Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dad had a good day !!

Hey all, sure glad I put the comments thing back on !!!!

Dad had a good day today. His appetite is not where it was a few days ago but he ate more than yesturday. He told me he wasn't feeling much pain today and he seemed to be in a bit better mood. Tomorrow dad is going to go get some blood tests done then he is going to make an appointment to see his family Dr.

Warning a bit of a rant. Be prepared for some stuff you may not want to know

Thursday is the day the nurse comes to visit dad. Now I want to try and clear a little something up. Last week when Annette went to the chemo treatment up durring a quet stretch dad brought up to Annette about the possibilty of using St Peters Hospice if he gets to a point where Jean can no longer look after him. Annette told dad that there would be no need for that because with all us kids and Jean's family there would be enough of us to take care of him. I know some of this may not be easy to think about but at sometime in the future this may happen. Terry had a conversation with Jean last night and the way Jean took it was that Annette and Terry are telling her what she is going to do and she is not taking orders from anyone. I talked to Terry and she told me that she did not tell Jean what she should do and I talked to Jean and said maybe she took it wrong. Terry was just bringing it up to Jean because the hospice idea seem to come out of the blue from dad to Annette last week. Just so everyone knows when I talked to Jean last night she told me that she will let dad make all decisions as long as he can and wants to. The only reason St Peters Hospice came up is that every week when the nurse comes to visit dad she has to talk to dad about all the stuff we don't want to talk to him about or even think about. They have to make sure that for whatever may come up he has made a decision and knows his options. This in no way means that this is what has to happen. Dad knows what is going on and he'll know what he will want to happen. No matter what we think about this it has to be his decision in the end. Will there come a time when it will be too much for Jean to handle ? I'm sure it will. Will Jean want our family comming to her house all hours of the day to try and help out ? I don't think she will. Some things dad will need he might feel better if a nurse does it and not one of his sons or daughters. I hope we can all be behind dad when the time comes for some decisions he will have to make. Lets support him and try not to cause any more stress on him than I'm already sure he feels every day. Also try not to be so hard on Jean. I see what she goes through every day and believe me its not any easier on her. Dad doesn't say much durring the day. If he feels sick he never asks for pills that he has to help that. After he is sick Jean asks him how long he has felt that way and why wouldn't he ask for one of his pills. Same when he goes to the washroom and its diarea. He will tell her later that he had it but he should tell her right away so she can get him imodium. Most days you have to ask him if he is cold and wants his blanket because he doesn't ask. I usualy just put his blanket on him when he is having a nap because I know he feels the cold more than me. For the time I'm around dad in a day its lucky if I hear him say 15 words or more. Most times are when Jean or I are asking if he would like anything.

OK I'm done for now. Email me if you have any questions. Just so you know I don't like answering questions about dad on the phone espesialy if he is in the same room sleeping or not. So email me and I'll do my best and be as straight forward as I can.

PS: my car insurance and sticker has arrived !!!!

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