Friday, June 29, 2012

Last night was a big night for our Benny boy. It was the ceremony for his grade 12 graduation. There were 285 graduates in all but the ceremony went pretty fast. Of course Ben was near the end so we had to suffer for over 2 hours. Ben had decided to do the walk up at the last moment. He had decided to do his grade 12 English as a correspondence course so was working at home not in the school. Now I had to pressure him a bit to get it done but in the end when I was tired of talking to him about it and just let him be he stepped up and did it on his own. I hope he knows how proud we are of him. We were glad he chose to do the walk up so we could be part of this ceremony that was acknowledging the hard work he and all the other graduates have done to get here. I will give him a few days to relax and enjoy his accomplishment before I put the hammer down some more on him to push him even further. I'm kidding Ben it starts tomorrow!! LOL Congratulations Ben on a job well done, we knew you could do it!! We are so proud of you! Next up is his 18th birthday when we pack his bags put them on the porch and change the locks. Good luck Benny!!
Ben said I couldn't put this on Facebook so i didn't