Sunday, March 05, 2006

Leafs Suck !!!


Leafs lost 3rd game in a row and that loser Eric Lindros is done for the season. Best thing the Leafs did was sign him to just a one year contract. I feel bad for Leaf fans, especialy dad and Jean cause I have to live with them. Even before yesturdays game they were saying Leafs didn't have a snowballs chance in H E double hockey sticks. But like troopers they put the game on and then the Leafs had to give them false hopes by scorring first. Well enough about the stupid Leafs...

Looks like a beautifull day outside. Temp is on the plus side might have to go for a walk again today. Maybe Brandy and I will walk up to upper James and return a movie. Dad's watching a duster on tv and Jean when out to pick up a few things. Think I'll join dad for now.

Have a good day ya'll

It's been a pretty boring day. Been on the couch most of the day watching movies with dad. A movie just ended and both dad and I sat up like we were heading someplace. I asked dad where he was going and he said none of my bussiness why? I said I was just wondering if we were going to be racing cause I needed to pee. He said no but hurry up cause he had to go too. ohhhhhhhhh exciting stuff eh ? LOL No walk yet but right after supper I'll go. If I'm still bored I'll update more later

Took Brandy for a walk up to upper James to return a couple movies I had rented. The breeze made it a little cool but it was a nice walk. We are both tired now. Jean and dad have retired to bed and I think I'll head to bed soon myself


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