Tuesday, August 29, 2006

what to say ??

Well its been a tough haul but I made it. I'm now staying with some friends renting a room from them. A very nice couple, he is a newspaper photographer that I talked to on the sidelines of games last year. Their son Patrick used to work at Atlas Truss with me. I'm going back there to work next week. I ran into the boss at the football game and asked if he was looking for an experienced sawyer. He said honestly they didn't need one but because it was me he would let me come in on midnights and train on the new 350 thousand dollar saw. I said that would be ok with me. Then after the game the owner asked if I was comming back to work for him. I told him I talked to Marty and start next week on nights. He said great, do me a favour and straighten out thos kids on that shift. I've been looking for storage for my stuff and the owner told me to go see the coach tonight and see if there is room at the Raider complex and if not he had another spot. Its a place hes trying to lease out so hed like it empty but he said hed allow me for a while.

It was a great game Sat. afternoon. Way better than the Ti Cat game from what I heard. A couple players from Saskatchewan made sure to come over and tell me the score. The game finished 18 - 14 for the Raiders. If you count the 3 dropped passes in the endzone where we came away with nothin and the punt return called back on a penaltay as well as the fumble recovery for a TD that was called back because the ref forgot to blow his whistle it was a different game alltogether. There were alot of bad calls on both teams I'm sure but we had double. We were set up on the 25 yard line to kick a field goal for the tie with 9 seconds left in the game when the visiting team called their 3rd time out. Only problem is you only get 2 time outs in a half. We got a first down 10 yards closer and decided to go for it. A nice little slant in over the goal line for a TD. 3 seconds left on the clock so we just kicked it to the big guys instead of the returners to run out the clock. 2 weeks from now we go there to play them. Our team goes Sat. and stays the night and then we play at 1pm sunday and come home. Well I'm off the the Raiders office to do some updating.


At Tuesday, August 29, 2006 2:13:00 PM, Blogger mgower said...

WOW im so glad you did a post, and it sounds like you are very busy. It's great that everything is sort of falling in place for you. I guess it's all about who you know.

Take care and keep up the posts
Love yah


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