Saturday, March 31, 2007

I gots a boo boo

If you don't like blood and gore I would sudgest you don't look at the following pictures.

On weekends I've been helping a guy strip his siding and replace it with a cement board. Then we are going to border it all with 1x6 boards to cover the seams. Last weekend he told me he was going to get scafolding to work on the face and one upper side. I thought I'd go in friday and strip off what I could so we can get more done saturday and sunday. After about an hour of working up a sweat I was prying on a board with a big crow bar and I was thinking if that board comes off now its going to hit me in the face.....wham off it comes. I thought I would duck under it and let it fly over my face but that didn't work out like I planned. the board glanced off my face and slide down over my ear as I turned my head. The board came to a rest on my shoulder and I climbed down and put the board in the pile. I went back up the ladder but thought I felt blood on my left side. I touched my ear and when I looked at my fingers they were covered in blood. I went inside the place and looked in the mirror and thought I better get medical attention. So I went back outside put all the tools away and went to the main house to call Patty. Wendy took me in the bathroom and put peroxide on it. Patty came over and picked me up and we had to go home to get my wallet. I told Patty she might as well stay home because I'd be a few hours. When I talked to the news in emergency I told her if she didn't think I needed stitches I'd just go home and clean it out but she said I better stay. 2 and a half hours and 7 stitches later I was on my way home.

I know it was a long story wth too many details but I thought I'd give ppl a chance to get out without seeing the pictures. Well get ready cause here they come. And if your a sick puppy you can click on the pictures to get a closer look.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wooo Hooo here comes company !!!!

Well last night I had a suprprise phone call from Ontario. Thought maybe the baby was in a rush to get out of Kris' tummy or maybe something else had happen somewhere in the family. It was Jodi calling to tell me that her and Maison are going to come for a visit. The flights are real cheap so she jumped on it. Maison has family in Victoria so they will split their time between us. I'm so happy that Jodi is comming out here for a visit. Besides her Marg and Bill have been the only ones I've seen out here. Not to mention dad and Jean but then I met them in Seattle but that was just as good.

Well anyways I'm excited they are going to be here in June and can't wait ... but guess I'll have too. Jodi emailed me after they booked their flights. See you guys soon !!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

