Friday, March 31, 2006

New post

Well not much to say here tonight. Dad went for an MIR today and will get the results when he sees his Dr. It was apparently done on the spine to see if cancer is spreading or not. Monday he goes to see the Dr that is doing a scope on his throat. Not sure if its like when he got his picc where you go for the appointment to set up an appointment to do the actual scope. I think I'm taking him for that on monday so will have to leave work early.

Dad's head is healing fine. Nice little skid mark on his forehead. Bump has gone down as well. Also his arm is doing alot better. Looks like a tan on it now. No more pain happening either.

Saturday I'm going to be meeting up with Mike D. and we are going out for a few drinks at a gentlemen's club. Then its back to someones house to play some Texas Holdem Poker. I picked up a neat set of OCC poker chips at Canadian Tire the other day. Regular Price was 59 bucks on for 14.99 so I thought what the hey. The cards seem to be made of pretty good quality plastic. Nice little holder that spins around too.

Sunday Terry and I are going to go to IKEA shopping WOOO HOOO LOL. Might go visit Brian while we are in Burlington. Was thinking of going to visit Dave DeVier but not sure if I'll have time or not this weekend.

Well I'll fill you all in on how the weekend went on Monday

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The race

For those of you that were not around this evening here are the final results from the father and son race. Dad and I decided to have a race from the bathroom to the freezer. Dad beat me by a forehead after he stumbled but he still says I tripped him because he had me beat. Dad crashed through the garbage landing face first on the ground stretching out touching the freezer first. The only damage done was a bump on the top of dad's nogging.

OK here are some facts that were left out. First off I gave dad a headstart. So much of one that I wasn't even home. Second off dad was moving at a turtles pace so there wasn't much speed happening when the alleged trip happened. Third off dad is A O K other than a small...very small goose egg on his forehead.

As I type dad is resting soundly in his bed.

I tried to phone everyone with the results of this race but due to work or other fun stuff I was unable to get hold of some people. If the injury had been worse I would have contacted everyone one way or another but I waited till all the results were in before making the decision not to contact people at work.

The following is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth....

Dad was in the washroom using the facilities. Not sure if it was #1 or #2 because I really didn't need to know that much detail. If you feel you need to know call and ask him yourself tomorrow. When dad was leaving the washroom he lost his balance and fell to the floor. He did not black out, pass out or faint. He remembered it like it____________was_________________in_______________slow
_________________m_______o_______t_______i_______o_______n. He said his arm hit the garbage pail on the way down and then he banged his head on the floor. It wasn't hard enough to crack the cement from what I can see. As soon as the plane had landed he called for Jean (still awake and aware) Jean came to his rescue but after noticing the timiest of cuts on dads forehead decided that she should call an ambulance for them to check him out. They said just for safety he should go in and get checked out. Jean then called me on my cell and I went to meet them at the Hospital after I got home, showered and changed. I still got there before they had dealt with dad. I went in to watch the Dr examining dad and asking questions. When the Dr put on a pair of gloves I said hey look dad and he started to laugh. After examing dad the Dr asked if anything was bothering him and dad said not really. I told the Dr I was surprised he didn't say you. We all had a laugh. The Dr said the only way he could explain what happened is that dad lost his balance because all the blood was in his legs and hadn't gotten to his head yet. He told dad that when he stood up (possible hint to the question I told you to ask him if you wanted to know) that he should take his time and let the blood flow for a bit before moving. No blood upstairs causes balance trouble.

Any ways like I said he is fine fine fine !!!

Not sure where Rob and the family were I tried calling there a few times. Terry I know was on afternoons and after realizing nothing was wrong and talking it over with Dave and Mandy we decided it was best not to call her at work. If you have any questions email me and I will check before going to work in the morning. So no worries all is fine !!!

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend Over

Well not a whole lot going on around here. Lent my car to Terry for the weekend even after Dave's warning but my car came back in alot better shape then when it left here. Karl and Trudy were down for a visit. Short and sweet just the way I like it. I had asked them to bring my web cam down because I got a couple programs I wanted to try but need the cam. They forgot it so looks like I'll be going up in 2 weeks for a hockey draft so I'll grab it then.

Dad is doing ok. He looks good but is a bit achy in the back legs and arms which has been normal after chemo. We did a lot of joking with him this weekend and he seemed to be in a good mood for most of it.

