Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Daddy's home !!!

Well as most if not all of you know dad came home yesturday morning. I answered the phone in the morning shocked to find dad on the other end. He asked for Jean so I passed the phone over and waited. I could tell he told her he was getting released. Karl and Trudy were here and Trudy must have been eavsdropping on me eavsdropping on Jean because by the time I got downstairs she was already telling Karl who was in the shower. But it didn't matter because we were all happy to have dad come back home. Jean and I grabbed some things and shot over to get dad. It's the fastest release I have ever seen. The Dr popped by to tell Jean and I about the new meds and what to watch for. Also she told us about the Cat Scan which turned up nothing and off we went. Dad was happy to sit in his chair and Brandy was happy to see dad.

I talked to dad after I got home from work and he told me he was feeling pretty good and that he ate a pretty big supper tonight. Hes resting in his chair right now with his eyes closed.

I also want to congratulate Kris as she has graduated from Guelph University yesturday. Thanks for inviting me to share in this moment with you and your family. It seems like the next generation of Gowers are all pretty smart and ambitious which is good cause it makes up for the rest of us.

One last note...I removed the comment section because no one used it and when Karl did he made fun of my poor spelling and grammer. This is who I am like it or not ! I'm too old to change and too lazy to use a spell checker.


At Sunday, February 26, 2006 11:57:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kev;Mandy logged on this site and I ran across it in my History.Pretty cool to be able to "Peek Into Someones Life",hope you don't mind.It was nice to see you at Jordans class,sorry we had to scoot before getting a chance to chat.Anyway,fel free to drop a line anytime dennisleblanc2002@yahoo.ca Take care amigo.


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