My cut and paste

You know you're from BC (granted, most of this generally applies to the lower mainland and vancouver island) when...
1. You know the provincial flower: the dogwood
2. You can taste the difference between Tim Hortons, Second Cup, and Seattle's Best.
3. Lower Mainland only: The last time there was snow, you were so confused you tried to snort it.
4. You can't tell, is marijuana still illegal?
5. You hate the Calgary Flames with a passion.
6. You point out vancouver landmarks in nearly every movie and TV show
7. You don't understand why Manitoba and Saskatchewan are considered western Canada
8. While driving on your morning commute, you switch between heat and air conditioning multiple times
9. You consider 2 degrees freezing cold
10. You know that there is actually a town called Dawson Creek
11. You know how to distinguish between the different types of asian food
12. You know how to pronounce Squamish, Osoyoos, Ucluelet, Esquimalt, Sooke & Nanaimo.
13. You actually care about the CFL.
14. You still believe the Canucks have a shot at winning the stanley cup.
15. You can point out at least two ski resorts, even if the city is coated in fog.
16. A nice day means when you can see the mountains
17. You go bankrupt from paying your rent
18. You have come to accept that there are only two seasons
19. Cold and Rainy, and Warm and dry
20. You don't understand what's so great about toronto
21. removed
22. You never go camping without waterproof matches and a 100% water proof raincoat
23. You know more people with boats than air conditioners
24. You have trouble figuring out why french is an official language or why we have to learn it in school
25. You swear that you're in China or Japan
26. You don't find it wierd that every time you go downtown, some crazy guy is talking to himself
27. Your premier was convicted of drunk driving
28. You know what venti and a macchiato are.
29. You ski and play golf in the same day
30. You are aware that Surrey, New West, Burnaby, Delta, Port Moody, North Van, West Van, White Rock, Abbostford, Langley and Richmond are NOT part of the City of Vancouver
From here down, the points are all member submitted. keep 'em coming
31. You're confused when people from anywhere else say that the hill you just walked up is a mountain
32. You think that Atlantic Salmon doesn't even deserve to be called salmon when compared to Pacific Salmon
33. You've had a California roll for lunch.
34. You take the bus and are shocked to hear two people carrying on a conversation in English.
35. You don't even listen when the forecast announces "chance of showers."
36. The more expensive the car, the worse the driver.
37. when you get more excited about the canucks making the playoffs than you do about the olympics coming to vancouver
38. have to take a ferry to get to your capital city.
39. you are aware that vancouver and vancouver island are not one in the same
40. You're legally an adult, but you still can only drive with one passenger in the car.
41. you can tell the difference between the fresh mountain air and the air in other provinces right when you get out of the airport
42. you know that your province started the "white towel" craze that so many other sports teams have borrowed.
43. you consider a week with no rain to be "good weather".
44. you drink the tap water
45. You know the only thing dividing China and India is the Fraser River
46. the only time you can get a tan is if you go to a tanning salon
47. when at any given time about 90% of people you pass on the street are wearing either LuLuLemmon or Mountain Equipment Co-Op clothing
48. climbing the grouse grind is something you do for fun
49. You HATE Mick McGeough
50. you hate the leafs for no real reason
51. you are SHOCKED to hear someone speaking French.
52. everytime you go out you see at least two people pulled over for speeding/street racing.
53. you can't stand when someone from outside Canada asks if your from Toronto.
54. you ask Albertans if they really have ski slopes.
55. the police don't respond to a crime scene because they are busy trying to find any reason to pull over a "N" license driver.
56. You are tired of people wanting to go to Barkerville
57. You know in Greater Vancouver that West Van, the west side, and the west end are all different places.
58. There are few things you hate more then following people from other provences on the highway because they aren't use to all the turning.
59. You have to check the sports headlines daily to find out who the new Canucks goalie is. (Thank god for Luongo, we don't have to do this anymore)
60. You chuckle when you say the words "fast ferries"
61. the news has extensive coverage of just how badly people in vancouver can drive in 3 inches of snow
62. you get a harsher punishment for having an extra passenger with an L license than your premier does for driving drunk
63. you leave the province to see the rest of Canada, you realize that there is nothing better to see.
64. You are genuinely confused with people that don't consider "Pirate Packs" to be an integral part of a healthy childhood.
65. You assume cab fares will cost a minimum of $25.
66. You're slightly irritated by the inaccuracies of Tony Hawk Underground's representation of Vancouver.
67. you think of Kokanee as a discount beer
68. your license is the hardest to fake of any province
69. you're surprised and pissed to have to pay for the luggage carts when you get to any other airport
70. you know that it's "Science World", not the "Telus World of Science".
71. when you don't like the weather you go inside and wait 15 minutes for it to change
72. you say "Im from kelowna" and the ontario-ian says "so do you miss ?" even after you have corrected them 5 times.....
73. your driving on the highway where the speed in the left lane is slower than the right lane
73. You have been lost in the woods on several occasions, you know you will be again, and you're ok with that.
74. You think $1.00/L is cheap for gas
75. you think about hockey or guns n roses when the word 'riot' is brought up
76. if you know what Gore-tex is and why it's important, if all your coats have hoods, and/or if you've spent more than 90 dollars on a rain jacket
77. your province's football team are Grey Cup Champs!
78. while celebrating, your province's football team became the only one to ever break the Grey Cup
79. You know what being "beyond Hope" means
80. Forest Fires are almost a tradition - just like Thanksgiving
81. 1994 means more to you than just the year of the OJ simpson case!
82. you return by plane and the first things you say is: "I can BREATHE!"
83. the first time you drive through the prairies you see no mountain, no trees, no ocean -- and promptly have a panic attack
84. you use the parking brake whenever you park because in bc you're always automatically parked on an incline.
85. the three main universities are on an island, peninsula and mountain top
86. you actually joined this group
87. You laugh when snow is mentioned in Victoria's weather forecast, and laugh harder when someone actually believes it.
88. you know that mt washington isn't actually in washington
89. all the graffiti you find is written in full sentances
90. you've heard about "the big one" and you just couldn't care less
91. You actually pull over to the right and slow down as soon as you faintly hear a siren..
92. You could read a decent size novel before you're admitted into the hospital
93. You know how scary it is to drive next to a loaded logging truck.
94. You can't stand Albertan drivers. Not to mention getting stuck behind them on the Sea-to-Sky
95. (mostly vancouver) You find yourself giving half hour long explanations on what the skytrain is
96. you can identify all the gulf islands from the ferry terminal names
97. the only thing you like about Quebec is the maple syrup
98. your capital city doesnt have enough ploughs for a snow storm.
99. you can recite the BC Ferries safety announcement by heart
100. You care more when a referee makes a bad call during the canucks games then when the Premier got arrested for drunk driving
101. You know you're in B.C. when you find a bear in your backyard then walk to the Starbucks a few blocks away while you wait for the bear to leave
102. you know that an "1 1/2 hour ferry" really means 3 hours. Time to get to the ferry, wait for the ferry, get on the ferry, eat in the buffet on the ferry,and then wait for the broken down VW to get off the ferry.
103. the mountain you grew up skiing on is now too busy with foreigners for you to get a decent amount of runs down the hill.
104. You've paid $6 for an full meal of sushi.
105. you are surprised when people tell you they don't ski or snowboard
106. you watch the weather report for a good laugh
107. you can pick out the Albertan drivers in disguise as one of us
108. you've managed to convince people in florida you live in an igloo and have a pet polar bear'
109. The reasoning for number 4 is not simply because of how abundant Cannabis is, but because you are too baked to remember.
110. you know that the only thing beyond Hope is Hell's Gate

