Friday, June 24, 2005

Nickelback !!!!


Just ordered my tickets for the August 20th concert in Victoria. I got a pair of tickets for my boss and his girlfriend cause he wants to take her for her birthday and I saved him some shopping tomorrow. I'm debating going back and ordering 2 more tickets for the friday show only on the floor general admission. Might be able to get up close if I get there early. Yeah I think I'll do that!! I'm glad Victoria built that arena last year cause now we may get some more concerts like this!!

Done!!! 2 tickets on the floor for Friday night concert August 19!!!

Got a couple things on the go this weekend but you'll have to wait and find out after I do them. Have a great weekend all !!!

Went for a walk alng the ocean tonight. Found another Jeff King painting. It was right beside a strip club so I figured what the heck. Went in and met a guy that used to work at Atlas. Gabbed for a bit. Saw 3 girls in about 2 hours ???? Not like in Ontario...not that I would know lol. Walking back I stopped at a group singing and dancing by the ocean. Realized after about 10 minutes it was a church group. Good looking women go to that church!!! They must have thought I needed some saving or something. A few wandered over and invited me to join. The only one I thought about following was cute but young. Glad I didn't say anything cause her dad was standing right beside me. Started getting cool so I wandered on home.


At Saturday, June 25, 2005 5:29:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You shoulda joined them Kev
Just don't drink the freshie


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