Saturday, June 18, 2005

Walked Downtown

I got up this morning and decided to walk downtown. Its a nice walk if you go south down my street to the Ocean. Then walk along the path till you get to the Harbour. There are a few shops at the harbour and a few across the road in the art district of town. There is also a small mall which is where I was heading. I needed to pick up something for my project I'm working on. I had decided to carry along my camera even tho the day wasn't looking too nice. It tried to rain on me a few times but I just sang the Valdy song Rain Rain Go Away. Not sure of the name of it and just be glad you couldn't hear me. Anyways along the way I saw some art by a person mamed Jeff King. Hes an Ontario boy that moved out here because of his love of marine and ocean animals. He has some art work in a few spots around town that I've seen. Since I had my camera I decided to take a few shots and share them with you. I'm going to try and find the other 4 or 5 he has around the town, as well as any other interesting art I see. Hope you like it !!

Art 005b

Art 007b


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