Friday, March 23, 2007

Canucks watch !!

Well as the playoffs near I know all you Ontario fans cant wait. The Canucks have been on a roll and are even within reach of the conference title. They are 8-1-1 in their last 10 games beating the #1 team in the country the Predators 2-0 the other night. They have had 13 different goal scorers for them recently and have the #1 penalty kill. Luongo has a chance of getting a record for most wins by a goalie in a season. The Canucks next game is on Sunday against the Avalanche.

Well you can't talk hockey and not mention the Leafs so lets have a look at how they are doing. Right now they sit in 11 place and have gone 5-4-1 in their last 10 games. It's a tight race for that final playoff spot and the Leafs are not out of it .... YET !!!! LOL

I'm trying to borrow a lense with a bigger apperature to take to the Nanaimo Clippers playoff game tonight. There is a kid playing for Burnaby that is ranked #5 on the NHL prospects. They say he is lower than he should be because the team he plays for sucks. The lense allows more light in so you can use a faster shutter speed. A better chance for taking photos with less blurr.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Things to do list

You know how ppl make up those to do lists. I've never done one but if I was to do one I just crossed off a huge one. Now you probably won't read this in the paper or see my picture but this honestly just happened about an hour ago...

Some one banged on our door asking if we had a fire extinguisher because they had a fire going in their house which is 2 doors down from us. I said no but that they should call 911 if there were actually flames. There were about 3 other ppl outside and they said if I were you I'd get out of your place in case it spreads. When I looked out I could see a bit of smoke so I told Patty and Albert to get dressed warm and to get out side because of a fire next door. I went back in the house and grabbed my Beatles sweat shirt and put on my shoes and went outside. Other ppl were going door to door telling ppl. I asked one person if anyone was in the house and they said yes they were trying to put it out. So I went over to the place and there was a woman in the hall frantically trying to pull 2 buckets apart to get water. I grabbed them and ended up breaking one pulling them apart then ran to the stairs where I saw a guy through some pretty thick smoke. He was coming out of the bathroom I think with some small container with water. As I went to hand him the bucket I noticed there were pretty big flames in the bedroom and I told him you have to get the hell out of here. The woman ran by me and I told her forget about it just get the hell out. Next thing I see is she has a hamster cage so I grabbed it from her and told her to follow me out. I put the hamster cage on the porch and went back in. I went to the top of the stairs and started to pull the guy down the stairs. He was bent over coughing and maybe puking. The woman came up and I pushed her back and said GET OUT !! I reached the guys arm again and pulled him onto the stairs and then down to the living room. He was coughing pretty bad and kept bending down like he was going to be sick. I grabbed his arm put an arm around him stood him up and lead him outside. I took him to the far side of the parking lot where I made him sit down. 2 other guys had gone into the house to grab stuff and I told them the fire truck was there and they should get out. It was actually just the fire chief and the guys grabbed a garden hose and went inside to help the chief. I walked over to Patty and Albert to see if everything was ok. Albert had grabbed all his stuff and loaded his care ready for the escape if needed. Patty had grabbed her jewelry and laptop. That's when I noticed I had grabbed nothing. Not my camera, not my pictures or even the cd's. At the moment they were not important. Right about that time I got a phone call and wandered away. The 2 guys that had gone in at the end came over and shook my hand and thanked me after it was all over.

