Friday, March 31, 2006

New post

Well not much to say here tonight. Dad went for an MIR today and will get the results when he sees his Dr. It was apparently done on the spine to see if cancer is spreading or not. Monday he goes to see the Dr that is doing a scope on his throat. Not sure if its like when he got his picc where you go for the appointment to set up an appointment to do the actual scope. I think I'm taking him for that on monday so will have to leave work early.

Dad's head is healing fine. Nice little skid mark on his forehead. Bump has gone down as well. Also his arm is doing alot better. Looks like a tan on it now. No more pain happening either.

Saturday I'm going to be meeting up with Mike D. and we are going out for a few drinks at a gentlemen's club. Then its back to someones house to play some Texas Holdem Poker. I picked up a neat set of OCC poker chips at Canadian Tire the other day. Regular Price was 59 bucks on for 14.99 so I thought what the hey. The cards seem to be made of pretty good quality plastic. Nice little holder that spins around too.

Sunday Terry and I are going to go to IKEA shopping WOOO HOOO LOL. Might go visit Brian while we are in Burlington. Was thinking of going to visit Dave DeVier but not sure if I'll have time or not this weekend.

Well I'll fill you all in on how the weekend went on Monday


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