Thursday, November 10, 2005


For those that don't already know I have made it to Gravenhurst Ontario. Already not liking the cold LOL. 10 and rain in Nanaimo as I type. I'll be in Hamilton at Dad's/Papa's on Sunday. Gravenhurst pretty much looks the same except for the waterfront. A new Boston Pizza is there and they are building a Hotel or Condos right on Lake Muskoka. Went by the old house last night and realized I do miss it. Saw Bill last night for a few minutes but he was pretty busy at work. He is running a restaraunt with a friend. Hope it does well for him. They are starting a buffet next week and that should help. It is the off season right now so pretty slow. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon !!!

Last thing is my vote for Christmas at Rob's is for the January date which is way better than Dec 10th

Check Karl's blog out to see my new haircut !!!!!!


At Thursday, November 10, 2005 6:44:00 PM, Anonymous Jodi said...

okay... so right now u r downstairs watching survivor or playing x-box or something with dad, n i just noticed that no1 else had posted yet, not even tara!!! so i thought i'd be the first for once...
just wanna say that it finally feels like things r right with the world again, having u around... this is how it should be... not gonna start on the beggin u to stay just yet, hehe, but i sure am glad to see u... love always...


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