Monday, March 13, 2006

Intravenous picc

Tomorrow dad is going to get an Intravenous picc. This way when he goes in for chemo they don't have to poke and prod trying to find a vein. Dad went in for an assessment today to make sure he can get one. Tomorrow dad will be going in for the procedure. I tried to find some information on this but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Apparently they stick this thing in your arm and feed it through your veins to the heart. They leave just a small end sticking out of the arm where they hook up the tube. Once a week a nurse will come in to the house to flush it out to help keep it clear and clean. I had heard of these before but never knew that there was that long of a line that lead to the heart. It's so that when he gets the chemo it goes in closer to the heart so is distributed alot faster through the body. They say the thing only takes 30 seconds to install but there is about a half hour prep time because they have to make sure everything is sterilized properly to ward off infection. Jean said that the nurse and Dr will be wearing suits with the whole head gear thing durring the procedure. Dad is looking forward to getting this so they don't screw up again when he gets his chemo.

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