Its funny because although it didn't get out of hand there were some pretty good flames coming from the bedroom I never thought about it at the time. I knew when I hit the top of the stairs there was no way I was going to stay up there because there was too much smoke so the best thing to do was try to get the others out and leave it for the professionals. I was a little surprised at how long it took for the fire truck to show up and how slow they seemed to move but I guess they are trained not to panic. I just found out that they are all volunteers.

As far as I know the guy I helped out passed out on the bed while smoking. They had all been drinking. He has wandered off and no one is sure where he wet for the moment.

Albert told me that I just replaced Ricky Martin as his new hero LOL

I might just have to start a to do list and put Pull someone from a burning house just so I can cross it off.

Well time for work.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Trip to Ucluelet ( You - Clue - Let )

First off I'd like to thank Annette, Bob, Ryan, and Tyler for their gift. We had been thinking about getting away for a while since we have never spent any time alone since we got married. With their help we decided to drive to the west coast for the weekend. We left friday around 3:30pm and drove to Port Albernie where we decided to stop for dinner. We found an old Drive In restaraunt and both said we have to stop there. Like the old days you pull in and leave your lights on and they come out and take your order. Then after your done you turn your lights on and they come out and get the tray. The prices were real reasonable and the place was pretty busy. Some ppl even got their food to go.

Next we headed through the mountains to the west coast. We had decided to stay in a town called Ucluelet. We drove around the town first then we went and checked in. After checking out our room we went for a walk. We both woke up pretty early and layed in bed listening to the rain on the roof. I have never seen rain that bad since I've been on the island but it is right beside a rain forest. The rain died down by 11:00am so we drove to the lighthouse trail. It was nice even in the light rain. We think we might have seen one ore two spouts from whales passing by but the water was very rough. This weekend was the whale festival as this area is known for Gray Whales hanging around. The day before we arrived there had been a small pod of Orcas in the harbour but they were now long gone.

After our hike we went back to our room had a bite to eat and dried off. Then we made our way to Tofino. We stopped at a couple beaches along the way and did some beach combing. The rain had pretty much stopped and we really didn't care because we had decided to make the best of it no matter what the weather was like. We spent the afternoon wandering around just looking at all the sites. We stopped for a nice dinner before heading back to Ucluelet. As usual I took lots of pictures and you might notice the flowers blooming and the Palm tree outside the church. We were pretty pooped when we got back to the room so we stretched out and snuggled while I watched the hockey game. Then I ran over to a store and got us some desert.

The next morning we went back to the lighthouse and the water was much calmer. We didn't do the trail just stood by the ocean and did a bit of beach combing but it wasn't a good area as we found nothing. We decided to hit the road and head back to Nanaimo. Its quite a nice scenic drive through the rain forest, then the mountains and then through Cathdrol Grove where the huge trees are. We stopped in Nanaimo and did a bit of shopping before heading back to Duncan.

It was a great get away, very romantic making me very glad I found Patty and am so in love with her. Things keep getting better and better. We are planning on doing some more weekend treks away from everything in the near future. When football season starts up we will be able to stay in Kelowna and Kamloops for the weekend after a game. Might just be another reason to help make Patty like that sport LOL

Hope you enjoy the pictures

Monday, March 12, 2007

health update

I had not been feeling well so went to see a new Dr in Duncan. Told them about some issues I had and they sent me for tests and booked a physical for me. Found out I have high cholestrol and high blood pressure so as of today I need to start a new diet. They found no signs of damage to my heart but say I'm in a higher risk catagory especialy since dad had a heart attack. They say by eating healthier and losing my gut I should be ok and they are looking into different pills to control my blood pressure.

I'm going to be posting a clip from our wedding in the next few days if I can get it to work.

Friday, March 02, 2007

You Tube video Dad's birthday

Video should work now !!!