On a down note Glenn's grandmother passed away this weekend. Very sorry to hear that Glenn anything I can do for you and Kim this week like baby sit after work let me know. Take care.

To everyone that reads this please leave me a short comment because I'm just wondering who all has my blog on their computer and reads it. Thanks !!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chemo update

Today dad went for another chemo treatment. It's the first time I've gotten to go with him and only because Jean has a cold and didn't want to share it with all the cancer patients at the clinic. It's a long day that starts out at the clinic where they take blood for blood tests. Then you go sit in a waiting room for the Dr to talk to you. After a long time waiting with other patients you get to go sit in a room and wait some more. The only thing the Dr was concerned about was dads hemogloben. It was pretty low but they decided to give dad the chemo anyways and send him for a transfusion tomorrow. Then we went to the cafeteria for lunch. Then it was upstairs to wait for the chemo treatment. Some people have to wait hours while others seem to get called in right away. They usualy leave alot sooner too. Dad and I waited over an hour and then it was his turn. Dad at least gets to lay down in a bed for his treatment. It takes about 2 hours to complete. At least this time they didn't have to poke him again (except for the blood tests) because of the new pick. They should be able to use it tomorrow as well.

Well thats all for now I need a nap. Was up too late last night waiting to see how the Canucks did. They won !!! It's about time because they just lost 5 in a row and from 10th place tp 6th place they are all withing about 4 points. Only 12 games to go !!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Jr's birthday and more

Well I decided to do a post before going to bed and went to check out other blogs first. Mandy did a new post on Jr's birthday and her concert with Melissa so you all should check that out. I could make it so you just click on it but I'm too tired so copy and paste it.

That's JR in the helmet

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Sunday I was supposed to take Terry out to Burlington to the Ikea. I've never been there and have heard so much about it that I thought I'd check it out. I was chatting with Mandy online and she said she'd like to go but she was taking Emily to Disney on ice and didn't think she would have time to do both. I sudgested she take her mom to Ikea and I'd take Emily to Disney on ice. After checking with Emily she said she wanted me to take her so Mandy offered up her ticket. Mandy picked up Terry then dropped Emily off here and away we went. The seats were pretty good and were close to the action. I really enjoyed it and Emily did too although I think she liked the last part the best where it was on The Lion King. Here are some pictures from the show. Thank you mandy and Emily !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Busy weekend

Well I'll start off with what you all are wondering and tell you that dad has been pretty good the past couple days. His right arm is still very red and sore but other than that I think he's been ok. He is eating a bit more but not a whole lot. I shaved his head again friday night. It's easier than doing mine.


Yesterday I picked up Marrianne and took her to the Hamilton Convention center. There was a psychic show going on and we were both interested. I wasn't sure if I'd get a reading or not but I'm pretty sure Marrianne was planning on it. After walking around for half an hour one booth interested me. I was thinking that I might just get a reading here when Marrianne turned to me and asked if I would mind if she got a reading. I told her I was thinking the same thing.

So Marrianne got her reading and I wandererd around and watched a bit of a psychic show that they put on and checked out some more booths. I told Marrianne that I watched one woman crying as she was getting a reading done and Marrianne said her reading made her cry.

My reading was ok. I was determined not to show anything or give anything away. She through a bunch of stuff at my at the start and I didn't bite on any of it. Then she asked who laurie was and I said only Laurie I could think of was a cousin so she said we'd get back to that but we didn't. Then she started on me about stress and alot of weight on my shoulders about family stuff and that she would have a hard time cause she had to try and push that aside to do more of a reading. She said as far as work she saw me kind of bouncing around which se thought was wierd cause it didn't seem like me. She also said that I hated changes in my job but that I was very addaptable so she said it must be a front cause if they made a change at work I would tell them I didn't like the changes but that I would adapt very easy to the changes. She said that I'm holding some anger against someone and its been for a very long time and I had to try and release it. She gave me some ritual thing where you right a letter to the person your angry with then set it on fire and do a chant. She said alot of weight will be lifted off my shoulders if I did that.

She told me to ask her some stuff so I asked what about family and she said I needed to be more specific cause I had so many and that time was running out so I said my parents. She said she saw my mother had back problems but they are not as bad as they seem. She said as far as my dad she saw bronchial problems but she touched her throat at the time moving her hand up and down a bit. She said he hates taking medicine but that he should get some vitamine C into him. She said neither one was going to leave in the near future if I was wondering.

