Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good or bad !

A quote I recently found

"People will forget what you said, they will even forget what you did, but they will never forget what you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

Monday, September 17, 2007

I Hate Vancouver!!!

I hate Vancouver!!!! Saturday I went over to the B.C. Lions game. Going in from Horeshoe Bay it was easy and it lead me right to the stadium. I parked right beside the stadium for 10 bucks and had a couple hours to walk around the downtown. The downtown is kind of like Toronto and besides lots of stores there are lots of other sites walking around the city. People watching is always fun and Patty and I like to do that where ever we go. I ended up buyying a cable shutter release for my camera at London Drugs. Its a place simular to Wal Mart but is only out west as far as I know. I was looking for DVD for Ben called CrossRoads. Not the stupid chick flick with Brittney Spears but the movie with Ralph Machio the Karate Kid who challenges the devils guitar player to a duel to save some guys soul. It all started with a deal at the CrossRoads. I've seen the movie many times and the guitar solos are excellent.

Back to the original story. I had gone over to Vancouver to go to the Lions football game. I had a pillow and blanket in my car to sleep at the terminal but I had heard they had put an extra ferrie on for after the game. I asked someone for directions because it was a different terminal than I normally take. They gave me directions as if I knew the city so I decided to ask someone else later on and their directions were totally different. I decided to ask one more person and it sounded pretty easy. I left before the game was over to beat the traffic and get a head start. I should have left at half time. I got so lost and ended up passing the stadium 3 more times and getting caught up in the traffic. I also got to see lots of people sleeping on the streets or pushing shopping carts. I finaly decided to go a way that I thought of before I went into the stadium and eventually after driving through downtown Surrey I made my way to the terminal an hour late. I slept but not very well I guess I'm getting too old to sleep in my car anymore. I did have a good time at the game and enjoyed the Argos getting stomped by the Lions. They had the Cats game on the big screen when I went in but after seeing the score decided to ignore it. Here are more than a few pictures I took while at the game.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Funny Video

I don't like it when people forward me all kinds of crap but I got two recently, both from Nina that made me laugh out loud. Here is the funniest one I've seen.

caution some bad language!!!

Hope you enjoy

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ben's Birthday!

Tomorrow is Ben's birthday but because of school and work schedules we did a bit for him today. Patty and I bought Ben a scooter that he really wanted a week ago and we told him that was his gift. It wasn't a cheap scooter that's for sure and he seems to like it. Today we took him to Tim's for lunch today then to The Dairy Queen to pick out a cake. Patty picked up some chips and he had four girls come over for cake and to hang out. One of them is Tamara his new/old girlfriend from last year. After cake Ben sent us upstairs so they didn't have the old folks hanging around. Patty and I put on Shrek Two and lay ed on the bed watching it.

After the girls were gone Ben came upstairs and watched the end of the movie with us. Then he said instead of us going to a movie tonight he wanted to go to the go carts instead. I wasn't looking forward to that cause I heard they sucked but decided to go on there with him anyways. He was first out and for the first three laps I was right on his tail but he did very well cutting the corners to keep me from passing. He never looks over his shoulder or I might have scared him into giving me room because he said if we bumped wed get kicked off so I never let it happen. Then I decided I would try to make a move to the outside but spun out a bit and he was off to a huge lead. I started messing around hitting the breaks hard at corners coming close spinning out and let Ben come up behind me. Thought I'd have fun keeping him behind me but it didn't work. He bumped me going into a corner and passed me while I tried to keep control then I rammed him from behind pushing him further out in front of me. He may have beaten me but I got the last laugh as he is now grounded for a week. Can't even call his gf! HA!!!! Who's laughing now.... OK Patty wouldn't let me ground him over that but I'm watching him and first chance I get hes sooooo grounded! I really didn't want to go but I will admit it was fun. They just need to make carts that candle handle the weight of some one like me. If he had an extra hundred pounds it would have been a different race! We came home, I cooked hotdogs on the bbq and we finished off the cake.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

more junk plus email from my sista in law

Well we haven't been up to a lot lately so not much to post about. Ben's birthday is on Monday and the kid is driving us nuts. His mom told him we will celebrate it tomorrow so now it's like we moved the date and hes telling everyone his birthday is tomorrow. And hes got a list of things for us to do. It looks like we will be taking him to the Cowichan Fair and letting him go nuts on the rides till he pukes.

I took him to the football game in Nanaimo today and he was ball boy and got lots of exorcise. He likes to whine and complain but I'm sure he really does like it.

Next week we have a bye so I'm going to the B.C. Lions game. Looks like a lot of our players will be taking in the game. Scott another photographer with the team will be on the side lines with me. Should be fun.

