Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The race

For those of you that were not around this evening here are the final results from the father and son race. Dad and I decided to have a race from the bathroom to the freezer. Dad beat me by a forehead after he stumbled but he still says I tripped him because he had me beat. Dad crashed through the garbage landing face first on the ground stretching out touching the freezer first. The only damage done was a bump on the top of dad's nogging.

OK here are some facts that were left out. First off I gave dad a headstart. So much of one that I wasn't even home. Second off dad was moving at a turtles pace so there wasn't much speed happening when the alleged trip happened. Third off dad is A O K other than a small...very small goose egg on his forehead.

As I type dad is resting soundly in his bed.

I tried to phone everyone with the results of this race but due to work or other fun stuff I was unable to get hold of some people. If the injury had been worse I would have contacted everyone one way or another but I waited till all the results were in before making the decision not to contact people at work.

The following is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth....

Dad was in the washroom using the facilities. Not sure if it was #1 or #2 because I really didn't need to know that much detail. If you feel you need to know call and ask him yourself tomorrow. When dad was leaving the washroom he lost his balance and fell to the floor. He did not black out, pass out or faint. He remembered it like it____________was_________________in_______________slow
_________________m_______o_______t_______i_______o_______n. He said his arm hit the garbage pail on the way down and then he banged his head on the floor. It wasn't hard enough to crack the cement from what I can see. As soon as the plane had landed he called for Jean (still awake and aware) Jean came to his rescue but after noticing the timiest of cuts on dads forehead decided that she should call an ambulance for them to check him out. They said just for safety he should go in and get checked out. Jean then called me on my cell and I went to meet them at the Hospital after I got home, showered and changed. I still got there before they had dealt with dad. I went in to watch the Dr examining dad and asking questions. When the Dr put on a pair of gloves I said hey look dad and he started to laugh. After examing dad the Dr asked if anything was bothering him and dad said not really. I told the Dr I was surprised he didn't say you. We all had a laugh. The Dr said the only way he could explain what happened is that dad lost his balance because all the blood was in his legs and hadn't gotten to his head yet. He told dad that when he stood up (possible hint to the question I told you to ask him if you wanted to know) that he should take his time and let the blood flow for a bit before moving. No blood upstairs causes balance trouble.

Any ways like I said he is fine fine fine !!!

Not sure where Rob and the family were I tried calling there a few times. Terry I know was on afternoons and after realizing nothing was wrong and talking it over with Dave and Mandy we decided it was best not to call her at work. If you have any questions email me and I will check before going to work in the morning. So no worries all is fine !!!

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