She asked if I had another question and still trying to be vague I asked about people that had passed over. She asked if there was anyone in particular and I sad my mother. She said she saw 2 people up front and more behind but the front one was a woman. She said around 5'5" hair around ear length. She said that the woman was looking towards me rubbing my head but that she needed the woman to look at her to be ablt to comunicate with her. She said she was holding a baby in her hands and was happy to be doing it. She asked if anyone lost a child in my family and I said maybe a miscarriage but nothing else that I knew of. She said because it was an infant it could be that and that she a Bob might have something to do with it. I thought maybe robert but wasn't sure. She asked me if I had anything to say to my mother and I said no because it just felt wierd and I still am not 100% a believer although she made some good guesses. She said thats ok just know your mom loves you and misses you and is doing fine where she is.

I asked about where I would settle down and she said definately not Hamilton. She said your sick of Hamilton. She said she didn't even see me in this province. She said she was going to go out on a limb and say it looked like B.C. She said I loved the ocean and the mountains and when I was out there I could shed my cacoon and become the butterfly that I am.

Lastly I asked about my love life and she said that I still think often of the last woman and that she still thinks of me but that neither one of us would make a move or first step so our paths wouldn't connect again. She said that nothing happened for a year as far as longer relationships but then she said I would acctualy meet the person in Sept but nothing would happen between us till Feb around Valentines day. It should be a lasting relationship. She did say that she would be a short red head that loved to where high heels. She also said that she would be a high maintenance girl.

Well thats all for now I'm heading out. I will post about Jr's birthday party later today as well as other exciting things I did this weekend.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Pattys Day !!!

Top of the morning to you all today, kiss my Blarney stone and all that Irish jazz.

Have a good day !!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Out on the town

Last night for a change I didn't sit around watching American Idol. I ventured out to meet Shawn, Marrianne and her brother and his girlfriend. Sorry but I can't remember the names today so I should have done the blog when I got home last night. We met at Boston Pizza and I sat and watched them eat since I had already had supper before heading out. Marriannes brother and his girlfriend a very nice people. You can see it runs in the family. Her sister wasn't able to make it last night. We had to watch the Leaf game before the kareoke could star and to be honest it was a good game to watch even though the Leafs won. It's the second time they have won this week while my team has lost. Anyways Marrianne was the only one brave enough to get up and sing but she had to wait a long time before she got up to the mic. She did a Avril Lavigne ??? song and I must say although it was hard to hear over all the noise I thought she did a good job. The dj did end up turning it up half way through and I'm glad he did. There were alot of ppl that couldn't sing but you have to give them credit for getting up there. I told Marrianne that if she needed a partner for kareoke she should ask Karl because although he is a bit shy he can be coaxed to get up and sing once in a blue moon. The dj did a great job and Shawn said that they would like to see about getting him for their wedding...when ever that is.

Ok some news about dad and if your good a picture or two.

Dad went yesturday to get his picc and it wasn't quite like they explained it to Jean and him the day before. After they put the picc in you have to go get an exray. They were told it was in 5cm too far so it had to be pulled out 5cm and they had to go get another exray. In all they were there over 5 hours. But it's in and the nurse was in today to flush it for him. Also the thing on dads arm is now being treated as a burn and not an infection so dad has a new pill and has to put cream on his arm now.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Intravenous picc

Tomorrow dad is going to get an Intravenous picc. This way when he goes in for chemo they don't have to poke and prod trying to find a vein. Dad went in for an assessment today to make sure he can get one. Tomorrow dad will be going in for the procedure. I tried to find some information on this but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Apparently they stick this thing in your arm and feed it through your veins to the heart. They leave just a small end sticking out of the arm where they hook up the tube. Once a week a nurse will come in to the house to flush it out to help keep it clear and clean. I had heard of these before but never knew that there was that long of a line that lead to the heart. It's so that when he gets the chemo it goes in closer to the heart so is distributed alot faster through the body. They say the thing only takes 30 seconds to install but there is about a half hour prep time because they have to make sure everything is sterilized properly to ward off infection. Jean said that the nurse and Dr will be wearing suits with the whole head gear thing durring the procedure. Dad is looking forward to getting this so they don't screw up again when he gets his chemo.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Gathering !!

