so I don't think that qaulifies me as a sailor but I did get to steer the vesel leaving the harbour. They had everyone else swabbing the poopdeck, hoisting the sails, yo ho ho and all that pirate stuff. I was picked to be shown the distress button on the radio so if anything happened like pirates taking over I had to find a way to the radio and flip the switch to send out a distress signal. Thank god we didn't need it. It was a pretty calm day and because I was told there were not Orcas in the area I decided to go sailing instead of paying the extra money for whale watching without whales. I was told later that a whale from the Blue Whale line was spotted for the first time in 18 years in that area. wasn't very close so no one got good shots as far as I know. We saw a seal. Not even a big seal but a wild seal it was. We did have a passenger lose his hat so we had to swing back and get it. I wasn't steering the vessel at that time. Next time I go I'd like to see a storm so we are tossed about a bit. I crawled out to the very front of the ship to have a look at what the ship looked like sailing. Not sure what its called but it might be the plank ?? But maybe its just the front of the ship or nose. Well it was a good day and I was the only person who didn't need sunscreen, earmuffs, jacket or blanket. But I was the only one that got burnt !! I'd do it again but not on such a calm day. No one was even close to going overboard. Was one annoying guy I could have pushed over but I stayed as far away from him as I could and it was a pretty big ship. And just so you know I never saw or touched any seamen out there.

    31AUG06 060b

    31AUG06 038b

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    31AUG06 021b

    31AUG06 033b

    31AUG06 024b