Thursday, July 21, 2016

Random Pictures

     Every once in a while I decide to just go for a walk with my camera. I get thinking about my blog and how I haven't posted in a while. Not that I don't have anything to write about its just finding the time. So tonight I edited a bunch of photos and made time. It was a great day out weather wise although it is starting to rain now. I just took Dante out for his last poop for the night and will do this post before heading to bed. Patty7 is already there almost asleep.

    I have started growing a garden out front and its doing pretty good. I have a lot of tomato plants and they have flowered pretty good. Now the tomatoes are starting to grow from the flowers. The yellow beans never did well but my pumpkins, radishes, lettuce and cucumbers look good. It was funny when I was putting the garden in someone told me it would attract deer but I didn't believe them because we live beside a dog park and I thought that would keep them away. One of my tenants said he had seen 2 males here a few times and one night he called and said look out your window. There, not 10 feet away from the front window was a buck licking the bird feeder. It was cool to watch but was too dark for pictures. Dante started barking so he ran off. A couple nights later I get home from work and there he is again licking the bird feeder. I took a couple pictures with my phone but he was too far away. He seems to know to come at night.

These are pictures I took in the front yard yesterday.

 The bird feeder

 Dante on patrol

Humming bird feeder on the 4th floor

 One of our residents Duke

My tomato plants

Photos in the park

    Today I was working in an apartment getting it painted and ready for new flooring. It was a warm day and Dante was following me around the apartment trying to stay out of trouble. I told him once I was done I would take him for a nice walk. So I showered changed and we drove to McCauley Park to go for a walk. It was nice near the ocean but was still pretty warm especially for Dante. He was a trooper and followed me around while I took pictures. Some days I feel artsy some days I don't. I prefer to take wildlife and leave artsy to Patty but some days I manage to take some shots that even she likes.


Sea Plane

Artsy fartsy

One of the many cruise ships that come by daily!

Johnathon Livingston


Ogden Point


I like black and white


black and white

Bird on a wire

A hot Dante



Crows for Patty

     We left here then went to get a drink. I then sent a text to a friend of mine to ask him where the eagles nest is. He told me he was headed there so I went to meet him On Dallas rd.

This is him coming now

     I was going to jump on the bus with Dante but my truck was there so we decided to follow him. When we got to what I thought was the spot there was an eagle sitting in a tree near the road. I parked my truck and took a few shots. I tried to get on the other side of the bird because the sun was behind him and I wanted it behind me. As soon as I started getting close to where I wanted to be the eagle decided to leave. I appreciate my friend telling me where the place is so I won't post it here although most of my readers don't live any where near here and wouldn't know it any ways.

     Well that's all for now hope you enjoy looking at my photos. Feel free to share my blog with anyone you think might like it. If I start getting more readers again I just may have to post more often. Off to bed so goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!