Saturday, May 19, 2012

Luxton Fair

Today Patty and I went to Langford to pick up Adam and Gwen to go to the Luxton Rodeo and fair. The weather was nice and we were excited to spend time with them. Mary is in Parksville at a stagette for Alicia who is getting married soon so couldn't be with us. Gwen was happy and looking forward to going on some rides. Patty and I were happy just to watch. We walked around for about an hour letting Gwen choose the rides she wanted to go on. We stopped in the middle to get something to eat and especially get some cotton candy for Gwen. From the moment we picked them up she was telling us she was going to have cotton candy. The funny thing is she doesn't eat many sweets so after just a few pieces she had had enough sugar. We let her go on a few more rides then we could see she was getting tired so we left. I love spending time with Gwen and as usual I took a few photos I would like to share. s we were leaving there were some protesters from PETA. They didnt have any hot naked models just some normal folks protesting the rodeo. I took a pamphlet from them any ways.