Friday, June 29, 2012

Last night was a big night for our Benny boy. It was the ceremony for his grade 12 graduation. There were 285 graduates in all but the ceremony went pretty fast. Of course Ben was near the end so we had to suffer for over 2 hours. Ben had decided to do the walk up at the last moment. He had decided to do his grade 12 English as a correspondence course so was working at home not in the school. Now I had to pressure him a bit to get it done but in the end when I was tired of talking to him about it and just let him be he stepped up and did it on his own. I hope he knows how proud we are of him. We were glad he chose to do the walk up so we could be part of this ceremony that was acknowledging the hard work he and all the other graduates have done to get here. I will give him a few days to relax and enjoy his accomplishment before I put the hammer down some more on him to push him even further. I'm kidding Ben it starts tomorrow!! LOL Congratulations Ben on a job well done, we knew you could do it!! We are so proud of you! Next up is his 18th birthday when we pack his bags put them on the porch and change the locks. Good luck Benny!!
Ben said I couldn't put this on Facebook so i didn't

Monday, June 18, 2012

Its just after fathers day here on the west coast and I'm sitting downstairs with the computer on my lap watching TV. Now I didn't get around to writing anything on Facebook but it doesn't mean I wasn't thinking of him. It doesn't get any easier as time passes we just learn to deal with the loss better.

 Recently an elderly gentleman I knew from him coming in to Wal Mart passed away. A year ago I did some stuff to help him out after his wife passed away and he made me a muffin and came into the lab where we had a toast to her life with ginger ale. We became friends after that. When his daughter was talking to me about him it was hard holding back tears knowing what it felt to be in her shoes. As much as you try to comfort someone you know its going to be hard on them for a long time. Its not just the first Christmas without them its every Christmas without them. It's every Fathers day .... its every anniversary of their passing and of their birthday. Plus its all the good things that happen to you that they are not there to share with you.

When my mother passed away it took a long time for me to start enjoying life again. Its hard to enjoy things that they would have enjoyed because they cant enjoy anything any more. So I went a long time not wanting to go to family functions or if I did I would not want to stay long. When my dad passed away I was thinking a little different and I could enjoy more things knowing he would have enjoyed it. I enjoy football games because I remember going to games with him and also laying on his bed when he was ill and watching a game with him. I could have gone to the game but Id rather be with him and enjoy the time we had together. My dad was a huge Ti Cat fan and I still am. I have followed the BC Lions because of Andrew Harris and have wished him well (and its worked so far LOL) but have told him I'm a Ti Cat fan.

One thing I think of is how he was such a big Leaf fan and I never was or ever will be. I do have his Leaf Jersey in my closet but I will never wear it. If Annette comes back out here I will give it to her to take back to Tyler so he can wear it to Leaf games when he goes with Amanda. I know dad would have loved her because she is such a huge sports fan. And to not leave Lacie out I know that dad loved her. I watch his birthday video once in a while when he gets her to help him with the candles. Ryan has done well.

 Wow what an unexpected blog this was. Always happens when I don't plan a blog my brain just keeps pushing out the info. I do have a couple blogs in mind and have some pictures to post hopefully in the near future. So as this post isn't totally boring Ive added a few pictures in memory of my father who to me was the best dad anyone could have and I loved him with all my heart not just fathers day
 but every day of my life!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

This is part Two and there may be a part three. I haven't checked out the photos on my rebel yet. These photos are all taken at Mary Winspear. The weather was great and by the looks on the faces of those attending everyone had a great time. It feels good giving to a cause like this and hopefully it will get bigger and better every year.