Monday, March 29, 2010

Update on Paul

Went to see Paul yesterday in the hospital. Dr told Paul he was very lucky he came in when he did. It was a life threatening health issue. Now the operation is done Paul says he feels better than he has in the last 5 years. When hes back on his feet he wants to get back into jogging and biking which he had given up not having the energy to do. He can't believe how well he feels. Maybe I need that operation but then again I never did like jogging or biking LOL Speedy recovery to you Paul!!

Just got back from baby sitting Gwen for a couple hours. She is such a sweet heart. I didn't think twice when I was asked because I enjoy every second with her. Shes getting bigger and smarter every day. Can't wait till spring when we want to take her to the forestry museum so she can go on a miniature train ride and we can have a picnic in the park. She loves her choo choos!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday I found out that Paul was in the hospital. Scott was here doing some internet connections in a unit next to us. First I had to kick him out of my parking spot LOL. Then he informed me about Paul. Saturday I drove over to visit him. He seemed in pretty good spirits but was a little worried cause they were going to do some exploratory surgery around his bowels and appendix. Apparently he had appendicitis real bad and it had got entangled with his bowels. They cut him open and operated and got everything cleared up by the sounds of things. I went for a visit earlier today but he was getting cleaned up by his wife Dimples. I had offered him a sponge bath yesterday day but he never took me up on it. I told him like the karate kid, wax on and wax off but he said there would be no waxing off with him. His loss LOL Wow did I ever see the Gower side of Paul yesterday. He came out of the washroom dragging his beeping intervenus and a nurse stopped to fix it. Instead of letting him get back to bed she made him stand there. He was rolling his eyes showing his disgust and I could picture dad doing the same thing. He showed very little patience which I'm finding out is a Gower trait!

I'm heading over now for a quick visit then we are going to take aunt Glady's out to the Rock Cod for her birthday. She informed me that she still owes us a lunch but I told her not on her birthday it was our treat. Then when we drop her off Angie is going to take over a cake.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not much to blog about this week. Pretty quiet around her now. Got off work early Friday and Patty wasn't feeling well. She went to bed and I went out at midnight to pick up her copy of new moon. We slept in a bit then got up and watched it. Wasn't too bad but needs a bit more nudity in it. Forget topless guys lets see topless women vampires in it. The movie is great for woman but if you want to double your sales add a little sex and nudity then guys will flock to the theater with their women. I'm just saying.... LOL

Saturday night we actually went out for a few hours. Our friend Tammy invited us out to music trivia at a bar. If it wasn't for her good friend we would have sucked. That guy knew his music trivia and especially the 80's. Patty had a few beers which was good to see. Normally one is her limit. We all had a great time. Denesha stayed with Ben and Ben was a good sport and watched New Moon with Nessa. They also played some Wii. As a joke Ben hung a sock on the door handle to warn us LOL He knows Tammy would KILL him if he touched her little princess. Tammy is waiting till the end of the school year then is heading back to Manitoba to be with her family. Good luck with that!!! LOL

Sunday was another boring day. Patty made us french toast for breakfast and Nessa and Ben played Wii. I went to work at the Wal Mart photo lab for the first time since November. Tammy came over and they went out for lunch.

Looking seriously into getting my bus license. A place in Vic is hiring and will train but I have to get my learners permit. Will do some reading then take the $15.00 test to see how I do. Never know I may squeak a pass. I think I need a change. Started taking happy pills today maybe that's the change I need?

Canucks are doing OK. Luongo not so much. Not sure whats up with him but he doesn't have his game and hasn't had it for a while. Not even in the Olympics he was just very lucky. I was thinking about getting a Canada jersey with his name and number but after his performance not so much now. Hey Tyler maybe I'll get Sid the kids name and number!!!

Love you babe hope you are feeling better soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patty's day everyone!!

Just getting over a very busy weekend. Had a snow day at work Friday for some rest time before the weekend. Adam, Mary and Gwen were over Friday night. Gwen was spending the weekend.

I got up at 2:00am to get Al off the the airport as he is off to join the navy. Had to make sure he got on that plane LOL. Came home and got a couple hours of sleep before Adam and Mary were off and Gwen was making herself at home in the living room. She kept us busy but mostly Patty. Gwen loves her grandma!

