Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Weekend plans

Well I'm just working on getting my weekend plans all set. It's hard to do cause starting with the fact I live on an island and have to deal with ferries that have recently broke down the ferry schedule is all outta wack. I talked to dad today. He was telling me that I probably shouldn't waste my time going cause they'd have no time to see me. I called The cruise line and found out they don't have to be on the ship till 3:30pm. They land in Seattle around 10:30am and then are shuttled to the terminal. If they get to the terminal around noon we still have a couple hours. I can not go on the ship for security reasons apparently. I want to give him that game I made as well as something else for his birthday present. For those of you that have "Google Earth" here is the address where I'm staying. 84 Union St. Seattle WA. If you pan out you can see how close the stadium is in one direction and the Cruise terminal in the other direction. If you don't have "Google Earth" I think you should get it. Then type in 786 Brittania Ave Hamilton On. and take a look at the old Hood. I just got off the phone with Jodi...Hi Jodi...and will be stopping by this weekend. Hope we can go to the Vancouver Aquarium and I also want to stop by and See Jake in hospital. I'm going to try and get a ticket for the Seahawks vs Vikings game friday night. Last exhibition game for them. The only other site I want to visit is the Seattle Space Needle. Well thats all I can think of now and it's probably my last post till after the weekend. Will post pictures when I get back. Have a great weekend all !!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Busy Weekend !!!

I've had a very busy weekend. Friday night I was out at the Sumerset Pub for their grand reopening. Was only going to be 2 hours but turned out to be a late night. Saturday was the football game which I'm glad to say we won 47 - 0 against the Victoria Rebels. This game was like an old days Argo Ti-Cat game cause they hate each other. I was on the field after the game trying to keep some of the players seperated. Told the Raiders let them have their say you guys took it to them on the field and they're just hurting from a good ol case of whoop ass !!! Got home and had to do some web site updating. Sunday morning I was up and out before 7am for a show and shine downtown Nanaimo. Helped set up and then hung out handing out Raiders tatoos and getting players to autograph stuff for kids. Was a good day but I was beat when I got home. I was on the couch for a bit but didn't want to sleep or I won't sleep tonight. I will be in bed early. Here are some pictures and at Trudy's request (not exactly what she asked for but what she asked what not for) I don't do requests LOL. No women in these shots...yawn. LOL Not that I didn't take any !

Raiders at show n shine 059b

Raiders at show n shine 037b

Raiders at show n shine 020b

Raiders at show n shine 013b

Friday, August 26, 2005

Happy 19th Birthday Jodi !!!!!!!

Hey Jodi Happy Birthday. It's still your birthday out here. Sorry I didn't call you but I got home from work at 3:30 and my phone was dead. I hung it up to charge and popped online and only Terry was on. I talked to her while I updated the Raiders web page then had to leave real quick to go do a charity event for the injured player. Was supposed to be 5 - 7 but the player (one didn't show) didn't arive till 8pm. I just walked in the door and know its way to late to call. Even tho its still your birthday out here LOL. Will call tomorrow. Love ya. Happy 19th !!!!!!

jodi balloons 045b

jodi 005b

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Any one have any info on dad's trip ? Trying to figure out what time to get to Seattle and surprise them. Flight times would be nice. My book says Ship leaves Seattle 4pm. Saturday. Not sure if I have a ride or not. The guy at work is having trouble at home and may not go. Not cause wife won't let him but because he might move out that weekend. I'm going to look at taking the ferry across from Nanaimo and then catching a bus from Vancouver to Seattle. If any one can help it would be appreciated.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nothing to say

Since I have nothing new and they say a pictures worth a thousand words......

Harbour 041b

Harbour 050b

Harbour 054b

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Just for Karl so everyone else skip this msg LOL

Karl I've tried to phone at least 6 times but your phone is messed up. If you want to give me a call I'm heading out to the harbour and will be back in a couple hours so call before you go to bed. If Trudy, Kris, Tara or Jodi didn't obey the header and read this pass it on to your daddy/husband


Has been a pretty busy week.!!

Well I've had a pretty busy week. Lots of football stuff for the V.I. Raiders and charity stuff for Jake Cody. Then friday night I decided last minute to go to the B.C. Lions game. Had a pretty good time mostly people watching and cheerleader watching. Lots of cheerleader watching.