Tonight I was invited to a birthday dinner at Terry's place. It was a dinner to cellebrate the birthday of Shawn, Marrianne, Mandy and Junior. Roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, cauliflower with cheese and a ceasar salad topped off with an icecream cake from the DQ. The meal was great and we all had a good time. Shawn, Marrianne and myself were the last to leave and we made plans for tuesday at a kareoke bar. Apparently Marrianne and her family like to sing so I will sit with Shawn and cheer them on.

These pictures are not too bad concidering how dark it was in the house with the lights off.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

1000 + Words

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Latest on dad

Last week they did Chemo on dad. When they stuck the needle in with the drip they didn't get in the vein properly and it leaked. When dad came home his right arm looked like Popey's right after he eats spinach. They told dad there was no problem just to put ice on it for a couple days.


Yesturday I took dad to get some blood tests done and he noticed his arm was all red. Looked like a sunburn. It was very warm to touch as well. This just seem to come on all of a sudden and got worse through the day. Before supper Jean called the clinic and they had someone call back. They sent a prescription over and said dad should go to the clinic today. After seeing the nurse we were sent for exrays and a ultra sound. The ultra sound showed there was no blood clots and the exrays didn't show anything. The Dr then traced all the red with a pen and told dad that if it gets outside the pen to go to emergency. They have also booked him in to get a pick (???) it stays in the arm so they don't have to jab him everytime he goes for chemo. It's just after 2pm and we just got in so dad is going to have a nap. Will let you know if anything else comes up.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dad had a good day !!

Hey all, sure glad I put the comments thing back on !!!!

Dad had a good day today. His appetite is not where it was a few days ago but he ate more than yesturday. He told me he wasn't feeling much pain today and he seemed to be in a bit better mood. Tomorrow dad is going to go get some blood tests done then he is going to make an appointment to see his family Dr.

Warning a bit of a rant. Be prepared for some stuff you may not want to know

Thursday is the day the nurse comes to visit dad. Now I want to try and clear a little something up. Last week when Annette went to the chemo treatment up durring a quet stretch dad brought up to Annette about the possibilty of using St Peters Hospice if he gets to a point where Jean can no longer look after him. Annette told dad that there would be no need for that because with all us kids and Jean's family there would be enough of us to take care of him. I know some of this may not be easy to think about but at sometime in the future this may happen. Terry had a conversation with Jean last night and the way Jean took it was that Annette and Terry are telling her what she is going to do and she is not taking orders from anyone. I talked to Terry and she told me that she did not tell Jean what she should do and I talked to Jean and said maybe she took it wrong. Terry was just bringing it up to Jean because the hospice idea seem to come out of the blue from dad to Annette last week. Just so everyone knows when I talked to Jean last night she told me that she will let dad make all decisions as long as he can and wants to. The only reason St Peters Hospice came up is that every week when the nurse comes to visit dad she has to talk to dad about all the stuff we don't want to talk to him about or even think about. They have to make sure that for whatever may come up he has made a decision and knows his options. This in no way means that this is what has to happen. Dad knows what is going on and he'll know what he will want to happen. No matter what we think about this it has to be his decision in the end. Will there come a time when it will be too much for Jean to handle ? I'm sure it will. Will Jean want our family comming to her house all hours of the day to try and help out ? I don't think she will. Some things dad will need he might feel better if a nurse does it and not one of his sons or daughters. I hope we can all be behind dad when the time comes for some decisions he will have to make. Lets support him and try not to cause any more stress on him than I'm already sure he feels every day. Also try not to be so hard on Jean. I see what she goes through every day and believe me its not any easier on her. Dad doesn't say much durring the day. If he feels sick he never asks for pills that he has to help that. After he is sick Jean asks him how long he has felt that way and why wouldn't he ask for one of his pills. Same when he goes to the washroom and its diarea. He will tell her later that he had it but he should tell her right away so she can get him imodium. Most days you have to ask him if he is cold and wants his blanket because he doesn't ask. I usualy just put his blanket on him when he is having a nap because I know he feels the cold more than me. For the time I'm around dad in a day its lucky if I hear him say 15 words or more. Most times are when Jean or I are asking if he would like anything.

OK I'm done for now. Email me if you have any questions. Just so you know I don't like answering questions about dad on the phone espesialy if he is in the same room sleeping or not. So email me and I'll do my best and be as straight forward as I can.

PS: my car insurance and sticker has arrived !!!!

