Monday, February 06, 2012



Saturday morning at 4:30am the alarm goes off. I get up then wake Ben up. Of course I'm not packed but I laid most of my stuff out and we are only going for one night and I really don't need much. My camera and lenses, batteries, tickets, toothbrush, wallet and a change of underwear. I took Dante out for a quick walk and we were on the road around 5am. Because I'm such a nice guy I let Ben drive my car to Nanaimo. We got there just before 6am and the ferry was leaving at 6:30am. We got on the ferry found a spot to relax and Ben went to get something to eat. I decided to lay on the floor and catch a nap. I did fall asleep and Ben woke me when we were close.

Ben is like his mom and wants details of every step like bus number and our stop. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kinda guy and don't worry about that stuff. that's why when the Olympics were on and I went over I thought Blue Rodeo was doing a concert that night and I was there on the wrong day. Just a small detail I should have checked but I still had a good time. Anyway I knew which bus to catch and I knew approximately where to get off but the bus route ends right down town so no worries.

When we got off the bus we took a walk down to the water front to catch a sea bus because I wanted to find a spot to go back that night to take a night shot of the city. It has been years since I caught a sea bus and I knew the general area to catch it but we walked past it twice. I forgot you had to go through a building out front. We found it on our own and we went across and found a perfect spot! a nice little village area and they even had a East Side Marios.

We caught the sea bus back and we did it all on the one bus ticket so it only cost us $2.50 each. We then went to A&W for breakfast before going to see the olympic caldron. I did know where that was. The fence is gone so you get right up close to it. That's when I discovered it was covered in glass panels. I thought it was all medal panels on it. We went up above and took some pictures before going to check into our hotel room.

View from our room

After about a 45 minute rest we left the hotel room and took a walk down past the Rogers arena towards the Science center. I was proud of Ben that's probably the furthest he's walked in a very long time. We crossed on the via duct then went through an alley on our way to the stadium. Of course I stopped to take a few pictures of the new look stadium. We got to the stadium around 1:30pm and after a chat about what cameras and lenses were allowed Ben and I walked around the stadium to go in a different entrance. The security at the first window said no video cameras and no lenses over 6 inches long. There was no way I was going in without my good lens. The security at the entrance we went in was more worried about video cameras and the funny looking tripod I had right beside my long lens. So we were lucky and got in without a fight.



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