We went to visit aunty with Gwen on Saturday. After a couple cookies Gwen was Aunty's best friend LOL. Sitting on her lap smiling and chatting away. Went home and ate then it was a lot of reading playing cleaning playing cleaning reading playing cleaning before bed time. We had the heat on in our bed room for Gwen and no fan so I guess I was snoring a bit too much and Patty gave me the boot. Hard enough for her to sleep as Gwen was up every couple hours wanting to be rocked.

Sunday Ben and I took Gwen over to Wal-Mart so Patty could have some time to herself and take a shower. It was a lot of work for us but mostly for Patty. I always bug Mary and Adam to hurry and have another one but I don't blame them for putting it off for a while. When they do we will still be here to help out when ever needed. Grand kids are the greatest.

Patty had one day off of baby sitting then back down to Langford for 4 days more. She called to say she will be home tonight. She gets a better sleep at home in our cool house. Their house in Langford is like a sauna but Mary likes it warm and Gwen needs it too. Didn't take too many pictures we were kept to busy to think about it but we have a couple I will post later.

Well that's all for now time for work!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well it's a quiet week here not much going on. Ben is at Aunties for a couple days (Spring break) and Al is busy getting ready for the Navy. He leaves Saturday. Patty is in Langford baby sitting and I'm on the computer after getting home from fixing a flat tire. I had to take it off and take it to Wal Mart to get it repaired. While I was there I noticed that we had got snow on Mount Prevost this morning. It's nice and sunny here but a little cool.

The past couple days I've been working on the lawn tractor trying to get it running. Last week I bought a battery and this week I changed the plug and filter and cleaned the coil. Getting spark and gas so now I'm going to change the gas cause its from last fall. If the battery hadn't died I probably would have started it once in a while over the winter. I have cut some of the grass with the push mower and might have to do more with it unless I get the lawn tractor running soon.

Next week I'm going to get a pressure washer and clean the parking lot and out front then sometime after that I will have to paint new lines for parking. I also have a few items I need to look into that I keep forgetting for some tenants.

This weekend Gwen is coming to stay with us while her parents go off skiing and spa'ing. This will be the first time so not sure how it will go. She loves grandma and Ben so that will help but she won't be sleeping in her normal bed and that might be a problem. I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with her. I bought her a plastic train and a Thomas the train coloring book. She loves choo choo's! Also I hope the weather is nice so we can get outside and play. I'm not saying she doesn't love Papa but it takes a bit of time since I don't see her much. I'm sure I'll have one or two photos to post on here!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Well today I finally got caught up with my birthday presents for Patty and I must say she probably likes this one the best. One of the first presents I got for Patty was Jack our gay kitty cat. When it was a kitten it was so nice and really loved her but it grew up to be gay and is now in love with me. Its turned into my gay cat.

The next year I got her Bart who has turned into a nice cat and it likes her as much as it likes anyone but prefers to be left alone. The only time he shows love is when it has to do with food.

Last year I decided to change it up a bit. I told Patty I would buy her a tattoo since she had said she always wanted one. We had checked into a couple different artists and hadn't found one but then we heard of Primal Urge in town. We tried to get into see him a couple times but always seemed to show up when he wasn't in. Well Al and Nina went and got a tattoo a few weeks ago at this place so Patty said she wanted it done by him. I went in and booked it and today was the day.

Patty had always said that she gave birth to 3 kids and that Albert was born with a huge head so she could handle anything. The guy tattooing was hilarious! Me him and Albert were talking and joking and Patty had to try to not laugh cause she wanted straight lines and not jiggly because of laughing. She said it didn't hurt at all and that she probably would have fallen to sleep except that we were joking so much.

Well you know me I just happened to have a camera with me and took a couple shots to share with you. The story behind this tattoo is that Aunty Irene is an artist (so is Patty's mom) so Patty had aunty draw a celtic dragonfly because of her heritage and the fact that she likes dragonflies! Then I took it and dropped it off at the tattoo parlor and today she got it put on her back. Now she is planning her next tattoo. I'm waiting for him to draw up the dragon tattoo my dad had on his arm and hope to have it on by the summer. I told him I want it at close to the original as he could get but it won't be easy because its faded so much and the photo isn't that great. Then I found a celtic shamrock that I want to do with moms name on it. Of course photos will be posted.