Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend Over

Well not a whole lot going on around here. Lent my car to Terry for the weekend even after Dave's warning but my car came back in alot better shape then when it left here. Karl and Trudy were down for a visit. Short and sweet just the way I like it. I had asked them to bring my web cam down because I got a couple programs I wanted to try but need the cam. They forgot it so looks like I'll be going up in 2 weeks for a hockey draft so I'll grab it then.

Dad is doing ok. He looks good but is a bit achy in the back legs and arms which has been normal after chemo. We did a lot of joking with him this weekend and he seemed to be in a good mood for most of it.

On a down note Glenn's grandmother passed away this weekend. Very sorry to hear that Glenn anything I can do for you and Kim this week like baby sit after work let me know. Take care.

To everyone that reads this please leave me a short comment because I'm just wondering who all has my blog on their computer and reads it. Thanks !!

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