Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day 3 at Henderson

Went to visit dad this morning. Seems to be in pretty good spirits most of the time. Still no cat scan but the other specialist was in to see him today. He was in the washroom so she said shed be back in 15. Almost an hour and a half later and about 5 minutes too late she shows up. Dad had just finished eating his cream of tomatoe soup which I'm happy to say he ate the whole bowl. This Dr comes in with food she wants dad to try but hes full. He tries to go along with her and tries some of the stuff. She is trying to expand his menu and not just liquids.

The cancer Dr comes in and tells dad shes going to go see if she can get dads cat scan today. She as well as the other Drs need it to help them in their diagnosis. She said she would pop in in the afternoon.

Terry, Mandy, and Emily were in for a visit. We all sat gabbing with dad. Then Jean showed up followed shortly after by Michelle. Terry and Mandy had to leave as Terry had to work. A short while later 2 couples showed up (friends of Dad and Jean) so I decided to leave and Michelle offered to give me a ride home.

Tonight I'm going to a dinner and a movie with Ryan and Lacie. Not sure what we are going to see yet but it will be nice to get out. We are going to East side Marios to spend the coupon I got from the last time we were there and it was lousy. ZI hope it's better tonight.


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