Sunday, September 12, 2010

BC Lions vs Argos

Went to the football game the other day. Started at just before 5am and got home around 10pm. Was a freaking long day! Was my first time getting to see Andrew Harris play. Not sure if it's a coincidence or not but he had his best game to date. Although I like to think that it was I have to believe that with every game his confidence is building. One of these times hes going to break a long return and get a touchdown. I told him I wouldn't even mind if it was against my Ti Cats.

Well here are some photos from the pregame warm ups. I'll post game photos soon. By the way if Mamasitta is reading this Andrew says hello.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Long Beach Road Trip!

Sunday we borrowed a van and took a road trip to Long Beach and Toffino. Ben decided that it would be boring so didn't go with us. Albert, Nina, Sooke, Nessa, Patty and myself loved the idea so off we went. Was nice driving the van, lots of room for everyone and our gear. Thanks Mark and Myra!!

I'm not sure if I drove too fast or what but sure didn't seem to take long to get there. We went to Wikkinish beach first. It's a long sandy beach and there were lots of surfers there. I told Ben he missed out because 75% of them were girls. I was talking a bit to 4 that were parked beside us. They had been there the day before so their wet suits were still wet and they were having trouble squeezing there bikini's into the wet suit. Ben could have helped lol. He asked if I took pictures and I told him nope you had to be there lol.

We walked along the beach collecting things and taking pictures and then Nessa and I went on a scavenger hunt to locate her phone. Luckily some guy had found it in the parking lot and put it somewhere where we would see it. Thank you very much surfer dude who ever you are?

After the walk we grabbed a picnic table and our food and had a nice meal that was prepared the evening before. Then we decided to drive to Toffino. On the way out we saw a bear and turned around to get a look. He didn't hang around long he ducked into the thick bush.

Toffino was nice but packed so we didn't stop there but we stopped at 2 places on the way to Ucluelet. One of them was a spot where they had filmes some of the Twilight movie series.

Ucluelet is a beautiful place and we walked a 3km trail to see a light house and some beautiful west coast scenery. At one spot we saw a few Grey Whales that we passing by the coast. They journey up to Alaska in the summer then back down the coast to the Mexico region for the winter. It was a great trip and we all had a blast.