Monday, March 20, 2006

Jr's birthday and more

Well I decided to do a post before going to bed and went to check out other blogs first. Mandy did a new post on Jr's birthday and her concert with Melissa so you all should check that out. I could make it so you just click on it but I'm too tired so copy and paste it.

That's JR in the helmet

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Sunday I was supposed to take Terry out to Burlington to the Ikea. I've never been there and have heard so much about it that I thought I'd check it out. I was chatting with Mandy online and she said she'd like to go but she was taking Emily to Disney on ice and didn't think she would have time to do both. I sudgested she take her mom to Ikea and I'd take Emily to Disney on ice. After checking with Emily she said she wanted me to take her so Mandy offered up her ticket. Mandy picked up Terry then dropped Emily off here and away we went. The seats were pretty good and were close to the action. I really enjoyed it and Emily did too although I think she liked the last part the best where it was on The Lion King. Here are some pictures from the show. Thank you mandy and Emily !!!!!!!!!!!!

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