Monday, September 28, 2009

Sick sick sick

Well this past week I've be sick with a bad cold and a couple people said maybe you have the H1N1 flu going around. I ignored them but after hearing some of the symptoms I thought they sound similar to what I have. Patty hasn't gotten sick yet and Ben was sick before me but seems better but mine doesn't seem to be improving. Because Patty sees Gwen I decided I'd call the health nurse and after talking to her all the symptoms are the same. I have an appointment with the Dr today to get tested. Hope its just a regular but fierce cold.

To me the flu is more upset stomach, can't eat, throwing up, unable to get out of bed but this H1N1 isn't like that at all I'm told. Its sore throat, coughing, headache, chills, tiredness which is what I have. Its been over a week and doesn't seem any better. They will take a swab and will let me know but I don't think there is anything you can do for it other than take cold and flu drugs. Patty is keeping her distance, I told her this morning prove to me you love me come give me a big wet kiss. She laughed blew me a kiss and went off to work.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poor Albert!

Albert for those of you that don't know, is my wife Patty's oldest son. He works as a LP loss prevention person at different stores on the island. Well Sunday while he was working at a store in Mill Bay an off duty cop arrested Al for stealing. Now the cop tells Al he saw him pocket something and he was under arrest. First off they are still in the store and do not go outside. Al tells the cop who he is and shows him his license. The cop really doesn't care and wants Al to empty his pockets in the middle of the store. Al offers to take him to the office but the cop says no. Al says you sure you want to do it right here and the cop says yes. So Al in front of the customers and store employees does as the cop has asked and even removes his hoody. Al has nothing in his pockets. The cop swears he saw Al take something. Now Al has taken a couple courses for his job and has to abide by all the rules the cops have too. Its not stealing till they have left the store and Al must be 110% sure he has seen the person take something. He's told he could be sued if he makes a false arrest. So Al is let go since he has nothing but his cover has been blown and he can't work in that store anymore. Plus he was embarrassed in front of all the employees and customers that got to watch this.

Al calls his boss and he tells Al he will look into this. Al decides to go to the local police station and talk to a supervisor. Now the supervisor tells Al that the cop had every right to do what he did and now says that someone else said they seen Al take something and that's why the cop did what he did but was protecting the witness. He also told Al that they go by different rules so can do what they did. The cop was off duty in cicilian clothes so whos going to know hes a cop? Al explains that hes lost the job in that store and how embarrassed he was but other than a well I'm sorry nothing is done. I think Al should talk to a lawyer. He should be able to sue the cop or something. If nothing else the lawyer will tell Al what rights he has and whether or not there is anything that can be done. Al is told he can be sued for a false arrest why can't the cop be?

Now I'm not saying that because Al is an LP that he can't be questioned if the cop thought he had taken something but they should have gone to an office and done this in private. If you are a dishonest person than an LP would be a good job because who would suspect you and you know where the cameras are. One thing I know is that Al is an honest person and didn't deserve to be treated like this.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Drive

Another long week is over and the weekend was here. Saturday we slept in and then decided to go to the Rock Cod for Lunch. Albert was at work so just Patty and I went. A great meal as usual. Patty likes her Halibut grilled and I get mine done is an almond batter mmm mmm mmm. Cow Bay was busy as usual the population must more than double on weekends. And being on the island its year round the place is busy not like tourist places in Ontario where summer is the busiest. After lunch we took a drive to the new Winners store. The new mall is coming along good and stores like Winners, London Drugs and the Jean Warehouse really going to make this town better. We wont have to go to Victoria or Nanaimo to shop anymore.

Sunday Patty and I jumped in the car and went for a drive. We went to a small place called Crofton. I had heard of it but had never been there before. Patty and I took a walk along the beach where she found some interesting rocks and I found some interesting photo ops. We ran into a mother and daughter from our complex on the beach. Seems to be a popular place to go for walks.

We then drove up to Nanaimo and stopped at Ysks one of Patty's favorite stores. We browsed around checking out all the new stuff then headed to Swiss Chalet for lunch. We decided to go to Neck point a place Patty and I frequented when we first met. The weather was great for a walk and judging by the full parking lot lots of people thought the same thing. We wandered around holding hands and chatting and stopped to stare out at the ocean and take a couple pictures. We did see a seal that looked like he was sneaking up on a fishing boat. The fishermen hate them because they hide close to the boat and will come up and steal your fish just as your about to land it. Since I don't fish I like the seals and think they are smart although I've heard some fishermen carry guns and shoot them although its illegal.

All in all it was a nice day in paradise!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well I could title every blog after the weekend "busy weekend" because they are. But even tho they are busy they might not be very exciting to read about so I don't write about it. I worked late friday as usual and Patty and I slept in(wink) Saturday morning and then I got up and showered and went and got some Timmy's for every one. Then it was time for football! The VI Raiders are in first place with no losses so far. They've played the other 2 top teams once each and have come away with a victory. They get next weekend off then Victoria comes a calling. I just sent a couple photos off to the Chilliwack Times and one should make it into their next paper.

