Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dad update

Things had been looking up this past week for dad but they are starting to change. Dad's back has been bothering him again and he has some pain in his legs again as well. Dad had been eating pretty good but yesturday his supper wouldn't go down and he had the same problem today with his lunch sitting in his throat not going down. He hasn't had much to eat today. Jean got him a bowl of peach slices at tea time tonight and he ate them ok. He didn't sleep too well the other night probably because he naps most of the day. Now if we notice he is sleeping we let him for half an hour or so and then wake him. He has slept better the past 2 nights. They just went upstairs to bed. Jean is going to call Dr Profetto tomorrow to see if they can get in to see him. They missed an appointment when dad was in the hospital.

Leafs are winning against Montreal 5 - 2 with 10 minutes left so they should have this one after 5 losses in a row.

Just want to say to Kris, Tara and the boys I hope you have a great time in Florida next week !!! Wish you had invited me !!!! Don't dare give me a fake invite now.

Montreal just scored oh oh LOL

I dropped by to see Brian Matteson the chiropractor after work. If I have my car on the road he told me to drop by his house for a coffee....also to give him a price on a fence. He said it was the first thing he thought of when Bob told him I was in town since I had built a deck and a partial privacy fence at his last house.

Thats all


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