Sunday, March 19, 2006

Busy weekend

Well I'll start off with what you all are wondering and tell you that dad has been pretty good the past couple days. His right arm is still very red and sore but other than that I think he's been ok. He is eating a bit more but not a whole lot. I shaved his head again friday night. It's easier than doing mine.


Yesterday I picked up Marrianne and took her to the Hamilton Convention center. There was a psychic show going on and we were both interested. I wasn't sure if I'd get a reading or not but I'm pretty sure Marrianne was planning on it. After walking around for half an hour one booth interested me. I was thinking that I might just get a reading here when Marrianne turned to me and asked if I would mind if she got a reading. I told her I was thinking the same thing.

So Marrianne got her reading and I wandererd around and watched a bit of a psychic show that they put on and checked out some more booths. I told Marrianne that I watched one woman crying as she was getting a reading done and Marrianne said her reading made her cry.

My reading was ok. I was determined not to show anything or give anything away. She through a bunch of stuff at my at the start and I didn't bite on any of it. Then she asked who laurie was and I said only Laurie I could think of was a cousin so she said we'd get back to that but we didn't. Then she started on me about stress and alot of weight on my shoulders about family stuff and that she would have a hard time cause she had to try and push that aside to do more of a reading. She said as far as work she saw me kind of bouncing around which se thought was wierd cause it didn't seem like me. She also said that I hated changes in my job but that I was very addaptable so she said it must be a front cause if they made a change at work I would tell them I didn't like the changes but that I would adapt very easy to the changes. She said that I'm holding some anger against someone and its been for a very long time and I had to try and release it. She gave me some ritual thing where you right a letter to the person your angry with then set it on fire and do a chant. She said alot of weight will be lifted off my shoulders if I did that.

She told me to ask her some stuff so I asked what about family and she said I needed to be more specific cause I had so many and that time was running out so I said my parents. She said she saw my mother had back problems but they are not as bad as they seem. She said as far as my dad she saw bronchial problems but she touched her throat at the time moving her hand up and down a bit. She said he hates taking medicine but that he should get some vitamine C into him. She said neither one was going to leave in the near future if I was wondering.

She asked if I had another question and still trying to be vague I asked about people that had passed over. She asked if there was anyone in particular and I sad my mother. She said she saw 2 people up front and more behind but the front one was a woman. She said around 5'5" hair around ear length. She said that the woman was looking towards me rubbing my head but that she needed the woman to look at her to be ablt to comunicate with her. She said she was holding a baby in her hands and was happy to be doing it. She asked if anyone lost a child in my family and I said maybe a miscarriage but nothing else that I knew of. She said because it was an infant it could be that and that she a Bob might have something to do with it. I thought maybe robert but wasn't sure. She asked me if I had anything to say to my mother and I said no because it just felt wierd and I still am not 100% a believer although she made some good guesses. She said thats ok just know your mom loves you and misses you and is doing fine where she is.

I asked about where I would settle down and she said definately not Hamilton. She said your sick of Hamilton. She said she didn't even see me in this province. She said she was going to go out on a limb and say it looked like B.C. She said I loved the ocean and the mountains and when I was out there I could shed my cacoon and become the butterfly that I am.

Lastly I asked about my love life and she said that I still think often of the last woman and that she still thinks of me but that neither one of us would make a move or first step so our paths wouldn't connect again. She said that nothing happened for a year as far as longer relationships but then she said I would acctualy meet the person in Sept but nothing would happen between us till Feb around Valentines day. It should be a lasting relationship. She did say that she would be a short red head that loved to where high heels. She also said that she would be a high maintenance girl.

Well thats all for now I'm heading out. I will post about Jr's birthday party later today as well as other exciting things I did this weekend.


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