Monday, November 28, 2005

Grey Cup and stuff

Well I gotta say it ended up being a good game even tho it started off slow. I had picked Edmonton to win but it really didn't matter to me. Half time show sucked. I was at Kim and Glenn's for supper and it was an excellent meal !! I helped Glenn drop the motor into my car and then stood and watched as he pieced it all back together. Amazzing how he knows where every piece goes. He could pick up any connector or hose and tell me what it connected too. I ended up going into the house and playing with the kids so that Glenn could work in piece and I wouldn't be in the way and slowing him down. He says there is less than 4 hours of work left to do including changing the oil and filter. Hopefully the weather stays good and I could have a car next week. The following week I'd like to test it out by going up north. I might go see the Bulldogs play hockry Friday. Toronto is in town and hopefully Glenn will go with me as he has been a few times and says it's good hockey.

I've been in Ontario a few weeks and it's been real nice spending time with Dad and Jean. Not sure how much longer I'll stay at their place but it's going to be tough to leave.

Every night I go to bed I find a chocolate on my pillow. It's a real nice touch expecialy after our snack which we eat every night around 9pm. 3 square meals a day plus 9pm snack, my laundry is done and my bed is made for me. The tough part was getting Jean used to my breakfast habit but she has started to come around. Before she goes to bed at night she sets out my breakfast meal so if I happen to get up before she does I'm not looking around banging the cupboard doors till she gets up and gets my breakfast.

I had a talk with dad and he told me not to worry about it he'd take care of it. So it's either on the table already when I get up or Jean is up before me getting it ready. Terry is going to have a hard time making sure I live the Style of life that I've become used to. It will be easier to get Terry used to my breakfast habit because I've stayed there many times before. Getting her used to doing my laundry and bed might take some work. I'm sure it will all work out in the end.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Hey Kris Happy Birthday !!! Hope you had a good time in Niagara Falls even though I'm sure the weather sucked. I wish I could make it up north for your birthday but I won't be able too. Going over to Kim and Glenn's Sunday to work on the car with Glenn. Weather is supposed to be in the plus side of the thermometer so it's a good time to do something with the car. Hopefully in a couple weeks it will be on the road and I'll test drive it up there for a visit. Well I better get to sleep because I'm going to work with Dave for a few hours tomorrow morning. Hope you have a great weekend, love ya, unka Kev

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Let it snow....

Well it's just after 10pm here and it's snowing outside. Was a pretty nice day but I hear we are in for a few inches of snow tonight. I just got back from dinner and a movie with Ryan and Lacie. Went to see Just Friends which doesn't come out untill this friday so we ended up seeing Derailed which I thought was excellent !!! Dinner was pretty good at East Side Marios but the service sucked !!! I feel like calling tomorrow and complaining. It was all you can eat Pasta and it took so long to get our first dish I asked if we could pre order our second. After about 20 minutes I called over a waitress and asked where it was. She said it's at least 25 minute wait time on food. Plus mine and Lacies was barely warm while Ryans was steaming hot. I told the waitress that we were running late so put our next ones in a take out box. She said it wasn't allowed but shed check again on our food. A couple minutes later she said that they would allow it this time and that she'd bring it to go. Lacie was a little dissapointed that we didn't get desert. Probably my fault cause I just wanted to get out of there.

I was over at Kim and Glen's last night and helped Glen pop the motor out of my car. He had it all undone and I just had to help with the hoist. Glen had done all the hard work before I got there. It's only going to get tougher from here. With the snow and cold weather and the very tight fit of the motor it won't be a simple task putting a motor back in.

By the way I gave Kim and Glen my site so feel free to say hello to them in your comments. Who knows maybe eventualy they will get their own blog.

Dad was feeling a bit better tonight. He was up at 2am because of the pain. The radiation seems to cause more pain for about 2 days then it feels better. I should have taken a picture of where they drew on dad to do the radiation. Well he did seem to be doing better this evening hopefully it will last a while. I better get to bed because I want to get up a bit earlier tomorrow and do some shoveling before work.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Hey All
Just thought I'd say hello. I'm out at Rob's getting ready to go see Kelly play hockey. Was going to stay over but I'm going to work for Dave monday and tuesday. Update on the car.....Had it towed to Hamilton today. Rob has CAA Gold and he gets so many km's towing a year and thanks to him it's now in Kim and Glen's driveway. No questions asked by CAA so thats good. Has been nice staying with Dad and Jean. Dad has been doing pretty well except for the last 2 days. He hasn't been able to drop the kids off at the pool and it's giving him an upset tummy. Plus he went for a MRI the other day and laying on the flat table bothered his back. He was resting downstairs when we left for Rob's. They will be on the internet this comming tuesday. I was able to get on the Muskoka Gowers Blog using my phone which was pretty cool. Could see the pictures pretty good. I showed Jean and was even able to leave a comment. Well thats all for now will post again Tuesday.

