Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ok here goes another post since Mandy took the time to check out my blog and Terry asked for an update which she used to do on a daily basis but hasnt in a while and I thank her. I dont follow blogs like I used to but I check out Rhondi's blog because I dont know where she gets the energy to do so many updates but because she does I make sure I check it out. Rhondi is Pierre StOnge's sister who I went to school with back in Bracebridge.

I'm just so boring and we don't do much other than work so it doesn't leave much to blog about. Patty Dante and I went for a walk down at the break wall (Ogden Point) where they put up a railing now so that wheel chairs can now go on there which is a good thing. The bad thing is they don't allow dogs which we didn't follow and there were a couple others that hadn't followed the rule either. Was way to warm to leave Dante in the car and if I had taken my camera I would have taken a picture of the garbage that was there like bottles and Kleenex and wrappers that were dropped by people not dogs. The people that had dogs had them on a leash and under control and most people liked seeing the dogs and kids petted them. There was only person that we heard say a negative comment about Dante. Patty heard him I didnt good thing cause I wasnt in the mood for assholes like that. I think it was the same guy who took a phone call and was talking loudly into his phone while everyone else was just trying to enjoy  the quiet scenery.

We left there and went for fish and chips at Barb's which was awesome as usual. We didnt have any problems with having a dog there its very dog friendly. We made Dante do some tricks for the people sitting around us. Was a great day.

Must say we are looking forward to having some visitors from Ontario coming out for a visit this summer. Rob and Jeanine and hopefully the girls Kelly and Jessica are coming out as well. I'm going to take some time and go up island to spend time with them. Hopefully they come to Victoria to see us in our neck of the woods. Also Bob is making the trek out here on his motor bike. I think and hope Annette is coming out as well, Patty would love that I'm sure.

Lastly I want to talk about something I was telling Patty about recently....

Does any one remember the story of Falling Rocks that dad used to tell us when ever we went for a drive and went up the mountain. Back when we were kids there were signs saying "watch for falling rocks" not the picture signs like today. Dad told us a story about a native fellow that was set up with the chiefs daughter and they were to be married. The young native had never met his bride to be untill the wedding day. Supposedly the bride to be was so ugly the young native took off and was hiding somewhere on the side of the mountain and that's why the signs were there to watch out for him. I remember watching out the window hoping to see him hiding along the road. Was there a reward if we found him?? I'm thinking maybe there was and that's why we looked so hard, or at least i did. Was probably made up to shut me up lol. Only time I was quiet was when I was looking for him lol.

On most of those trips I remember getting talked into singing the Dairy Queen song. I didn't need much coaxing I'm sure just needed someone older to remind me. And when we got to the D.Q. all I ever wanted was a nana split. It took many many trips to the D.Q. before I finally got my wish and dad wanted to kill me because I didn't like it because it had pineapple on it so wouldn't eat it. I still don't like pineapple today lol. I'm smart enough that if I get a banana split now a days i ask for all strawberry toppings but I prefer the pecan cluster blizzard.

In June I'm doing a ride in support of the Prostate center and I hope some of you can support me and help me raise money and awareness for this disease that took my fathers life. If your male and over 40 be sure to get checked ... by a Dr, not just a friend when your drinking which reminds me of how I used to tell my dad if the Dr. puts on a pair of gloves that go up to his elbows .... RUN !!!!! lol

If you can ... then click here and support me if you can't then just send me love on Facebook thank you!!!