Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ride For Life

Well its been a while again since I last posted. Either too busy or just nothing to blog about.

First off for everyone that read my last post I have good news. Bart is not DEAD !!! He was trapped in a basement a couple doors down. They knew they had a cat there but it was scared and would hide. I knew it was there but since I had seen the dead black cat (Barts twin) on the side of the road I thought that was that. The guy went out one day to a neighbors and left the basement door and the outside door open and Bart made a run for it straight home. Ben called me at work and I said are you sure its him and Ben said yup hes in the kitchen bugging for food!

Been working pretty steady lately. Lots to do around here extra work so we can have money for our trip to Ontario. Sorry Mandy I haven't popped into insurance place yet about the rental car insurance. I have to get my taxes signed off by tomorrow.

I've signed up for a motorcycle ride to support Prostate cancer research. Going to try and get people to sponsor me. I'm going to try and borrow or even rent a bike for it if I can. If not I'll go and support them anyways as a volunteer. If you can help by sponsoring me I would appreciate it. You can do it online with a credit card or email me and you can send a check to me by mail. just copy and past or click on Ride for life above and it should take you there. Times are tough and if you can I appreciate it if you can't I understand. My father died of this disease and I go and get checked every year and not just because I like the test but early detection is the key! When I used to go to the cancer clinic with my dad I would make jokes about the rubber gloves and tell him if a Dr comes in with hip waders and gloves to the elbow ...RUN!!!!

Prostate Cancer Facts...

Cancer Facts

... Prostate Cancer represents 34% of all newly diagnosed cancers in BC men.

...1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with the disease. If there is a family history, the risk increases by 50%

...Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer to afflict Canadian men.

...What can you do? Visit your doctor and get an annual PSA blood test and Digital Rectal Exam.

...If caught early, Prostate Cancer has a 90% success rate for a cure!

Well this is a rent weekend so we are not supposed to go too far but the Canucks are starting round 2 Saturday night and I will be home for that. Chicago is going to be way tougher than L.A. was that's for sure. Montreal made it in to the second round beating Washington. Doesn't look good on Washington being #1 and losing to the #8 seed team.

That's all for now I have some Land Lord stuff to do!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's been a while since I've posted a blog and I've had some news to share for the past week but just didn't have time to sit down and write it out. Got a call from my boss today saying no work for the rest of the week so I now have time.

First off I've got some sad news. Our cat Bart who has been missing the last 4 days is no longer with us. A neighbor spotted a cat lying on the side of the road up near Wal Mart today that sounded like it could be him. After I drove Ben to work I drove by to take a look. I'm pretty sure it was him although I kept trying to leave an opening that it may not be him. After I told Patty about him I was very sure it was him.

When we got him from the SPCA he was a very skittish cat that like to keep to himself. Then one day while we were out he and Jack escaped through an open window and once Bart got the taste of the free world he was gone. Jack being my gay cat came when I called him. Bart was out for over 2 months and was seen quite often but kept away from people. Then one day when I was leaving for work he was outside so I left the door open and in he came. He still loved to get out side but had become people tolerant. The last couple weeks he had been overly friendly and would climb on me when I got home from work even if one of the other cats were on my lap. About 4 days ago Bart went missing. He always came home for a meal every day but we hadn't seen him for a few days. I had talked to a few neighbors and they were keeping an eye out for him. Well at least we know now what happened. RIP Bart!!

Now on to some good news. Patty, Ben and I will be in Ontario for 2 weeks come the middle of August. We should be there for when Shawn and Marrianne have their little one. That would really make the trip! Ben wants to do all the stuff we did when Patty and I had went but I'm sorry I'm not sharing a heart shaped tub with him in Niagara Falls!! We will also be there for Friday the 13th and will be in Port Dover for that!! And we will be in Huntsville to visit Patty's aunt and uncle again. Ben and I may shoot over to the wolf place one day and Patty will visit with her family. Still a lot of details to go over and plan! If someone has a car they are not using that would be greatly appreciated but if not we will try and rent one from rent a wreck. We will be going to African Lion Safari just so you know!! I called and left a message with Jean so we can try and hook up with her for a visit! Would love to see Rick and Michelle as well! Hopefully Robs not working nights because I'd like to stop in there on the way to or from Niagara Falls. Looking forward to seeing every one! Oh and if we have time I'd like to see how Ilean is doing. I know I didn't mention everyone's name here but you know I love yas and looking forward to seeing you all and will probably mention you in blogs to come when we have some details worked out of when we will be at your place!