Monday, January 30, 2012

Ok no pictures just a bunch of words if I don't get writers block again!

Recently I have started using the word absolutely. Whether I'm at home or at work when some one asks me a question I say absolutely. It's driving me nuts but I can't stop. It comes out even before I have a chance to think. I'm not sure where I picked it up but I wish it would go away LOL. It works for yes or no. Could you give me a hand over here? Absolutely! Do you mind if I use your phone? Absolutely not! I could give you more examples but that would mean I have to keep using that word and I'm absolutely positive I don't want to do that!

Well last week was a pretty uneventful week. I went to the pool 5 days a week and I'm starting to feel it working now. I did have a physical on Friday which I try to do yearly but it had been a year and a half. I told Ben that I had an exam Friday and was wondering if he wanted to help me study. I said all we need is a rubber glove and some oil and he almost choked and said your sick man. I couldn't stop laughing. I like shocking him like that as much as he likes hiding and jumping out and scaring me when I come in the house.

Joking aside it's important to have a regular physical and yes even a prostate exam especially as you get older. I also get the blood test done every 2 years but my Dr says that it's not 100% either. The only tip I'll give you when your getting a prostate exam is try to find a woman Dr because it's a good bet she has tiny fingers. I told my Dr that's why I picked her and she had a good laugh.

Well that's enough about that now onto the weekend. Saturday Patty and I were going to Victoria to China town as they were celebrating the Chinese New Years all week. The year of the Dragon which is the year Patty was born in. Well it was raining so instead we went and hung out in a couple malls walking around holding hands pretending we liked each other LOL. Just showing off to the young folks is what we were really doing. After that we went to visit Nina who was not feeling well. Patty got her some food from the mall. We had a good chat and I layed on the floor playing with Sooke the Mook who was bouncing off the walls when we first got there. We discussed getting together for Patty's birthday Monday but Nina has to work late so we are going to try and set something up with all the kids the Saturday after her birthday.

This Saturday Ben and I are going to Vancouver to see the monster trucks. I have always wanted to see Grave Digger live and this is as good of time as any. It's the 30th anniversary of Grave Digger so they are doing a big tour. I hope I can get my good camera and lens in and get some good photos. I discovered after ordering the tickets that it starts at 7pm so we will have to get a room and come home Sunday. we should have a good time and I hope to get some good pictures from around the city. Also it will be my first look at the new roof on BC Place. We are going to park in Nanaimo and walk onto the ferry to save some money.

Ok i lied about the pictures but I wasn't planning on it. This is the first time I have compared my dad's tattoo with mine.


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