Thursday, November 26, 2009

Try to get you up to date

November 14 The VI Raiders won the Canadian Championship football game. They beat up on the visiting Edmonton Wildcats pretty bad 50 - 14. First half was close then there was no looking back.

November 15 Patty and I put on our Ti Cat jerseys and watched the Cats go down to the wire with the BC Lions tying it up in the dying seconds only to lose in over time. Didn't care too much about last weeks game but watched the first half where Montreal gave the Lions a good spanking.

Last week on monday I went down to baby sit our grand daughter. Its the second time I've done it alone and its getting better every time. Shes walking and talking and OMG pooping!!! I thought I was going to make it out unscathed but there it was. You can't mistake that smell. We stopped in the other night and I was holding her when she dropped a bomb. I said to Adam I think some one needs a diaper change and he said naw but I asked him to check and oops there it was. so he whisked her away to change her. She doesn't act shy act more which is a great thing!

As you might have seen in the news its been raining here like crazy. They called a state of emergency in parts of town and evacuated around 300 people. We are pretty high and dry here except the storm sewer is backing up and 3 units have water in the basement. Hopefully Monday it will be dug up and fixed.

Tuesday night Patty and I went to see Blue Rodeo in concert at the Save On Center in Victoria. We dropped Ben off at Adam and Mary's so that's how I got to see Gwen again so soon. Patty and I went to Denny's for supper before heading to the arena. The Skydiggers opened up and they put on a pretty good act but Blue Rodeo was amazing as usual! I've seen them around 8 times now. There new cd is chocked full of ballads and easy listening music. This was one of the first concerts since the new album came out so they apologized for playing lots of songs we didn't know. I on the other hand have listened to the new album for the past couple weeks so knew all the new stuff they played. You could tell when they played an old song because people stood up and swayed to the music. They came out and did an encore playing old songs and got the whole crowd to sing December. I did a pretty good job at it if I must say so myself!
There was one small problem with the night that I wasn't going to bring up but its still burning me LOL. I had seen Patty's camera on the counter in the bathroom and since I love to take pictures I thought I'd grab it and sneak it in. She must use it every time she goes to see Gwen so it must be ready to go why else would it be in the bathroom. Little did I know and I will admit its partially my fault but the batteries had died weeks ago. Its such a big chore no one had time to stick the battery on the charger so it was deader than a door nail. I happened to mention to Patty after we were inside that I had the camera and that's when I found out it was dead. She found it pretty funny and brought it up as often as she could or that I'd let her. We were sitting 9th row center stage and got no pictures. Actually I did try my phone but I'll probably never post those ones.

Onto a more serious topic I found out that Irwin a close friend of the family for years and years so close he was considered family by every one, has stage 4 bone and lung cancer. Irwin has decided to skip the Chemo treatment. After seeing what my dad went through with his chemo treatments I don't blame Irwin. He had asked to see all of Gord's kids and I was glad to hear they all made it out to see him. I would have liked to have gone but that's one of the problems of living out here. Well about the only problem. I cant make it out to a lot of things and will probably only make it back to Ontario every couple years. I did however go online and talked to Irwin through Jackie and her daughter. I went camera for a bit but they didn't have a good connection. When Irwin saw me he asked where the hell did all my hair go. It was funny because as I thought of a story from years ago Jackie would bring it up for Irwin. There are lots of good stories/memories growing up with Irwin around and many more I don't know of or can remember because I was quite young. The one thing I will always remember is the great pet we got out of an Irwin visit. When dad, Bob and Irwin went to town (Huntsville) and got back late because they had stopped at a bar they came back with flowers for the wives. Well two of them did but Irwin wanted something special for Margaret. We had to go outside where Irwin opened up a burlap bag and out popped a rooster. Foghorn Leghorn as he became known as. We had him for quite a while until dad traded him for some fire wood. I'm sure Mike remembers him cause when Foghorn went missing we would split up to look and Mike being the bird lover he is would always seem to find him and Foghorn would chase him back to the house. Irwin did ask about Aunt Jan, Aunt Shirl, and Aunt Alice before we lost connection. Irwin you are one in a million! Sorry I couldn't get out to see you but glad you got to see me live on a web cam.

Lastly I am taking a leave from Pacific Truss and going to work at Wal Mart full time till Christmas. Gets me out of the bad weather and saves one person from getting layed off from Vic Truss. They appreciated the offer and it was a win win situation. Back on Graveyards but I haven't been off them for very long.

Thats it for now!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Funny thing....

Funny thing happened on my way home from football yesterday. It was a good game and I took over 1000 photos and the Raiders won! Now they will host the Canadian Championship game Nov 14.

I had planned on staying in Nanaimo to see the Olympic torch but heard that it wouldn't be in Nanaimo till a few hours later. I found out Hadi didn't get the torch till 7:30 so I decided I would head home in stead of sticking around another 3 hours. I was a little dissapointed because I did want to see the torch. I called home and told Patty I was on my way and that I wouldn't be getting to see the torch. She told me that they ran the torch right by our house on the way to Cowichan Lake. I couldn't believe it but oh well I like my football. Half way home I decided I would stop in Lady Smith and get us some KFC. Its been a long time since we had ate KFC. As I turned right to get in the KFC driveway there were about 50 people standing there some with Canadian flags. In stead of going through the drive through I got my camera and walked over to the people standing road side and asked if the torch was coming that way. They said it should be there in about 15 minutes. So I stood road side with them talking Olympics and the good and bad of it being in BC. Patty likes the Olympics almost as much as she likes football!

Well first the police show up and then a few big trucks pull up and people jump out pulling out steps on the rigs and opening doors. I then noticed walking down the hill towards us was the guy that was going to be running with the torch and he was stopping and getting his picture taken with kids and the unlit torch. Then they come and get him and take the torch to the truck to light it then they hand it to him and off they go in their own parade! I got a few shots like I had wanted to and then off to KFC to get dinner. The people in KFC didn't get a chance to see it so I showed them the pictures I took while they took my order.

A little while ago I was at Wal Mart picking up some things and ran in to a guy that used to work at Vic Truss. When I told him about the torch he told me that his wife and one other person were picked out of Thrifty store employees to carry the torch. She carries it Monday morning in Qaulicum Beach. Thrifty's also bought the torch for her and the recycled t shirts they sell commemorating being a torch bearer. I think that's awesome!