Monday, February 13, 2012

Monster Jam Part two

When we got into the stadium we went straight to the section where Grave Digger was waiting for us. He looked better in person than I could have ever imagined. We waited in a short line to get to meet the driver and have our picture taken with him. There are 7 different Grave Digger trucks and 7 different drivers. I only wish I had gotten Ben to take my picture with just Grave Digger. We walked around him an admired him in all his glory. We decided to walk around and get a look at the competition. It was nice getting there so early as we could wander around with ease. There were alot of nice trucks there but only one other truck caught our eye like Grave Digger did. It's name was Son Uva Digger. It turned out to be the truck to watch. The driver is the son of one of Grave Diggers drivers.

They had lots of other things going on with the monster trucks. They had small kids in miniature dirt track racers, they had a bunch of stripped down cars that raced in a crash to pass kinda race and they had some quad races. One of the most exciting things they had was after the intermission. They set up a ramp and had 2 snowmobiles come out and do some stunts. The one guy did a complete back flip which was amazing considering they were doing this over a pile of dirt on concrete.

The best part of the whole thing was the freestyle. The drivers gave it their all doing a bunch of stunts for a judging panel of 3. They had a minute and a half and if they did at least one jump on each of the five obstacles they got another 30 seconds to pick up points from a 4th judge. There were lots of spills and thrills and as much as I was there to cheer on Grave Digger he spent most of the time with his wheels in the air and his roof on the dirt. Now Son Uva Digger who had lost out in the races only to come back in with the fastest heat time and get a bye and then win the championship trophy, came out with all wheels blazing and tore up the track. By the time he was done he was sitting on top of the biggest pile of dirt with a blown engine and everyone in the house standing and screaming including Ben and yours truly. He won both events and was awarded a double down trophy.

After the show was over we walked down by the water as we were going to take a sea bus over to try and get a good night shot of the city. Problem was there was lots of fog on the ocean so we didnt think we would get a good shot. We decided to go get A&W and go back to the room and watch tv.

All in all it was a good weekend and Ben and I got to do some good bonding. He was hardly a pain in the ass at all. To finish it off I let him drive home from Nanaimo.


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