After the football game it was off to the Chemainus Legion for karaoke with Aunty Irene and Claire and Uncle Jim as well as about 8 other Karaoke nuts I've met over the past few years. We listened to a lot pf people destroy a lot of songs and a few good singers that made it worth going. I spent most of the night playing video Texas Holdem and Keno as well as buying those pull tab cards. After 2 and a half hours I walked away down only 5 bucks.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day for me and Patty did some cleaning as our grand daughter was paying us a visit. I love getting to see her and how big shes getting. She's walking all the time now. She came to me no shyness this time and I got a kiss and a hug. I told Patty to bring her over to Walmart while I'm working and I'll buy her some toys to put in the toy box we are working on for her visits. Well apparently Gwen picked out something for her birthday which is a month away. She knows Grandma and Papa are going to spoil her! I had picked something up a little while ago which shes a little too small for yet so this other gift she can use till she grows into the other.

Gwen was wearing one of the outfits that Annette had brought out here on her visit from her and Terry but being a guy I don't know which one but it was very cute on her. I guess because I was at work there were no pictures taken ???? LOL

Also Mandy you are very welcome for the items we sent for the kids. I'm glad they liked them. I hope Emily gets her turn to play with it when the bigger kids are not around. I was looking for one of those cans that made the goat noise so Annette could play it as she entered your place LOL. But if it had been a real goat Annette probably would have dropped it off as soon as her plane had landed.

Oh one last thing....
Ben bought the Beatles Rock Band game and has been playing it steady. I had it upstairs this morning and played half a dozen songs on it. The graphics are pretty good and the music would sound a lot better if I didn't screw up so much and I'm playing on easy mode!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


When Patty and I first started dating and I got to meet Ben there were two things about him that made me start liking him right away. First was that hes a Johnny Cash fan and second is his birthday is Sept 10th which just happens to be the same as my dad's who is another person that liked Johnny Cash. Too bad that those two things are the only things I like about Ben LMAO.

I'm just kidding I'm sure if I think hard I'd find more about him to like ...... um .......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........uh.... we both like A&W ?

Joking aside Ben and I get along pretty good. We do a lot of what we call bonding where we go some place and get on each others nerves and then he asks Why do you have to be like that and then I ask him the same thing and it goes on and on unless Patty is with us because then we both get on her nerves and we are both scared of her LOL. One look from her and we both head for the basement, me to go on my computer and Ben to get on my nerves some more!

Ben has just started high school because middle school here goes to grade 9 so high school starts at grade 10. Now hes 15 hes going to be bugging to get a job so he can make money but then that causes more work for us because he'll need a drive to and from work. In the end it should be good because he wants to save for a computer and that means he'll get off mine. Every time he uses my computer I get a cloth and wipe it all down. Who knows where he goes and what he does while hes on there....ewwwwwww

Well happy birthday Ben, you share it with some one who meant so much to me and who I think about daily and you mean so little to me and I try to forget you daily but you are a big help to me and I appreciate the things you do around here even though I may not say so or show it but don't let it go to your head!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Congrats Mandy, Jr, Jordan and Emily!!!

Well the last week was a very quiet one around here with just a whole lot of working going on. No touristy things for us. Annette is safe and sound at home and has made a new best friend with Patty. Even if there is not a wedding next summer we are going to try our best to go to Ontario.

Labour day weekend was a pretty quiet one. Football in Nanaimo where the Raiders squeaked out a good victory against the Sun. Andrew Harris was sidelined with an injury he suffered from a dirty play vs Victoria. Victoria is the dirtiest team I've seen play and nothing changes from year to year. They even brought a guy back who had moved away and is their dirtiest player to keep the trend going. This guy had tried out with Nanaimo because he wanted to play with champions but they didn't like his play so they released him and he jumped on the bus to Victoria. Can't make the best team so might as well go play for a third or fourth ranked team.

The Labour Day Classic was great game this year. Hamilton played a pretty good game all around in front of a sold out crowd at Never Win Stadium. 5-4 this year so far way to go guys!!!

Well now for the title of this here blog. Finally young mr Griffin decided he would join his siblings and make his appearance on labour day but only after mom (Mandy) had to go to the hospital to be induced. I think Griffin was enjoying swimming around inside his mom. Maybe he will be an olympic swimmer one day? Jordan and Emily are enjoying there little brother now that he has finally showed up. Congrats to them all and also to proud Grandma Alice! Griffin is one lucky boy because from what I've seen he couldn't get a better mom than Mandy!

(thanks for the photos Alice!!!)