Momma sita is great at art as you have seen from an earlier post but shes not the only artist in the family. Ben and Patty both have some artistic skills. A couple weeks ago Patty and I went to the west coast for a pic nic and to collect rocks and here is what she has done with them...

And here is one that Ben did just for me!!

Patty's sister Natalie sent me a msg on face book and I asked her if I could share it on here and she said no but here it is any ways LOL Luv ya Nat!!!

Natalie Jylha

9:59pm September 7th

Hello Kevin,
I haven't yakked to you for quite awhile so I just thought I would touch base with you. I just spent the last hour on your blog, reading your posts and gazing at your pictures. Honestly, you have a talent for photography and writing blogs!! I enjoyed it so much the time went very quickly. I didn't get a chance to tell you that I really enjoyed your visit out this way, it was short but sweet....If I haven't told you before, I just wanted to tell you now, that i am so happy my sister and you found each other. I realize I haven't known you very long...but I'm a good judge of character and yours is definitely a good one! My sister is a very good lady and Ive always wished she would find true happiness, and just looking at her pictures and talking to her, she has indeed found it in you...Hope you don't find this to mushy, but I like to speak whats in my heart sometimes...Anyways keep on keeping on and wish you a very very happy week!!!

luv your sister-in-law nat oxoxoxox

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Recent junk

Not sure if you've heard but Jean has sold the house she and dad lived in and is building an addition on to Kim's house and moving in there. It came as a bit of a shock when she first told me because I was looking forward to going to see it next summer. Some nice memories there to go along with some of the not so nice ones. Maybe its for the best because it would have been tough to go in there again. I'm glad for Jean that she won't be living on her own she needs company. I kind of felt her and Joan would have moved in together but she said Joan has a good set up with her family already. Jean also mentioned that she had sent a box of dad's things up to Karl's with Mike. She didn't tell me what was in it other than some stuff that you people had gotten him. She sounded pretty good and seems busy. Looking forward to Rick and Michele's wedding next year.

I was going through my photos on Cd's and such trying to figure out how to organize them. I found a picture that I don't think I had told anyone about. I took a picture of the box dad's ashes came in. I might post it next week some time but I just wanted to warn people so they are not caught off guard.

Ben has a connection with dad that I thought was kind of cool. Besides the fact that Ben is a huge Johnny Cash fan his birthday is Sept 10. This weekend Ben becomes a teeny bopper LOL.

On a last note Adam has moved out again. I talked to him last night and told him I hope it works out for him and that this time around was a lot better than the first time. I actually got to know him this time. We even did a few car runs together for food and stuff at Wally's. Last time he was here Ben and I did the Wally runs for him. Adam and a couple friends found a place in Victoria to live. That's what he came here for in the first place. Albert has found a home again and is out of his car. He was in transition for a few days and had to sleep in his car till he found a new room. Pheeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I thought we were getting him back LOL. Now if we can just find a home for Ben LMAO. Its funny because I find myself being a little strict on Ben at times and think wow that's just like dad would be. Ben is a good kid he just has to learn that he is just a kid and can't just do anything he wants.

OK a longer post than I intended. Go back to what you were doing.

Forgot to add that Adam was going to get an XBOX 360 so now I'm ticked off hes moving LOL

Monday, September 03, 2007

Whale watching again!

On Sept 1st I was going to a football game in Victoria and I started a tradition that I'd like to keep up. I go down to Vic earlier in the day and go whale watching. Patty is not into whale watching like I am and she's definitely not into football LOL. So I made the trip on my own and met up with CAPT Ron who guaranteed whales today. The weather was pretty good, a little cool but fairly sunny. The water was calm which made for a good boar ride. Any day on the ocean seeing Orcas is a good day but this wasn't one of the better days for whales. The whales stayed too close to shore so we were not allowed to get too close to them. The big male by himself in the picture swam further out from the shore and his family but just swam right on by
us. There were also a lot of fishing boats in the area because apparently the Americans can only fish certain days and this was one of them. They know that this is a good area for salmon because that's what the Orcas eat and they are always around this area. About the only excitement was 2 whales in between five or six boats had something trapped between them and they were splashing around at the top of the water for about 10 minutes. We couldn't get close enough to see exactly what but after a long debate over the radio where some thought it was a harbour porpoise, one person got a good shot with a digital camera and when they looked at it they could tell it was a King Salmon. The whales dove below the water with it for about 5 minutes then came up separately and swam away. Here are some pictures of that day. I hope to go out at least one more time in October and maybe if I get hold of Maisan's cousin Patty and I can go out one time sooner.