Friday, February 17, 2006

Another Henderson update

update below

Well dad is still in the Henderson and may not be home this weekend. He has still not had his Cat Scan. We were told he was on the list yesturday but when Jean and I left at 8pm he had still not had it. Dad was sleeping soundly. He has been getting lots of visitors. Yesturday young Joe, Annette, Tyler, Aunt Jan, Theresa, Mickey, and Father Ralph were by as well as myself Jean and Natasha.

Dad looks good, good colour in his cheeks. He jokes a bit so seems in pretty good spirits. He has been having loads od diarea and is not enjoying that one bit so sometimes he seems annoyed with everything going on. A physio therapist was in had dad walking with his cane and did some tests to see how his mind is doing. Once in awhile dad seems confused but the Cancer Dr assured me it was nothing to do with the cancer but probably from the meds. She also said that they will probably adjust the chemo he is getting so hopefully the reaction will be less severe. She said chemo is not a perfect science and you have to adjust the meds as you go depending on the reaction. Dad had a bit to eat yesturday but said they didn't bring him anything for supper. Annette got him some icecream and he had a bit of yucky yogurt.

Jean and I are heading over in a few minutes. She had a talk with a nurse friend at church and I'll post about it later today.

Jean came home from church this morning and was telling me about a conversation with a nurse she knows. The nurse was saying that for some reason they seem to like keeping the patient and the family in the dark about whats going on. She also said that what dad is going through is alot like what she sees in her patients. The needing the blood and diarea and everything was normal. One thing she did tell Jean was that she noticed a big improvement on the patients that started smoking pot. She told Jean she should really look into it and tell the Drs so what if it's more paper work it might help him out. Jean values this person's oppinion because she is a good catholic and a nurse.

I'll continue with todays post in this one.

Jean and I went to see dad this morning. He seemed to be in pretty good spirits although he was hungry. They told him he was getting his Cat Scan and couldn't have anything to eat. The cancer Dr came in (a new one) and was saying it looked like at least tuesday before dad gets out. Jean asked him about the medical mary jane and he said they usually prefure to exhaust all other choices first but would not rule it out. Dad is on something that is stronger than morpheen. Around 11:30 they came to get dad and take him downstairs. We were there till around noon and then dad was taken back to his room after the cat scan. Dad had a bit of diarea and then had his lunch. Dad started to try and have a nap and around 2pm the diarea came knocking on the door again. By this time dad was getting pretty pissed. He didn't even want to take the imodium but Jean talked him into it. He said why the hell should he because it certainly wasn't working. Dad is trying to be positive but you can see it is wearing him out. His colour is good and they said the red and white cells are getting better evey day. They probably won't do or change anything over the weekend. I'm not sure if I will make it back there tonight but I will be going tomorrow morning and will try to update if I have anything.


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