Saturday night I went to see Nickel Back in Victoria. Some local band oppened but I missed most of them taking my camera back to the car. Then Bif Naked came out and she was ok but ended up better cause I actualy had heard the last 3 songs she did. The seats couldn't have been better !!!! Any closer and we would have been burnt in the fire they had on the stage. It is the loudest concert I've been too especialy when they did the booms at the start of the show and the end of some songs. You could tell it was comming by the flare but I still jumped every time. After the first song I noticed the young kid with his parents next to me was crying. The father got up and left durring the second song. Not sure if the lead singer noticed but after the second song he said he noticed that some people had brought their kids and that they should check at the doors to see if they sold ear plugs cause after all this is a F'ing rock concert and we are going to blow the roof off this f'ing building by the end of the night. I would go see them again in a second. Sound was great, they partied on stage. They do this thing where they say it's beer o'clock. They bring a wagon out with plastic cups half filled with beer. After they all drink one or 2 they start tossing them out to the audience. A lady behind us was drunk and when she tried to catch one she totaly missed it and it hit her in the face. She started crying but as soon as the music started she stopped crying started dancing again. Another woman in front of us took one off the head. I yelled heads up but she wasn't quick enough. I told my buddy Cam that she had been smileing at me all night. The guy she was with was bald and he said that must be the reason. By the end of the night I tried not to look over cause I think the guy noticed and started starring at me. He wasn't smileing. Was a great concert all in all.

Oh one last thing. We went for dinner before the show and I tried squid. Didn't taste too bad cause it was battered and deep fried but I was almost sick when Cam's wife took the batter off to show Cam it was a leg with a tenticle on it. eeeeeewwww

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Not a Trivia Question

This is not a trivia question but see if you can guess where I went last night ?

BC vs Hamilton 100b

Nope wasn't church

BC vs Hamilton 086b

Nope wasn't work

BC vs Hamilton 297b

Nope it wasn't Paul's house

BC vs Hamilton 197b

Give up yet ??

BC vs Hamilton 067b

Not sure what you see in the last picture but what I saw from my seat it sure wasn't no football game !!!!!!!! Good thing for the V.I. Raiders. GO RAIDERS !!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cruise To Alaska

Well I'm glad Terry was persistant and took the time and effort to get this trip. Many hours spent on the phone trying to book a cruise and trying to get the rest of us on board. Glad she called Jean !!! I hear that Dad will be told Friday evening. I'm sure he is going to love this. Was talking to a friend at work and it just so happens that he will be going to Seattle that weekend for some races. He is a big race fan and now I'm glad. He says I can catch a ride there and back with him so I will be able to meet dad and Jean and watch them sail off into the sunset. I was trying to figure out a way to do this. There is a ferry that leaves from Victoria and sails into Seattle. Thats what I was thinking of doing until Dave told me he was going that way anyways. I'll take my camera of course and take lots of pictures. Maybe I'll stow away in their cabin LOL.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Hey Kelly just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday !!!! If I had a recent picture of you I would have posted it but I only have a couple older pictures. Oh well what the heck. Here is one from my going away party at Karl's.

The Birthday Girl

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ocean art and football

Will start off about football because the Raiders won there second game in a row. At least one of my teams are winning. Damn Ti-Cats. I get so pumped up watching the game and I start forgetting about the camera. I turn to the fans and start getting them to yell defense when the other team is marching. I lost my voice yesturday I screamed so much. The other team was marching down the field with less than 2 minutes to go. At about 35 seconds left on the clock the defense managed to strip the ball from the other team. I was jumping up and down like an idiot on the sideline. I've gotten to know alot of the players and they come by and high 5 me and tell me that they hear me supporting them. I got a couple guys to sign pictures I took of them. Not durring the game of course. After it when we met at Swiss Chalet for dinner.

Ok now on to the other topic. I went to Parksville today. The had the sand sculptures there. I like looking at them. Lots of hard work goes into them. So here are a few pictures of some of the works of beauty I saw today. I saved the best for last.

Ocean stuff 034b

Ocean stuff 019b

Ocean stuff 017b

Ocean stuff 010b

Ocean stuff 027b

Ocean stuff 056b

A'int that last one a beauty ?? I gave that one my vote for peoples choice !!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Feels Weird

Well it's done. The last piece of business I had to do to be fully out of Ontario and in my new home of British Columbia has been done. I no longer hold a valid Ontario Drivers license. Went after work today and transferred it over. Did the eye exam and it says I don't need glasses. Barely got it with my left eye but after the guy forced me to guess at the last number cause I knew I got it wrong the first time cause it just wouldn't come in clear for me, he told me it didn't matter cause I could be blind in that eye cause the other one was good. But I did get it with the guess. I said 3 and he said no want to guess again....I said I'm not sure cause I might really screw it up and he said go ahead try again....I said 8??? That was the one so off to get my mug shot, pay 39 bucks and in a week I should have it. I picked up a booklet cause now I want to look into upgrading my license. My license is a 5 (G), 6 (M) and 15 (Z) or air brakes. I've even closed all my Ontario bank accounts. I think I might still have the credit union but little or no money. I should contact them because I should get 25 dollar membership fee back. I'll have to look into it.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hello out there