Take care !!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


For those that don't already know I have made it to Gravenhurst Ontario. Already not liking the cold LOL. 10 and rain in Nanaimo as I type. I'll be in Hamilton at Dad's/Papa's on Sunday. Gravenhurst pretty much looks the same except for the waterfront. A new Boston Pizza is there and they are building a Hotel or Condos right on Lake Muskoka. Went by the old house last night and realized I do miss it. Saw Bill last night for a few minutes but he was pretty busy at work. He is running a restaraunt with a friend. Hope it does well for him. They are starting a buffet next week and that should help. It is the off season right now so pretty slow. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon !!!

Last thing is my vote for Christmas at Rob's is for the January date which is way better than Dec 10th

Check Karl's blog out to see my new haircut !!!!!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Surprise post

Well its 8:15pm in Wolseley Saskatchewan. I was driving along in the fog and thought this is nuts. Been on the road since just after 7:00am. Saw a sign for a motel and stopped. They had free internet in the office. I'm about 2 hours from the Manitoba border. Last sign I saw said 500km to Winnipeg. Hopefully I will get through Manitoba tomorrow but I'm not promising since I've been wrong so far. Things I have seen on my way....2 Wolves !!!! 100% on the first one but second one was further away and looked too big to be a coyote but you never know, too many Elk up close and personal in the middle of the road late at night, too many mountain or big horn sheep on the road, a few deer and an Eagle. Well I'm off to my room and to phone dad. Take care everyone...Love yas !!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Last Post from my house in Nanaimo

Well I said it earlier tonight. Things come in 3! Yesturday I lost my keys. Still have not found them. Have no idea where they could be. Then earlier tonight while I'm going in and out of the house the cat gets out. She has gotten out into the yard before but never goes far so I thought I'll let her be a minute. 30 seconds later I hear her screech and I go running outside and the neighbours husky has her in his mouth shaking his head. He let go when I yelled. She took off one way him the other. She was freaked out and was trying to climb the tree out front. On her fourth try she got pretty high and I noticed she was peeing as she was climbing. Then she slipped and when she hit the ground I grabbed her and she sliced me with her claws. I got her in the house and after a couple hours she finaly came to me to get treats but really didn't like me touching her. Ok now comes the 3....I'm draining my waterbed and have the window propped open in the bedroom. The cat is in the living room with me while I'm watching the hockey game. I doze off and when I wake up the cat is gone. The window is open more than I had it propped and shes gone. I've been walking around outside with a flash light but no luck so far. I'll look a bit more but don't know what else to do. Guess she didn't want to make this trip with me.

Well in Ontario it is Nov 3rd. 19 years ago my mother passed away. I think Karl Trudy and myself would be on the road to Hamilton at about this time. I was going to post the thing Dennis wrote for the funeral but decided against it. I have it sitting beside my computer and read it tonight. It's quite nice. I actualy wrote a poem on the 10th anniversary and never shared it with anyone. Still not going too LOL. Actualy I'd have to find where I wrote it cause I can only remember bits and pieces of it. But I'm not going to share it so it doesn't matter.

Allways in my heart, Allways on my mind, I love you mom !!!

Well off to look one more time for the cat before bed. Probably last post on here before I get to Ontario but you never know. I might find a computer to make a quick post on the way home. See you all soon...with or with out my cat.

Love you all

Kevin is found. Was getting ready to go out and look and she was in the house hiding. Was shocked that she would have gone out after being attacked thats why I didn't think anything about the window being open. As soon as I talk to her she meows and meows like she's telling me a story. I told her sorry I don't speak cat I only speak dog !!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


You won't believe this. I was packing stuff today and started filling my trunk and getting garbage together and I lost my keys. I have no idea where they are. I've tore open every garbage bag I stuffed with garbage and with non garbage. I've searched my house high and dry. I've searched the car. I did find a single spare car key and I'm heading out to get it coppied now. Luckily the trunk opens with a switch inside the car. I'm soooooooo pissed at myself right now !! I have a hook where I hang my keys when I get in from work so I won't misplace them. Like I would do that LOL. But tonight I needed them. Was going back and forth to and from the car. I kept closing the trunk because I knew I'd be in the house a while and didn't want to just leave it wide open. So there for I needed my keys. I have no spare house key because I gave it to my landlord. Did I mention I was pissed at myself ?? Well I have to go out and make a key and I'll look some more tonight but I think I'm (as I mentioned earlier) too pissed at myself to look properly.

Hope your day is better than mine !!!!!