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dad update

Things had been looking up this past week for dad but they are starting to change. Dad's back has been bothering him again and he has some pain in his legs again as well. Dad had been eating pretty good but yesturday his supper wouldn't go down and he had the same problem today with his lunch sitting in his throat not going down. He hasn't had much to eat today. Jean got him a bowl of peach slices at tea time tonight and he ate them ok. He didn't sleep too well the other night probably because he naps most of the day. Now if we notice he is sleeping we let him for half an hour or so and then wake him. He has slept better the past 2 nights. They just went upstairs to bed. Jean is going to call Dr Profetto tomorrow to see if they can get in to see him. They missed an appointment when dad was in the hospital.

Leafs are winning against Montreal 5 - 2 with 10 minutes left so they should have this one after 5 losses in a row.

Just want to say to Kris, Tara and the boys I hope you have a great time in Florida next week !!! Wish you had invited me !!!! Don't dare give me a fake invite now.

Montreal just scored oh oh LOL

I dropped by to see Brian Matteson the chiropractor after work. If I have my car on the road he told me to drop by his house for a coffee....also to give him a price on a fence. He said it was the first thing he thought of when Bob told him I was in town since I had built a deck and a partial privacy fence at his last house.

Thats all

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Leafs Suck !!!


Leafs lost 3rd game in a row and that loser Eric Lindros is done for the season. Best thing the Leafs did was sign him to just a one year contract. I feel bad for Leaf fans, especialy dad and Jean cause I have to live with them. Even before yesturdays game they were saying Leafs didn't have a snowballs chance in H E double hockey sticks. But like troopers they put the game on and then the Leafs had to give them false hopes by scorring first. Well enough about the stupid Leafs...

Looks like a beautifull day outside. Temp is on the plus side might have to go for a walk again today. Maybe Brandy and I will walk up to upper James and return a movie. Dad's watching a duster on tv and Jean when out to pick up a few things. Think I'll join dad for now.

Have a good day ya'll

It's been a pretty boring day. Been on the couch most of the day watching movies with dad. A movie just ended and both dad and I sat up like we were heading someplace. I asked dad where he was going and he said none of my bussiness why? I said I was just wondering if we were going to be racing cause I needed to pee. He said no but hurry up cause he had to go too. ohhhhhhhhh exciting stuff eh ? LOL No walk yet but right after supper I'll go. If I'm still bored I'll update more later

Took Brandy for a walk up to upper James to return a couple movies I had rented. The breeze made it a little cool but it was a nice walk. We are both tired now. Jean and dad have retired to bed and I think I'll head to bed soon myself

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Work, work, work

Update... Just got in from taking Brandy for a walk. Pretty nice outside but cold when the wind is in your face. Dad and Jean are getting ready for church. Dad seems to be doing alot better recently. its good to see. I'm going to go shower and shave and get ready to watch the Leafs lose another one.

Nothing much going on around here other than work. Worked a full week and just waiting for Dave to pick me up to go dry wall a bathroom. Pretty sure he and I are the only 2 working today. Then I have to try and find a way to Terry's to help her patch her bathroom.

B.C. insurance place has all they need now just waiting to get paper work in the mail then I'll have my car back on the road. Don't miss it too much except on those cold days waiting for the bus. Weather is supposed to warm up and long range forcast has it around plus 12 next weekend. I'll believe it when I see it.

Gotta run Dave is here

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

3rd Chemo treatment

Update...I forgot to put on here that there was good positive results for dad yesturday. I don't understand it much but the cancer cells in this test they do went from over 500 to just over 300 count. It shows that the chemo is working. I'll find out more tonight and put an update. Guess I was too stuffed on the fish and chips and wasn't thinking straight

Dad has had his 3rd straight chemo treatment. Annette went with dad and all went well except that dad forgot to take his pills last night and this morning. He has pills he is supposed to take just before and after his chemo. They were able to give him the medicine in with the chemo. They didn't give him the drug that makes him go to sleep this time so he was moving pretty good when I went to pick him up. When he got home Jean was asking if he was hungry and was wondering what to make and I said I would by fish and chips. Jean said no it is too expensive but dad looked like he was interested so thats what we had. Dad had some fries and 2 pretty big pieces of fish. I've noticed a big improvement in his appetite this past week and its great to see it. He still needs to get around more to build up his muscles but doesn't seem to want to do that yet.

On a seperate topic...I got you a Ti Cat Santa hat Karl !!!