Just want to say sorry about not posting much lately. I've been real busy getting the Raiders web site looking like its being updated. Going through pictures, trying to match them with the program so I can put the right picture with the right name on the web site. Then every name is spelled different on every piece of written information I've received. I did go on the bus down to Victoria last Saturday with the team and watched them get their first win of the year. I'm trying to figure out what to do about the Nickel Back concert cause I should be going to Abbotsford in 2 weeks with the team but have tickets for friday and saturday night for the concert. Even if I sell friday nights tickets I can't go to the game. Unless Cam can get his friends to buy saturday nights tickets cause he doesn't want me to sell them to just anyone. I'm going whether its saturday or Friday. Guys at work laugh when I mention Nickel Back but if you heard some of the shit they listened too...oh well kids will be kids. I'm heading onto the Raiders site to do some updateing. Take care all. Looks like the contest is close to the finish. Thanks every one thats hanging in there. Summer is a bad time to do something like this. For you and me. Watch for next question comming soon.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Question 14

What song is the following from and what album is the song on?

" I wanna tell her that I love her alot but I gotta get a belly full of wine "

Answer to question 13

The answer is...
Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
Pete Best

A few people have seemed to drop out but its still a close race up top. It could all be over very soon.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Question 13

Out of all the Beatles that were in the band, which ones are still alive ?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Question 12

Congrats to Bill Grixti for being the only person to get the last question correct. I knew it was going to be a tough one and I left it up a long time to give people a chance. With the 10 points Bill now moves up into first place and 2 people are above the half way in points. Trudy was the only other person to try !

Answer was...

Part 1 John lived at 251 Menlove Ave which latter was nicknamed Mendips

Part 2 The band was Oasis

Part 3 The name of the single was Live Forever

This question should be easier but still a 3 part question.

Line from song
"Might win an oscar you can never tell".

Name the song
Name the album
Name the song writers

Bonus points !!!!!
For everyone who gets all 3 correct and can tell me who sang the song on the album you will get 5 points added on to your score.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Something exciting has finaly happened to me !!!

After emailing my V.I. Raider fan page to the owner I've had a couple interesting email conversations with him. Today I was told that I was wanted upstairs in Hadi's office. (Hadi being the owner of Atlas Truss and the Raiders football team. It seems he has been telling and emailing about my website to some people. He called me upstairs to ask if I'd like to become part of the Raiders family and take on a volunteer spot with the team. He said that it wasn't a paying job but there were some perks with the job. (One that he never mentioned being sucking up to the owner gets you places in the job) I get to travel with the team expenses paid. Some free Raiders stuff. Was offered a ticket to a Seahawks game and Canucks. After finding out I was a Ti-Cat fan he offered me tickets to the game when they come to Vancouver. Only problem is thats Nickel Back Concert night. Also if the team wins the Championship I get a ring. There are some other things that I'll learn later. My main job to start is to take over the website. I was a little worried cause I had checked it out and they use Java Script which I have no idea how it works. So after work Hadi and I jumped into his brand new BEAMER (BMW) and went over to the internet providers office. After talking to them I was told with the programs it's probably easier than useing my blog. Friday after work a guy will come over and set up the programs on my computer. Another perk is use of the top rate gym that they built for the team. Plus use of some of the digital equipment like digital camcorder, DVD burner and such. Hadi contacted the coach and he is looking forward to working with me. I'm actualy excited about this and Hadi told me he has been excited since I sent him the blog. His mind never stops. He told me if we get it set up so we can sell merchandise on the wep site I'll get a percentage. Plus I might be able to sell some of my photos on there ??? Oh my bussiness card will read HEAD OF MEDIA FOR THE RAIDERS or something like that. OK I gotta go shower its hot here. But I hope you can tell I'm pretty excited about this. Who knows if they win the B.C. conference and have to fly to Ontario to play Windsor or Burlington or even Hamilton that would be great cause I'd have to go!!!!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Question 11

This question might take some work. It's 3 parts.

Part 1
What is the address where John Lennon lived with his Aunt Mimi ?

Part 2
What band used a picture of that house on a cover of a single they released ?

What is the name of single ?