Friday, March 10, 2006

Latest on dad

Last week they did Chemo on dad. When they stuck the needle in with the drip they didn't get in the vein properly and it leaked. When dad came home his right arm looked like Popey's right after he eats spinach. They told dad there was no problem just to put ice on it for a couple days.


Yesturday I took dad to get some blood tests done and he noticed his arm was all red. Looked like a sunburn. It was very warm to touch as well. This just seem to come on all of a sudden and got worse through the day. Before supper Jean called the clinic and they had someone call back. They sent a prescription over and said dad should go to the clinic today. After seeing the nurse we were sent for exrays and a ultra sound. The ultra sound showed there was no blood clots and the exrays didn't show anything. The Dr then traced all the red with a pen and told dad that if it gets outside the pen to go to emergency. They have also booked him in to get a pick (???) it stays in the arm so they don't have to jab him everytime he goes for chemo. It's just after 2pm and we just got in so dad is going to have a nap. Will let you know if anything else comes up.

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