Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nothing New

Not really too much happening here. Unless your into the V.I. Raiders football team. Allways something going on there. We went to Kelowna for a football game this past weekend. Stayed in the Ramada Inn which is kind of nice. Hot tub wasn't working too well, only one strong jet that was too strong and the rest didn't work. I still sat in there for half an hour. Found out they have an East Side Marios in Kelowna but it was packed. Went to some steakhouse but I still had Pasta. Was a great football game. It's the first time that team has lost 3 games in a row in a very long time. This Saturday we are in Surrey to take on the second place team. They are a different team than the one we beat in game one by a huge margin. They are now 4 - 1 but we are 6 - 0. Another road trip another ferry ride another long day but I'm enjoying it. Keeping me busy. I had a rough weekend thinking about dad especialy on his birthday. Quiet times sucked but then game time came and I pulled myself together. I talked to Jean last week, she was happy to hear from me. I gave her my new phone number. She had a good trip to ottawa it seems. I'm on afternons this week anyways not sure whats up next week. Good to be working again. Thats all for now I need to get ready for work. Take care.


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