Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Work, work, work ...

Well its back to the old grind wheel for me. Tonight will be my third night back. Alot of new faces but also too many old ones. So much has changed in that place but yet it is still the same. There are 3 people doing the job that 1 used to do and yet the place is still screwed up. I'm serously thinking about getting my passport and seeing if Rob's buddy needs someone when/if he gets that sprinkler systems job way down south. I don't hate this job its just everyone complains but no one does anything about it. Then the young guys at night get running around shooting staple guns at each other and whipping chunks of wood around. Was like that the first time I started there. I never got into it with them and was a bit worried at times because we didn't wear eye protection. Those staples fly around pretty good bouncing off steel racks and bins. Kalvin who is the bro inlaw off the woman in this house used to work there. He took a chunk of wood off the cheek one time. I'm surprised he didn't take a piece out of the guy that threw it cause hes a big boy !! But things did settle down for a while after that.

I went to see Barb's (my ex gf) dad and step mom the other night. I had a couple bird houses I had built with the kids. Don't think that I'll ever have a place to use them and they are big into bird watching and have a few bird houses already. They were really nice and I ended up staying and chatting for almost 2 hours. I did ask about the kids and how they are but that was about it. They have my photo blog on their computer now. They told me to feel free to drop by but not sure how that will go.

Well I better go take a shower and wake up a bit.


At Wednesday, September 06, 2006 7:18:00 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

Hey Kev:No pic's :( Still nice to see you keep your blog "fresh" Best of luck with the "Graveyard" shift.


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